Majin Tensei II

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    The second game of the Majin Tensei series of Strategy RPGs, its full title being Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis.

    In 1996, a demonic infestation arises in Tokyo lead by someone who overthrows the government in a coup d' etat, turns the city into a demon paradise as a result. An organization known as Partisan is created to fight back against this individual and unravel his Modus Operandi.

    Main Characters:

    • Naoki Takeuchi (Protagonist): Compared to others in the Megaten Franchise, he can actually talk. Uses Swords.
    • Kaoru Tachibana: The Big Guy of the group, both physically and magically. Specializes in Katana use only.
    • Tomoharu Kikuchi: The Smart Guy of the group. He gains the ability to summon demons later on. Can use Swords or Bows.
    • Aya Kikuchi: Action Girl of the Group, can use some offensive magic but specializes in healing. Uses Knives.
    • Karen Rose: A mysterious woman who appears in the Protagonists' dreams, she apparently knows what's causing the problems in Tokyo.
    • Ogiwara: The leader of the demonic invasion.

    Tropes used in Majin Tensei II include:
    • Arc Words: Nemesis, it's even mentioned in the title as Spiral Nemesis
    • Attractive Bent Gender: Beelzebub.
    • Brainwashed and Crazy: Tomoharu.
    • Character Alignment: Perhaps the first Megaten game that allows humans to be Light Or Dark Aligned along with Law or Chaos, this affects which demons you can summon.
    • Final Death: Any demons who die, stay dead, you can't revive them.
    • Fun with Acronyms: DIO, FRI-DAY, and so on.
    • Giant Space Flea From Nowhere: Ahriman on the Neutral Route, also doubles as the True Final Boss story wise.
    • Isometric Projection: This is the only isometric game in the Majin Tensei subseries.
    • Multiple Endings: 5 of them, all based on your alignment.
    • Mythology Gag: References from the first game are in this. Even some of the music; Devil Dance is used for the Purple levels on the map and Frame Up Fragment is used on the Paranoia maps and the Satellite map uses Bicarbonate of Face/Fate (Overworld theme of MT 1). In addition the Core of Megapolis is a metal pyramid with the top removed
    • That One Level: Holy crap, the Paranoia maps will piss you off because any demons who cannot fly will have a limited movement range due to the terrain. Especially the level Gee as that level is mostly mountainous terrain, and after that, it's sand, the only way to advance in those levels is to guide a human to the point to capture it.
    • Time Travel: To several periods in the future, even one year in time before the first scenario.
    • We Cannot Go on Without You: If any of your humans die, game over.
    • Winged Humanoid: Some demons, angels, and Satan and Lucifer, both are fought as their humanoid forms rather than their transformed states in earlier and later games in the Megaten franchise.
    • World Map: The Partisan Satellite acts as this.
    • Zoroastrianism: Perhaps the first game in the franchise that will feature Ahura Mazda in his original form and Mithra along with Ahriman