Meet the Robinsons/Heartwarming

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  • The Fridge Brilliance that sets in after Bowler Hat Guy reveals that Cornelius Robinson, this brilliant, successful, world-famous inventor/industrialist/patriarch of the amazing and loving Robinson family, is Lewis' future self. You realize: Oh my, this is Lewis' future if he doesn't give up, and what's even better, he builds it himself. Anvilicious as it is, it works.
  • The ending montage. Just watch it. This troper didn't know that computer animation could generate so much emotion in a character.
  • Cornelius showing Lewis around his lab and pointing out his favorite invention, the same one Lewis entered in the science fair and which won him his new family. Tom Selleck nails it to the wall.
  • Lewis saying goodbye to the Robinsons... for now.
  • The ending quote, revealing the origin of the Arc Words.

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