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Meat Shield is a Sword and Sorcery, Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy comic strip that updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. MeatShield centers on the adventures (or lack thereof) of Dhur, a mighty half-orc barbarian warrior, Ch'p, halfling monk and pastry chef extraordinaire, and Jaine, half-elven mistress of magic, music and sarcasm as they wander the world of Ardris.

Tropes used in Meat Shield (webcomic) include:

Borloth: You will have to be more specific. I have killed many friends.

Ch'p: It's called "respect for the art", Day'l! Something I don't expect you to understand!

Becky: Mister, you talk too much.

No. I don't feel like drawing "D&D meets Moonlighting". Besides, think of what their kid would look like: part half-orc, part half-elf... my friends, that sounds like a one-way ticket to UglyTown.

The Church of Vasra, God of Serpents and Secrets, is headquartered here. Long ago, a fundamentalist movement in Vedris prompted the faithful to undergo magical transformations into snake-human hybrids to prove their devotion. This magical alteration has bred true and now nearly 50% of the population are snakepeople.