Mary's Magical Adventure

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Don't let this logo's girlyness fool you, the game isn't quite like what this implies...

Based on a modified version of Doom‍'‍s engine, Mary's Magical Adventure is a first-person platforming game with two playable characters. Both have the same story and levels, but have different abilities and weapons.

The game can be downloaded at The X Site, Xane's website, for all three main computer operating systems, and can also be played on Android, lag aside, using Delta Touch.

Tropes used in Mary's Magical Adventure include:
  • Ambiguously Brown: Princess Peppermint. As this game doesn't take place in the real world, instead in its own realm, she's...just ambiguously brown!
  • Author Avatar: Xane, the blue Kirby.
  • Boss Battle: Like most games, Mary's Magical Adventure has fights against unique enemies with more health than average. There's one on every x-4 level, like Super Mario Bros..
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Like Doom, once a monster sees you, they always know where you are, even through walls. In addition, enemies can hear you attack behind doors if an alternative path leads goes around it to the enemy. To lessen the chance of this, attacks are specifically set to alert enemies within a limited radius of the player.
    • Some enemies try to avert this by limiting how long they can follow the player. Hiding behind a corner will eventually force the enemy to forget about the player, losing them quicker at farther distances.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: Lava doesn't deal damage until your character makes direct contact with it, even slightly.
  • Cowardly Boss: The Commander. For most of the battle, he stands above an arena exit while the player fights robots he sends after them.[1] Between waves of robots, he tries to fight the player directly, but quickly retreats after a brief beating.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: As of v2.0 (and all older versions), Mary's voiced by Xane, a man! Xane's considering hiring a voice actress to give Mary a more proper voice, though.
  • Die, Chair, Die!: Though most pieces of furniture are invulnerable (due to being part of the environment and not objects), some decorative parts of levels can be destroyed, turning them into traps for enemies.
    • Glass can be shattered (as long as it isn't "bullet-proof"), leaving glass on the floor for a few seconds to hurt any monster dumb enough to walk onto it.
    • Any foliage seen outside can be burned to the ground. Yes, Mary can fire a single fireball at a tree and cause the whole thing to collapse to the ground, leaving a lot of fire, which can burn large areas of trees down at once, permanently. Flame Hyenard would be proud.
  • Direct Continuous Levels: Every level ends in a small corridor. Moving to the middle of it causes the screen to fade to a picture of the next level, then fade back in when the next level loads. It isn't the most seamless, but each level begins where the previous one ended.
  • Exploding Barrels: Soap Boxes. Just like the common red barrels in other games, these pink-framed glass cubes with white soap inside them somehow explode when hit with a single hammer impact. Unlike the typical variant, which just explodes, soap boxes spew multiple blobs of liquid dish soap-like stuff into the air, which lands on the ground surrounding the destroyed box remains. These weird boxes can be pushed around freely and can even be purchased as items that can be carried into any level.
  • Goomba Stomp: If Mary or Xane jumps on a monster, they will hurt the enemy a lot.
    • If the enemy supports it, it becomes a Goomba Springboard, bouncing your character into the air with increased control. You can chain bounces between enemies for more points. No combos, though.
  • Invisible Wall: Averted. Levels have boundaries in 'Mary's Magical Adventure', but they are displayed as very transparent cloudy walls that extend into the sky.
    • There is one case where it's played straight, though. In the third level, if the player enters the Xane Corp. building and walks down the right hallway, the floor collapses beneath them. No matter what the player does, an invisible wall keeps them within the falling area until the sequence is finished.
    • Okay, a second case, too. Special Stages have invisible walls around their edges.
  • Kill It with Fire: Mary's wand can shoot fireballs. There are monsters that can get in their way. Put those together and...yes, some enemies can be caught on fire if they are killed by a fire attack! While an enemy is on fire, they automatically run towards other enemies, trying to burn them. If they succeed, they start a chain reaction.
  • Marty Stu: Xane, mainly because of his power. He can become the Origin Master, the "second-most powerful being" in this game's universe, below its female goddess. He can do anything, given he has enough power (or the plot demands it). However, when he's in his Kirby form, he only has a fraction of this power, leaving him...less of a Marty Stu.
  • Mercy Invincibility: When Mary or Xane is hit by anything, they get a second of invincibility, mainly to prevent fire from killing them within a second. The time you're invincible depends on what difficulty level you're playing on.
  • Never Say "Die": As Xane is not sure how far he can go without risking increasing ratings, characters don't mention death by name, instead describing death as "running out of time in this world". Also, like Sonic Robo Blast 2, deathmatch is just called "match".
  • Only Six Faces: Due to Xane's limited creativity that started during 2019, every human character has the same face, just with different eye color and hairstyle. If it counts, said characters are all young girls, so it's "only one face and age range" here!
  • Oxygenated Underwater Bubbles: Like a certain hedgehog, you can't swim or breathe underwater unless your character inhales air from underwater bubbles or reaches the surface.
  • Rainbow Speak: Locked door messages color text to match the key they're referring to.
  • Regenerating Health: Mary's shield-shaped wand can regenerate her health. It's disabled if you're in an arena battle or when transformed into Magical Cutie Mary, though.
    • Also, the Heal Coin, as its name suggests, slowly regenerates your health as long as it has time on its timer.
  • Shout-Out: Mary's Magical Adventure makes a lot of references to other video games; These include:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: You can't swim in water. If you stay underwater too long, dramatic music starts playing. Anyone who's played some of the more classic games knows what happens if you don't find a big air bubble or jump out... At least it doesn't affect your speed here!
      • Also, Mary's Air Dash is Sonic's Homing Attack without the homing ability. In a way, it's basically the "Jump Thok" from Sonic Robo Blast 2.
    • Super Mario: The way the wall jump behaves is similar to later Mario games like the New Super Mario Bros games, sliding down the wall included. The sliding is even better in Mary's Magical Adventure due to your jumping velocity transferring into the slide when you attach to the wall.
  • Talking to Himself: As of v2.0, all characters and monsters in Mary's Magical Adventure are voiced by the same man, Xane, leading to very similar grunts and death yells from multiple enemies.
  • Walk, Don't Swim: Like the classic Sonic games, instead of swimming, your character will walk on the bottom of any body of water. Unlike most video games, this also applies to lava and deadly liquids, which do continuous damage but don't cause any knockback.
  • Wall Jump: If you jump or Air Dash at a wall, you'll stick to it, slowly sliding down the wall. You can turn to aim where you jump off the wall towards and, like Mario, can jump back and forth between two walls.
Tropes used in older versions (Mary's Magical Adventure and World of Kirbycraft) include:
  • I Fought the Law and the Law Won: In an obvious reference to a particular franchise, World of Kirbycraft‍'‍s first level included cops that endlessly spawned around the player upon walking past the front desk in the police station, which made six stars appear above the status bar. Killing cops would cause stronger variants to start spawning, the worst being colored yellow, which constantly would try pulling nearby players toward itself.
  • Palette Swap: Like Magical Mary 1, stronger versions of enemies use a different color scheme. The most notable users of this are the cops; Blue ones are Cannon Fodder, able to die from a hammer hit or two[2], but green ones can withstand an extra attack (and in one version, can jump at Mary to guarantee she cries)...
  1. This is probably a different trope in itself but this troper's unsure of what it is called.
  2. In v1.4.5, at least. In v1.4, Mary's hammer is so weak, that it takes at least five hits just to kill one of them!