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This Captain Obvious moment may have contributed to its meme status.

Memes and catch phrases, like a lot of other things, can also be born your local comic book store.

Batman is memetic enough to have his own page.

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    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.


Batman is memetic enough to have his own page.


  • "I'm With [X]"
    • Marvel's Civil War miniseries's catch phrase was "Whose side are you on?", referring to the conflict between Captain America (comics) and Iron Man. This spawned a lot of messageboard signatures proclaiming "I'm with Cap", "I'm with Tony", and other, more absurd, choices, such as (this editor's favorite, featuring Deadpool) "I'm with Stupid" and "We don't care".
    • And for those American tropers who took it a little too literally, "I'm with Lincoln," or "I'm with Davis."
      • And in order to take it one step further, I saw an "I'm with Oliver" and "I'm with Charles" version. This troper even saw I'm with Durruti or Francisco.
      • Dear God. This troper totally made a/the Cromwell one. Whoa.
      • "I'm with Palpatine" and "I'm with Organa" also worked well.
    • They're all fucked when the Hulk gets back.
    • The Appendix to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe website had "I'm down with Howard", a Call Back to an earlier "Howard for President" meme.
    • "I'm with Internet Jesus: ANAL SKRULLS."
    • "I'm with Snob."
    • Der Eisenfuhrer!
  • Tony Stark is everyone.
    • This apparently came about when an internet denizen asked if anyone had seen him without his mustache. An obliging photoshop revealed that he looked very much like Bruce Wayne, and with glasses, Clark Kent. From there, it snowballed. More details here. (Link and especially ads are NSFW)
  • Tony also has a penchant for building in a CAVE! With a BOX of SCRAPS! [4]
    • Let's be honest, it's not the worst thing you've caught him doing.
  • HE/SHE/IT IS A SKRULL! (lesser-used DC variation: It's a White Martian! or It's Clayface! or It's a Skrull! regardless) [5]
    • Even better: ANAL SKRULLS! (What separates them from regular Skrulls is known only to Warren Ellis.)
    • And if it isn't a Skrull, it's probably a Doombot.
    • Or it could be Everyman.
  • "It's magic. We don't have to explain it.", "BONG!" and "Parkour Luck" are all memes that spawned from Spider-Man: One More Day, Brand New Day and comments from Joe Quesada regarding the continuity change.

J.J. Jameson: I don't need [x], I need pictures -- pictures of Spider-Man!

Mary Jane Watson: "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!"


  1. Like this.
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  3. The motivational mantra of the Rainbow Raider.
  4. From the Iron Man movie. The Big Bad shouts to his underlings that Tony built his prototype Phlebotinum...well, see the meme.
  5. From Secret Invasion, where a number of characters were revealed to be...well, Skrulls.
  6. a Spiderman cartoon from the 60s with tons of exploitable moments due to poor animation + captions = hilarious image macros.
  7. From the title of some old Man-Thing comics.
  8. Loki has a very childish moment
  10. A poster in the rec.arts.comics newsgroup made a typo when asking about recent developments in Suicide Squad. Group members made up an entire storyline for the nonexistent character. The newsgroup's annual awards were even named "The Squiddies".