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Romance, magic, and goofing around.

Mannequin is a 1987 romantic comedy written and directed by Michael Gottlieb, about a struggling old department store gets revitalized thanks to the crazy window displays designed by a new employee, and his girlfriend who turns into a store mannequin when other people are around.

This is 1980s High Concept that still never tries to be anything other than silly and fun. Stars Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall, who of course would later star in Sex and the City.

It seems to be based on an old episode of The Twilight Zone, but the director just came up with the idea after seeing an optical illusion in a store window that made one of the mannequins appear to move. It also shares striking similarities with the 1948 film One Touch of Venus, in which a statue of the goddess comes to life when kissed by a young window dresser.

There was also a sequel.

Tropes used in Mannequin include: