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Megan Hollingshead is a former New York voice actress who later moved to California. She's often typecast as the Cool Big Sis or the caring young lady, or she's just Ms. Fanservice. Her voice can go from suave and sultry to girly girl to strictly business. She worked on the 4Kids dubs of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!! and others until 2006.

Notable roles by Megan Hollingshead:

New York (4Kids, NYAV Post, Central Park Media)

  • Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Cassidy, Lorelei and Duplica in Pokémon, up until season 6.
    • The gym leaders she voiced were Whitney and Clair from Johto.
  • Mai Valentine/Kujaku in the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series, up until season 3.
  • Rose Marinade in Fighting Foodons
  • Scarlett Garcia in Sonic X
  • Sharon in Shaman King
  • Kano Miyazawa in His and Her Circumstances
  • Lenneth Valkyrie in the Valkyrie Profile series
    • She still continued to voice her in the sequel, which was dubbed over at the California-based New Generation Pictures.

California (Bang Zoom!, Studiopolis, Animaze)

Tropes affiliated with the characters voiced by Megan Hollingshead: