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Even if you don't see them on TV very often, some moments and phrases will be popular enough to remain in the heads of the most die-hard watchers. There are so many related to game shows that they get their own page, so please don't add them here.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The name of the show.
    • Meme name: description of meme and how it's used.
      • Source of meme and fandom it relates to in the form of a hot tip.
      • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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Other Examples

  • The video showing Zinedine Zidane's headbutt of Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup was played with in a number of ways, often with Zidane replaced with Mario.
  • Charlie Murphy's "C: True Hollywood Stories" sketches from Chapelles Show's second season spawned a cottage industry of memetic catch phrases ("I'm Rick James, bitch!", "Cocaine's a helluva drug", etc.) They're also widely considered to be the funniest skits in the series.
  • According to United States Senator Ted Stevens, the Internet is "a series of tubes". The Daily Show was right on top of this comment.
    • Let the record state that it is "not a big truck", either.
    • "And now here it is, your moment of zen..." [1]
    • Brought to you by the International Association for the Collection of Television Tropes, or NAMBLA.[2]
    • Glenn Beck has Nazi tourettes!
    • "Fox News is the Lupus of News" [1]
    • "Meet me at Camera Three."
    • Roll 2:12! [3]
  • An example of a meme that never appeared in the actual show is the famous line "Beam Me Up, Scotty" which is never said in any of Star Trek canon but quickly became associated with the show.[4]
    • The Romulan "It's a FAAAAAAKE!" guy from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is pretty memetastic, and a source of narmy goodness, as depicted in this video.
    • "It's X, Jim, but not as we know it".
    • "He's dead, Jim."
    • Space...the final frontier...
    • "I'm a doctor, not a meme!"
    • Live long and prosper. And the V-sign that goes with it.
    • "Da-da DA DA DA DA DA da-da DA DA..." [5]
    • From TNG, let us state (rather loudly) for the record that There Are Four Lights!
    • "I am [character name] of Borg." Followed by some character-appropriate variation on the phrase "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." The identification of the Borg with Microsoft was a common Web meme in the mid-1990s.
      • "I am Pentium of Borg. Accuracy is irrelevant. You will be approximated."
      • This is a Borg. This is drugs. This is a Borg on drugs: "Resilience is floor tile. Wanna be simulated?"
      • "I am Homer of Borg. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be ... oooh, doughnuts."
    • Memes are irrelevant.
    • "To boldly X where no Y has X'ed... before!"
    • "You don't deserve to wear that uniform!"
    • "Au contraire, mon capitan! 'Eeees back!"
    • "Make it so."
    • "Engage!"
    • The Picard Song: "Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise..."
    • "Mr. Worf? Fire." TO BE CONTINUED...
  • Lost:
    • Guys? Where are we? [6]
    • 4+8+15+16+23+42=108.[7]
    • "Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that?" [8]
    • Keamy makes good eggs. Poached or fried.[9]
    • Locke is gonna blow your shit up.[10]
    • JACKFACE! [11]
    • X, dammit, RUN!! [13]
    • Ben lied. [15]
    • "We're the good guys." "Well, how about that?" [16]
    • See you in another life, brother.[17]
    • One popular meme on GameFAQs is to intentionally confuse all the Asian characters on the show for one another.
    • "We have to go back, Kate!" [18]
    • A popular one on IMDb around Season 4 was, "With Cane canceled, Nestor Carbonell should be free for Lost." [19]
    • Is Mr. Eko gonna have to hit you with his Jesus Stick? [20]
    • Richard is stealing your innocence! [21]
    • "You can't come with us, Kate!" [22]
    • Hurley throwing the Hot Pocket at Ben: "Hello Hugo. HYAHH!" *throws hot pocket at Ben*
  • Six Feet Under: My arm's numb. Numb arm. N'arm. NARM! *thud*
  • Friends:
  • In Finland, Olli Hokkanen (now known as Kola-Olli) continues to enjoy a stint of popularity after appearing on national television in 2006 attempting to set the world record for drinking 1.5 litres of Coca Cola as quickly as possible...and giving up after the third glass. Since then he has made numerous appearances in finnish media, and his attempt has inspired the Olli Hokkanen Open website, which hosts videos of its members' attempts at setting records for drinking various soft drinks as quickly as possible and keeps track of the quickest times.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • Now this is a story all about how/My life got flipped, turned upside down/And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there/I'll tell you how I become the prince of a town called Bel-Air.[27]
      • Additionally, The Fresh Prince of [insert title here], or some variation thereof.[28]
    • It even goes with the RickRoll
    • When one talks turkey with Uncle Phil, he'll start daydreaming about pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes.
    • Philip Banks is running for Superior Court JuJuJudge.
    • I'm stuck in a basement sittin on a tricycle girl gettin on mah nerves/goin outta mah mind I thought she was fine don't know if her body is hers.
    • I can still see him... It just reminds you how unfair and cruel the world can be... I can still hear them taunting him.......... Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids...
    • The Carlton Dance. [29]
      • JUMP ON IT! JUMP ON IT! JUMP ON IT! [30]
  • House:
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • "Legen-wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is-DAIRY!" [36]
    • Haaaaave you met Ted? [37]
    • LAWYERED! [38]
    • The Bro Code.
    • Suit up! [39]
    • But, um... isn't it pronounced encyclopaedia? [40]
  • LazyTown:
  • Welcome to The OC, Bitch!
  • The Colbert Report:
    • And the number one threat to America? BEARS! [43]
    • You know it's gone too far when the Studio Audience interrupts the host with it. "I'll do the lines, thank you!"
    • Great X? Or the greatest X? [44]
      • I'll just put you down for great.
    • The character of Stephen Colbert can be best described as a joke that everyone in America is in on.
      • Speaking as a citizen of America's friendly neighbour to the north, everyone in Canada is in on it too. Possibly everyone in the world.
      • Everyone apparently, except the conservatives he parodies. Making him not only the greatest comedian on the planet, but quite possibly the greatest Troll too. Except, maybe, Glenn Beck.
      • Alternatively (thank you ROCEJ), real conservatives are aware they're the ones being poked fun at and still find it hilarious.
    • I CALLED IT!
    • All people who have ever viewed TV Tropes, and Senator Jon Kyl have had sexual relations with some form of poultry. (Not intended to be a factual statement).[45]
    • Munchma Quchi.
  • Harry Hills TV Burp:
    • "But which is better? There's only one way to find out..."
  • The Office:
    • "That's what she said!"
    • Fact: Bears eat beets!
    • Michael Scott declares...BANKRUPTCY!
  • From the UK version:
    • "He's put my stapler in jelly again!" [46]
    • "I'm the Assistant Regional Manager-" "Assistant TO the Regional Manager." [47]
    • "I got some/free love on the Free Love Freeway..." [48]
    • "I think there's been a rape up there!" [49]
  • The Mighty Boosh:
    • "I'm Old Gregg!"—even though the character only appeared in one episode.
    • 'I gaaaht a mangina!'
    • Shit that bawl was producin some sweet cream.
      • It was about the saahze of a medicine bawl and covered in teets.
    • Do ya love meh, or are ya playin yaw love gayms?
    • "Who the f- is John Simm?!?" from "The Chokes" unsurprisingly gained traction in the Doctor Who fandom.
    • 'This is an outraaaage!'
    • Any dialogue the Weird Moon's spoken. He's a vanilla rapist.
  • Blackadder:
    • Fear not, I have a cunning plan!
    • ...Bob.
    • Wibble!
    • Cup of coffee - Darling?
      • Think you can manage three lumps, Baldrick?
      • Ah. Cappuccino.
    • X? That sounds a bit rude, doesn't it? Sounds almost exactly like... bum!
  • A picture of Dateline's Chris Hansen and or "I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC"/"Why don't you take a seat over there." is a frequent response to things related to Lolicon or Hannah Montana. (And in the wake of the 2008 Beijing Olympics... gymnasts.)
    • During the course of a typical interview, Hansen will read "explicit" lines such as "that's terribly sexy" or "I like rape" from the transcripts of chats between the alleged predators and non-underage decoys. These quotes are often remixed as pick-up lines, used for trolling purposes, or combined with other memetic material.
  • Torchwood:
    • "Bloody Torchwood."
    • "You people and your quaint little categories."
    • "Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string--everything, absolutely everything! No phones, phones all broken! Hello, anybody there? No--because the phones aren't working!"
    • "Lots of things you can do with a stopwatch...."
    • "With a dashing hero like me, how could we fail?"
    • "Innovative. Bordering on the avant garde."
    • And, while it's not technically from the show itself: We're To-oir-chwood. These are my SHINY TEETH.
      • WE ARE HERE.
  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace:
    • Blood. Her blood. Blood. Blood. Blood.
    • Blood.
    • Maggots. Maggots. ............ Maggots.
    • ...and bits of sick.
    • It had a Short Run in Peru ...
  • Good evening, Canada. I'm Jimmy MacDonald and I'm going to give it to you straight.
    • If you're Canadian, you smoke Provincial.
    • A Womannnnnnn's Advice.
    • Memes... are outrageous!
    • That footage was intentionally disturbing!
  • 24:
  • Karl Pilkington could eat a knob at night.
  • Documentaries are rarely the source for Memetic Mutation, but it happened to the Discovery Channel miniseries Miracle Planet. The first episode showed what early life (circa 4 billion years ago) had to go through, including strikes by asteroids up to (and including) 500 kilometers in diameter. The episode did a computer animation showing the effects of an impact by such a huge asteroid upon the Earth. To give it a proper sense of scale, the target was modern-day Earth. See the results here. It ends with Earth a barren wasteland, with its oceans evaporated, all surface life vaporized, and the only survivors being bacteria living deep underground. The sheer violence of the scenes led to it basically becoming Stock Footage on YouTube, in order to show (sometimes in an overblown/comedic fashion) the destructive force of, say, a collision between two Falcon Punches. Yeah.
  • Peter Kay. His entire career is based on Memetic Mutation:
    • Get on t'internet!
    • Garlic? Bread?!
    • Booked it, packed it, fucked off!
      • It's probably only the slightly questionable language that's stopped the company behind Teletext holidays (to which it refers) trying to get a marketing deal with Peter Kay. You can, however, get a beach towel with a suitably censored version of the slogan.
    • And far too many others to list.
  • In Italy, a commercial for an alcoholic drink shows a character having the Best. Day. Ever. and being asked at the end 'What more do you want from life?', and them answering with, 'Un Lucano!' ('A Lucano!'), the name of the product. Since then, it's almost a given to answer that kind of question that way, jokingly.
  • Much like Monty Python, German comedian Loriot created a huge amount of Memetic Mutations in Germany with his show in the 70's. There are dozens, if not hundreds, completely inconspicuous sentences or just words that can still get half the people in the room to crack up.



  • The Prisoner:
    • "Who is Number One?" - "You Are Number Six." - "I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN!"
    • Be seeing you.
  • Generation Kill: "You're not gay if you think Rudy is hot."
  • Punky Brewster: Henry, I'm getting boobs! *spittake*
  • Misfits: SAVE ME BARRY!
    • I'M EMARTAL!
  • Thirty Rock:
    • It's a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah/Spooky/Scary/Boys becoming men/Men becoming wolves.
    • Ah, blergh!
    • "America, which I invented..." "BOOOO!"
    • You're making a mockery of The Source Awards!
    • By the hammer of Thor!
    • Cah-Runch!
    • What is this, Horseville? 'Cause I'm surrounded by naysayers. Wordplay!
    • Don't Menendez me.
    • Myert!
    • NERDZ!
    • You just got scrumped!
    • Everything is just the worst!
    • Actor announcement!
    • Court? At night? I'm already laughing. Tell me more.
    • N-O-E. No. E.
    • All I did is ask for some Diet Slice and some pita chips!
    • Finally giving America what it wants, a reunion of Friends...from Night Court.
    • I love memes! I love them so much I want to take them behind the middle school and get them pregnant.
    • Mind Grapes.
    • "RESPAWN!!" [167]
    • "I want to go to there!" [168]
    • "DOCTOR SPACEMAN!!" "It's pronounced 'Spa-che-man."
    • "Why are wearing a tux?!" "It's after 6, what am I, a farmer?" [169]
  • Dexter:
    • I'm watching you, motherfucker.
    • The Code Of Harry.
  • Kitchen Nightmares:
    • You work like a pig! YOU FRENCH PIG!
    • Well, if it's your fucking kitchen then clean it, you lazy cunt!
      • NO!
    • Fuck off, will ya! Touch the wall! You dirty pig!
    • I'm forty years of age, and I've gone to a lot of restaurants, but I've never, ever, ever, ever met someone I believe in as little as you.
  • Late Night:
    • I think it's time we took a look, once again, into the future.
    • The future, Conan O'Brien?
      That's right, All The Tropes wiki editor! Let's look to the future...all the way to the year 2000!
      (singing) In the year two thou-saaaaand...
  • FlashForward: BECAUSE I WAS LOADED OK?!
  • Bones:
    • Dancing Phalanges! [170]
    • King of the lab! [171]
    • I don't know what that means...[172]
  • The West Wing:
  • HE TOSS A GENIE!!!! from a Mondegreen belonging to the 1978 Spiderman Sentai show in japan.
  • The A-Team:
  • The Inbetweeners:
    • Bus wankers!
    • Oooh, frieeeend.
    • Briefcase wanker.
  • Skins:
    • Now I've told you, okay? Now you know.
    • Oh. Wow. Lovely.
    • Be brave.
    • I bought a fucking gateau!
    • You're always scared.
    • I think I was twelve.
  • Ugly Betty: I'm Wilhelmina Slater and I don't get wet!
  • iCarly:
  • Unnatural History: "I don't want to taze you, bro."
  • Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?: DO IT, ROCKAPELLA!
  • Gossip Girl:
    • "Dude. I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means."
    • You know you love me.
    • (after somebody insults you) Yeah? Well your sweet potatoes are bland.
  • The X-Files: The truth is out there.[181]
    • I'd do it all again . . . except for the Flukeman.[182]
    • ... bleeping dead alien.[183]
  • The Outer Limits: Do Not Adjust Your Set. We are controlling the transmission.
  • These memes are entering... The Twilight Zone.
  • Degrassi High: Tessa Campinelli? You were FUCKING Tessa Campinelli? You bastard!
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation:
    • Did Manny get pregnate?
    • Is Manny a slut?
    • Did Emma get gonorrhea, spelled 60 different ways, none of them right?
    • I'm going to be an actress. Academy Award-winning. And you can sell these for a million dollars 'cause I am going to be FAMOUS!!!!
    • Boycott the Caf!
    • Last name Walking, first name Never! [184]
    • You told me... TO PLAY BASKETBALL!!!
  • "Hey, I'm Cramer. Welcome to Mad Money. Welcome to Cramerica. Other people want to make friends ... I just want to make you some money. Because my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you. So call me at 1-800-743-CNBC."
    • "Bulls make money, bears make money, hogs (sfx) get slaughtered!"
    • "Sudden Death! Booyah-free zone! There goes Swifty!"
  • The IT Crowd: "God damn these electric sex pants!"
  • Dear John letters.[185]
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway:
    • It's a rare Youtube video featuring arctic terns where the highest rated comment isn't "Backstreet Boys".
    • Tapioca.
    • Oooooooooh Iedi diedi diedi diedi diedi diedi diedi ie!
    • Hoedown!
    • What!? PORNO!
    • It all started with a badly timed bald joke!
    • Captain Obvious
    • Nice pants.
    • Lightning Rod of Hate.
    • I'll help you fluff your Garfield.
    • Bill Cosby and Hitler.
    • Hi, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points don't matter, just like the Troper Tales pages. Nobody reads them, they don't matter at all. Just a gag to hold the show together. I don't know, the show is British.
  • Twin Peaks:
    • "She's dead... wrapped in plastic."
    • Who killed Laura Palmer?
    • Damn fine coffee, Diane. Damn fine coffee.
      • Douglas firs!
    • The owls are not what they seem.
    • Through the dark of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... fire walk with me.
    • I didn't order creamed corn.
    • I want my garmonbozia (pain and suffering).
  • Leverage:
  • There's the video of the Olsen Twins song "Gimme Pizza" slowed down to make it sound extremely unnerving. It's taken logically far.
    • Whipped cream pours like waterfalls.
  • "Hund, Katze, Maus!" (dog, cat, mouse!) from German TV show Die Montagsmaler. (The show was about one party drawing something on a board, and the other party having to guess it. Similar as in Pictionary.) Later became the name of another show about pets.
  • Steptoe and Son: "You dirty old man!" [190]
  • The Armstrong and Miller show: "Isn't it?" "Isn't it?" "Isn't it, though?" "Standard."
  • Sherlock:
    • "John, we're out of milk." [191]
    • Also, "John, could you pass me a pen/my phone?" works as well.
      • Either of the two above followed by -SH.[192]
    • Mycroft is talking to you through Captcha./"Mycroft says..." [193]
    • "Rupert Graves is good at football and has five children." [194]
    • "I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research." [195]
    • "Oh. God. Yes." [196]
    • "Fine. It's...all...fine..." [198]
    • "Not my division."
    • Martin Freeman is made of jam, kittens, and RAGE.
    • Certain photos of Moriarty are happening now too, with two of his more expressive faces from The Great Game. The first is an angry face with some kind of violent action as the caption, ex. "I WILL BURN-" and the second is a chill expression with something like "-you a CD of my favourite songs." Known as Misleading Moriarty.
    • "Fuck you, I won a BAFTA" [200]
    • "And, honey, you should see me in a crown", or, alternatively, "I will turn you into shoes."
  • El Chavo del Ocho:
    • "Vamos, tesoro. ¡(Y) No te juntes con esta chusma!" ("Let's go, honey. Don't fool around with this riff-raff!") [201]
    • "Si, mami. ¡Chusma Chusma!"[202]
    • Both are typically preceded by Doña Florinda (played by Florinda Meza) slapping Don Ramón (Ramón Valdés).
    • "¡Y la proxima vez, vaya a editarle los memes a su abuela!" (loosely, "And next time, go edit your grandma's memes!")
    • "¿Memes del internet? Tenía que ser el Chavo del Ocho." ("Internet memes? It had to be El Chavo del Ocho.")
    • Pipipipipipipipipi...[203]
    • To many Mexican viewers, "The Elephant Never Forgets" by Perry-Kingsley has also become memetic thanks to the show.
    • "Ron Damón" [205]
      • "Don Rrrrrrrramón" [206]
    • "¡Satanas! ¿Donde estás Satanas?" ("Satanas! Where are you Satanas?") [207]
    • "Yo tengo un meme, ¡y no te lo presto!" (loosely: "I have a meme, and I'm not gonna lend it to you!)
  • "Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!"
  • Community: "Troy and Abed in the moooooooooooooooooorning!" [208]
    • "The question isn't where,'s when." [209]
    • "Cool. Cool cool cool. [210]
    • "Streets ahead." If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
    • "Britta, you are the WORST." [211]
    • "I'm gettin' ridda Britta/I'm gettin' ridda the 'B'" "She's a G.D.B.!" [212]
    • "Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, Pierce you're a 'B'!" [213]
  • Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza:
  • Game of Thrones:
  • "Maldita lisiada!". This one's from the Mexican Soap Opera Maria La Del Barrio: Big Bad and Yandere Soraya shouts and threatens a girl in a wheelchair, Alicia, calling her a "maldita lisiada" or roughly "damned cripple/paralytic" and beats up her caretaker. Soraya has had a resurgence in popularity lately among Spanish-speakers for her ridiculous schemes, even by novela standards, and it's almost a must in Latin-American forums to post a gif or a video of that scene.
  • The Partridge Family: "Hello world, there's a song that we're singin'/Come on get HAPPY!..."
    • "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of..."[214]
  • That '70s Show: Red Foreman will put his foot in your ass.
  • Dr. Phil: You're fat, and don't try to sugarcoat it or you'll eat that too.
  • Saved by the Bell:
  • The Honeymooners:
    • "Honey, you're the greatest!".[218]
    • "Bang! Zoom!" [219]
      • "To the moon, Alice!"
      • "One of these days...ONE OF THESE DAYS...POW, right in the kisser!"
  • Behind the Meme [220]
  • Dinner for One:
- By the way, the same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?
—The same procedure as every year, James.

  1. The end of every episode, showing a clip that didn't make the final cut or an extended version of a previously shown clip.
  2. Apparently, the acronym of every organization is NAMBLA.
  3. Originates from the Jim Cramer interview, where Jon had videos prepared of statements Cramer had made on his show, which contradicted parts of his explanation. Became a Running Gag for a while for Jon to shout it before playing a video clip of someone saying something in the past that conflicted with their more recent statements.
  4. The closest the franchise ever came to saying the line, was once in the animated series where Kirk says "Beam us up, Scotty" in one episode, and then again in Star Trek IV the Voyage Home when in one scene, he says "Scotty, beam me up".
  5. Fight music, especially when Kirk and Spock fight on Vulcan when Spock goes into heat
  6. One of Charlie's lines at the end of the pilot episode, indicating to the audience that the survivors aren't on a normal island.
  7. The memetic numbers of the series and their sum, which appear in the plot on multiple occasions.
  8. Said by Tom to Sawyer in a season three episode when the latter is being held in a polar bear cage, famously remixed on YTMND.
  9. From a season six scene when the villainous Keamy affably offers to make Sayid some eggs.
  10. From Locke's habit of blowing objects up during season three.
  11. Jack's habit of making strange faces, which was turned into a Drinking Game. Referenced here in a Cyanide & Happiness comic.
  12. Michael's Narmy cry for his kidnapped son Walt, heard at the end of season one and frequently during season two.
  13. In reference to a season three cliffhanger when Jack orders Kate to escape and yells "Kate, dammit, RUN!"
  14. One of the many humorous lines that comes from Hurley's mother. She's referencing Sayid, who is neither Pakistani nor dead.
  15. Ben is known for frequently lying on the show, to the extent that his Catch Phrase is "I lied."
  16. Lines frequently uttered by the Others.
  17. Desmond's Catch Phrase, occasionally repeated by other characters.
  18. A famous line from the Meta Twist final scene of the season three finale.
  19. Nestor Carbonell plays the popular character Richard Alpert, who was largely absent during most of season four because he was working on the show Cane. After Cane was canceled, he was able to make more appearances, eventually becoming a regular cast member by season six.
  20. Badass Preacher Mr. Eko carries around for a weapon a stick with Bible verses carved in it. On the show, Charlie nicknamed it the "Jesus Stick," a name that the fans embraced.
  21. Fans took the Unfortunate Implications of Richard saying that young Ben's innocence will be lost and ran with it, making Richard into a borderline Memetic Molester.
  22. Kate frequently wants to come along whenever Jack and/or Sawyer is doing something.
  23. Joey's Catch Phrase that he uses to attract women.
  24. Recurring character Janice's Incoming Ham Catch Phrase
  25. A speech pattern that many of the characters mock Chandler for, despite the fact that they use it to mock him more than he uses it himself.
  26. Ross's frequent insistence that he was not in the wrong for sleeping with the girl at the copy place because he and Rachel were on a break.
  27. The opening theme song of the series, became an endemic Interrupting Meme in many parts of the internet.
  28. There's a fad among video makers that involves synching the show's theme song with other music, claiming that it works with any kind of music. Unsurprisingly, it does. Too well, in fact. No, seriously. This seems to have been inspired by the Guile theme goes with anything meme in the Street Fighter fandom. Naturally, the two themes go together, which is a total mind @#$%.
  29. Carlton looooved to break out into dance to Tom Jones. Even Will (who usually gave this antic a Fascinating Eyebrow) joined in for the final time.
  30. Another dance involving Will and Carlton; this time, it was a duo act used to win a contest.
  31. It became a Running Gag that the team would keep suspecting the patient had lupus only to be proven wrong, to the point were House used a hollowed lupus textbook for storage. The joke died swiftly after there was a patient who actually had lupus.
  32. Tritter was unbelievably creepy in all of his appearances, and the fandom immediately leaped to "serial rapist".
  33. House drugs Wilson with amphetamines, leading to this line.
  34. In a spectacular Crowning Moment of Funny, House discovers that Wilson was once in a pornographic film and said this line. Cue every person in the hospital saying this to Wilson in one form or another.
  35. One of House's many quips, referring to how he wouldn't have managed to diagnose the patient if Thirteen hadn't kissed her.
  36. Barney's Running Gag of calling things "Legendary" and having Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny.
  37. Barney's introduction of Ted to random women, including the one who kicks off the whole show, Robin.
  38. Marshall's exclamation upon kicking legal ass.
  39. Barney's rallying cry to his friends. Because suits are awesome.
  40. Robin has a habit of saying but um and it was turned into a drinking game by viewers of her show. Ted also has trouble pronouncing encyclopedia.
  41. A jealous Robin screams this at a coworker who sighs that Barney's Grand Romantic Gesture towards Nora is "so dreamy."
  42. Ted shouts this to an appreciative crowd in McLaren's Bar while drunkenly performing for them. A common reaction gif, the proper response is "We love you too, Drunk!Ted!"
  43. The Threat Down segment lists the current "theats to America", with bears originally always number one (Colbert, either actually or as part of his persona, has a massive fear of bears).
  44. A common question Colbert asks his guests, parodying the questions a lot of "real" news pundits ask.
  45. After Jon Kyl said that 90% of what the Planned Parenthood organization did was funding abortion, he was called out on the fact that the actual figure was somewhere around 3%. He responded that it wasn't intended to be a factual statement.
  46. Tim put Gareth's stapler in a jelly mould as a prank
  47. Gareth/Dwight think the former is his title, when it's actually the latter, though it's technically meaningless either way
  48. David Brent's 'spontaneous' acoustic guitar performance at what's meant to be a seminar
  49. At the same seminar, David Brent is doing a role play as a hotel guest complaining about noise upstairs, while the seminar leader plays a concierge ignoring his complaints; David blurts this out to 'get his attention', stunning the conference room into silence
  50. A popular advertisement for the Discovery Channel, partially for its highly exploitable snowclone nature, as shown below.
  51. Elliot is undercover as a thug and Olivia's about to be caught in his apartment. She strips down to bra and panties and poses as a prostitute. Cue worldwide race to bunks everywhere.
  52. Serena Southerlyn, upon being fired. One of the most famous Ass Pulls in history.
  53. Adam's reaction after a small scale experiment isn't quite as small as they expected. For the record, he was.
  54. The single instance of Jamie being less eloquent than Adam. Also a fairly accurate summary of the entire series.
  55. Adam's reaction after being corrected by previous footage of himself. Became an Ascended Meme when Adam wore a shirt bearing the line.
  56. Testing the myth of whether a duck's quack echos, the first step is actually getting the ducks to quack. It doesn't go well.
  57. An extensive Running Gag, used after something has been completely destroyed.
  58. The only viable reaction when things don't go as planned.
  59. Adam on occasion will pull out a nature documentary voice and proceed to describe Jamie as if he were some kind of rare animal, with hilarious results.
  60. Dean Winchester's rules of the Impala. Meaning Sam should shut up.
  61. Dean gets his Ghost-esque telekinesis on while almost-dead.
  62. How the brothers Winchester declare their love for each other.
  63. Castiel identifying himself as the one who rescued Dean from Hell
  64. Castiel takes his phone seriously
  65. Castiel's choice of Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner leaves something to be desired
  66. Sam lost it down a storm drain while trying to scrape off gum. He was having a very bad day.
  67. A particularly amusing quote from Dean, from "Clap Your Hands if You Believe". Went memetic courtesy of Twitter, prompting some alarm from some members of the gay community, who didn't realize it was about actual fairies.
  68. A common Unusual Euphemism, even on this very wiki, for whenever someone is aroused and wants A Date with Rosie Palms.
  69. River's warning to Jayne. Used as a summary for Psychic Powers.
  70. At the end of The Movie, River uses a hole in the ceiling to watch Simon and Kaylee take it to floor.
  71. The entirety of Wash's first appearance, in which he plays with his dinosaurs, is a meme in one way or another.
  72. Both a Trope Namer and an example of Mal's dedication to his crew and being a Badass.
  73. Book's warning to Mal about a special hell "reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theatre".
  74. One of River's classic lines.
  75. Jayne has a lot of affection for his weapons.
  76. The Ear Worm of a song in the episode "Jaynestown" made in Jayne's honour.
  77. Used on the show to mean "It's fine" or "Cool." ("Everything's shiny, Captain.")
  78. Richard Hammond's preferred way to describe himself and his coworkers, the show, and just about everything they do.
  79. Ryan Seacrest used to end every show by saying "Seacrest, OUT!" When it failed to catch on, he stopped using it.
  80. The second season, they had to use an American actress to play the role of Rita. As such, her lips stopped moving in Japanese when she spoke.
  81. In season one of Power Rangers, the Black Ranger was black, and the Yellow Ranger was Asian.
  82. Johnny Yong Bosch is quite the Base Breaker among anime fans.
  83. Tommy actually fought the Megazord, without growing or summoning a zord. And won.
  84. Xander is a green ranger, just like Adam and Tommy.
  85. An early fanfic name, and the fact that the admiral in Lightspeed Rescue is named William Mitchell.
  86. Rumors that Austin St. John did gay porn. Also slash about Jason/Tommy, lampshaded in the original script for "Forever Red".
  87. In "Forever Red", Andros was originally supposed to brag about this.
  88. Just look at his history. He also apparently created powers of his own for no reason, including apparently creating Dino Thunder's Big Bad.
  89. He showed no interest in paleontology in the first five seasons, was known for having a poor memory, and went on to stock car racing.
  90. In addition to being Zordon's catch phrase, it's also the name of a series of PWP fics involving the Rangers having sex with each other or dying while Zordon and later Billy watches. Amazingly, there's actually characterization and subtext to it.
  91. "Agony in Pink", an erotic fanfic about Kimberly being tortured to death, led to a Power Rangers newsgroup being banned in Australia.
  92. Judging by the show, Angel Grove is a British colony in the LA metro area with an Indian reservation, home to plains Indians, nearby. It also has jungles, glaciers, and volcanos nearby, judging by the zord animation.
  93. Once Tommy appears, Kimberly goes from being one of the most competent Rangers, killing two monsters on her own, to needing to be rescued by him at least once an episode. Kat does this in season 3 and Zeo as well.
  94. In Turbo, they replaced the entire cast with characters who quickly became The Scrappy, such as Justin, Dimitria, Blue Senturion, Alpha 6, TJ, and Ashley. There's actually a manifesto at Rangerboard about why Wild Force is the worst season ever.
  95. From the Goodburger sketches
  96. The Okra Winfrey sketches
  97. Theme song to the Earboy sketches
  98. Coach Kreeton's catchphrase
  99. Lump Maroon's only phrase
  100. How every letter being read in the Dear Ashley sketches goes
  101. How Penelope Taynt, Amanda's #1 fan, would often end her sentences
  102. The way Judge Trudy sketches typically ended, sometimes used in other sketches
  103. A common phrase for the old man in a prank calling sketch
  104. Misty's catchphrase in Moody's Point
  105. Each episode would end with a parody of advertisement, each episode "brought to you" by numbers and letters instead of a company.
  106. Count von Count's counting method is a wide-spread meme, applied to many things.
  107. The noise Cookie Monster makes when eating cookies. More recently became the defacto onomatopoeia for vigorous eating.
  108. Comes from Cookie Monster's song "One of These Things (Is Not Like the Other)."
  109. Jack Black's appearance on Sesame Street of all things attracted quite a bit of attention, and the skit has been widely used since, especially in Stupid Statement Dance Mixes.
  110. The opening theme asks "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?", and nobody ever provides an explanation, leading many to ask this question.
  111. Gene Hunt's declaration to bad guys. Co-opted by other characters to be more Badass.
  112. Gene's cue for a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  113. Buffy's reaction to her mother questioning her priorities, before she knew about her daughter's status as The Chosen One.
  114. The Scoobies became increasingly blase about how The World Is Always Doomed.
  115. A reference to both Dawn being a peril magnet and the formula of the series itself, Buffy airing on Tuesdays for a while.
  116. Willow's cheery outlook on why relationships cause problems.
  117. Buffy thinks her mother will have a freakout when she sees how much her college textbooks cost. Becomes the Trope Namer for Funny Aneurysm Moment when Joyce dies from a brain aneurysm a year later.
  118. Xander's reaction in the first episode of season 5 when he is mind controlled by Dracula. Not a Trope Namer, but close.
  119. Said several times by Vamp Willow before she does some murdering. Used much later in a horrifying Ironic Echo when Dark Willow flays Warren alive.
  120. Spike repeatedly attempts to explain this to the rest of the Scoobies, who are influenced by a spell that forgets what they saw if they see Ben turning into Glory or vice versa.
  121. Willow assures Buffy that she can perform a spell despite her injuries, visually demonstrating her resolve.
  122. Standard reaction of the Scoobies to being hugged or glomped too tightly.
  123. Willow's reaction to Vamp Willow. Used much later as an Ironic Echo in "Tabula Rasa".
  124. Willow after being disturbed from her sleep, explaining that she has frog fear.
  125. Oz's conversation with Willow about how unfair it is that the monkey is the only animal cracker with pants.
  126. Buffy gives Spike five words to explain why he's in her front yard
  127. Faith's catchphrase, indicating everything's cool. Derived from a bit of radio communications terminology meaning "Loud and Clear".
  128. Buffy's exhausted reaction to Sunnydale High blowing up/the sheer craziness of the last few days
  129. Buffy briefly has psychic powers and hears her mother trying not to think about a secret she's been keeping for months
  130. Dawn...screeching...
  131. Angel's summary of how he became a vampire.
  132. The slogan of Angel Investigations, and in some ways the series as well.
  133. Angel's tendency for brooding is constantly mocked.
  134. Spike and Angel having an argument (that soon spreads around the entire office) about whether cavemen could defeat astronauts.
  135. Spike's reaction to Angel being turned into a puppet.
  136. Whedon's cameo in one episode, consisting of him dancing.
  137. Angel is a terrible, terrible singer.
  138. Fred's reaction to destiny.
  139. Angel's aggrieved reaction to being called a eunuch.
  140. Catch Phrase of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
  141. Monk's repeated line about his incredible observation skills which comes with crippling Super OCD.
  142. Monk says this near the end of most episodes as The Summation. Led to it being lampshaded in-universe.
  143. The response of the Cylons in the original series; used as a nice Mythology Gag in the new series.
  144. The final line of the opening credits. Used derisively by fans worried about The Chris Carter Effect.
  145. In the miniseries, Cmdr. Adama leads a eulogy at a military funeral by these words, emphasizing their unity in the face of genocide. He's very insistent.
  146. You can't curse on television, so <a href="" style="color:#006600;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:underline;background:none;padding:0;margin:0;">BSG</a> uses "frak" as a substitution for the F-word.
  147. It is a widely known and accepted Epileptic Tree that Fletcher is actually the world's most prolific serial killer, framing other people for each murder.
  148. Over 9000 was the original meme, but Oprah was trolled into saying "Over 9000 penises!" on her show by Anonymous.
  149. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the master of the Dope Slap. Do not attempt to avoid the Gibbs-slap, you will fail.
  150. Standard conversation between Gibbs and either Tony, McGee, or Ziva being Captain Obvious.
  151. Gibbs is ALWAYS right behind you.
  152. Tony DiNozzo and his many, MANY nicknames for McGee.
  153. Teal'C says this on many occasions. Used as shorthand to demonstrate his status as The Stoic.
  154. O'Neill never understands any of the Techno Babble, content to think that everything works with magnets.
  155. Daniel is told to get on the radio and stall the Goa'ould threatening them. This is his response when he's asked to identify himself; it translates to "I am the Great and Powerful Oz.
  156. While in the past (during the Cold War), the team is suspected of being spies. The interrogator asks Daniel Jackson, in Russian, if he is a Russian spy. Daniel, being fluent in Russian, replies with "Niet!"
  157. It's popular to lament how little respect or notice that Shin has gotten since his movie, not getting a continuation to the original story or much role in crossovers.
  158. Sue Sylvester lives in the realm of Refuge in Audacity, and signs off her television show with the latter phrase.
  159. Will Schuester's favorite phrase.
  160. Will Schuester's OTHER favorite phrase.
  161. Ladies and gentlemen, Brittany Pierce. Takes Dumb Blonde and Fountain of Memes to a whole new level.
  162. Jesse St. James is informing everyone where he intends upon attending college.
  163. How Finn attempts to stave off premature ejaculation.
  164. When Kurt and Blaine kiss in "Original Songs," it lasts for a very passionate ten seconds. After they stop to breathe, they practically jump each other for a second kiss--and the scene cuts almost immediately to the Glee Club's pianist playing a keyboard.
  165. A parody of the Little Shop of Horrors song "Suddenly Seymour", mocking Karofsky's Sudden Sexuality.
  166. In universe internet reaction to Finn and Rachel's kiss at Nationals.
  167. Liz purposely sabotages herself so she can 'die' and start over
  168. Liz's expression for something she really wants
  169. Liz has been under the impression she had to come up with jokes for a function Jack's going to tonight; turns out it's months from now, this is just how he dresses for dinner
  170. Temperance Brennan is trying to keep a baby occupied, except she can't just say "fingers". It somehow manages to be adorable.
  171. Jack Hodgins and Zach Addy's ongoing contest as to who solves the case fastest. Gets Harsher in Hindsight considering what happens to Zach.
  172. Brennan's signature response to Booth asking her something pop culture-related. She's not lying, she really doesn't know what he means.
  173. Sam questions Toby about having written two drafts of an election speech - one if Bartlet wins, the other if he loses - and claims they're obviously going to win. Toby goes white, tells him not to tempt fate, and to go outside and turn and spit so he can remove the curse.
  174. Barlet's Catch Phrase, showing he's ready to move on and get work done. Gets many heartwarming Call Backs.
  175. CJ has a root canal done. Josh tortures her by asking her what she had done again and again, just because he wants to hear her say "woot canaw".
  176. Lord John Marbury can't remember - or just doesn't want to remember - Leo's name. He bellows for "Gerald" instead.
  177. Lord John's greeting to the President's wife. Refuge in Audacity at its finest.
  178. Leo, Josh, and Bartlet's respective bellows for their assistants.
  179. Every year, Leo pays tribute to Jackson on "Big Block of Cheese Day", where he gives this speech and invites people to the White House who normally would not have their voices heard. Leo takes BBOCD very seriously, so don't call it "Total Crackpot Day".
  180. Governor Richie says this after hearing about the convenience store shooting of a secret service agent, inadvertently exemplifying in one fell sentence everything wrong with American politicians that the Bartlet White House is fighting against.
  181. Repeatedly said by Mulder, and even on one of the posters in his office. Represents the constant search by many characters for what exactly is going on.
  182. Scully confesses to Mulder she wouldn't change a thing about their partnership, except for that six-foot hybrid flukeworm monster they chased around the sewers. That was too weird, even for them.
  183. In "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", one of the detectives curses like a sailor, which they can't show in the Rashomon-style episode. So he apparently says "bleep" a lot. Both Mulder and Scully quote the detective in phrases ending with "bleeping dead alien".
  184. in reference to Jimmy running from Rick, who then shoots him. parody of the line from Jimmy's actor Aubrey "Drake" Graham's song Forever
  185. A show about a man who comes home and finds a letter (in the title sequence no less) beginning Dear John, from his wife explaining that she's leaving him. Decades later, a Dear John letter is a letter telling someone they're dumped.
  186. One of the rules of the show's writers.
  187. Nate's Catch Phrase
  188. Heard frequently from Eliot
  189. Hardison's Catch Phrase
  190. In the British sitcom Steptoe and Son (the basis for Sanford and Son), the son would often call his father this whenever the father said something the son really disagreed with.
  191. The number of fanfictions mentioning milk (or rather, the lack of it), is astronomical. In universe? It's mentioned once. (Well, technically twice, if you count Sherlock's forum.) Three times once you find John's private blog.
  192. It's become very popular within some areas of the fandom to roleplay as any combination of characters from the show on Omegle. The milk line is frequently used to start off the conversation, and the character speaking is tagged with their initials.
  193. Since Mycroft is, in essence, Big Brother, controlling all of the CCTV in London and generally running the world, it was decided on the Kink Meme that Mycroft was manipulating the LJ Captcha, used to filter out spambots.
  194. On the commentary for "The Great Game", Benedict Cumberbatch is asked to describe why he likes Rupert Graves (Lestrade). He answers with that quote, in one of the campiest of all Camp Gay voices.
  195. Sherlock to Anderson, in response to being called a psychopath one too many times.
  196. John's rather Ho Yay-ish response to Sherlock asking if he wants to see some more death and danger. Used rather often in anonymous responses to Kink Meme prompts.
  197. at the end of The Reichenbach Fall, Moriarity sets things up to make Sherlock seem to be a fraud in the media. Several Sherlock fans have now started a 'campaign' stating they believe Sherlock's innocence.
  198. John is trying to learn whether Sherlock has a girlfriend or a boyfriend without sounding homophobic or...interested
  199. Some cheeky Tumblr user compared Martin Freeman to a hedgehog. The meme exploded, with pictures like "yawning Martin/yawning hedgehog" and "grumpy Martin/grumpy hedgehog" spreading like wildfire. The capstone on the whole thing was Freeman's partner Amanda Abbington's Tweet response to a twitter user who asked if Martin knew about the meme and how he reacted, to which Abbington responded, "He laughs, he cries, then he curls up in a prickly little ball and hibernates for the winter." It also later spawned "otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch".
  200. Martin Freeman's snarky response to an interviewer teasing him about his character's lack of dialogue.
  201. A recurring gag on the classic Mexican sitcom El Chavo del 8. Said by Doña Florinda whenever Quico is found with Don Ramón, who she has a considerable love-hate relationship with.
  202. PFFT!
  203. The characteristic sound El Chavo makes whenever he cries.
  204. This is how La Chilindrina cries.
  205. A spoonerism of "Don Ramón" that El Chavo is often prone to referring to him by.
  206. Doña Clotilde ("la bruja del 71") has an infatuation with Don Ramón, causing her to say his name with Trrrilling Rrrs.
  207. A running gag in later episode in which Maiden Aunt Doña Clotilde is searching for one of her pets. With such a forboding name, it only serves to reinforce her perception as "La Bruja del 71".
  208. a recurring end-titles joke where the characters Troy and Abed host a fake morning show is introduced with one of the catchiest jingles ever.
  209. In the episode Biology 101, Abed becomes a fan of a show called Inspector Spacetime (an obvious parody of Doctor Who). Though it appeared for only half a minute, it inspired Community fans to construct an elaborate history for the fake show, even giving Spacetime its own tropes page.
  210. Abed's Catch Phrase.
  211. Any time Britta Britta's something
  212. Britta's ex-boyfriend Vaughn performs this song (with Pierce on the keyboard) to humiliate her after she showed Jeff a poem Vaughn wrote
  213. Vaughn and Pierce had a falling out, this song is the result
  214. It was the fictitious band's (and by extension, David Cassidy's) only major hit outside the show
  215. The rear of their bus has a painted on roadsign with this message, with each word originally in descending order from top to bottom.
  216. Fez has an epic Sweet Tooth, and says this phrase upon being given an apple while trick or treating in his first Halloween in the USA.
  217. Elizabeth Berkley's character is addicted to "diet pills".
  218. Ralph Kramden would always say this to his wife Alice at the end of every episode
  219. Ralph uses this onomatopoeia, along with a vigorous fist swing at nothing, to indicate that someday he will punch Alice to the moon. It's worth noting that not once did he ever lay a hand on her in anger.
  220. Behind the Music, VH-1's show about our favorite artists being naughty.
  221. Often says this about his (initialy) more violent approach to solving crimes, etc.
  222. Often used when referring to first-degree murder.
  223. Bronson Pinchot's character, an impatient businessman, gets extremely upset that his flight to an "important business meeting" is going to be delayed to stop at a small airport. His yelling scares one of the young girls on the plane, but he doesn't care. (Note the extra emphasis on "little GIRL?!")
  224. This one's said in the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the show, the language's translation of "Onore Juspion (Damn You, Juspion)!"
  225. This guy's infamous infatuation with Ancient Astronauts became a rich source of hilarity once the interwebs got hold of it.
  226. a Austin and Ally Tumblr that showcases their herpy-derpy facial expressions.
  227. An early episode of B5 featured a Zima sign in the background, hung up by a memebr of the production crew as a joke. J. Michael Straczynski, after learning about it, joked that he wanted to bring the guy from the Zima commercials onto the show so that he could be beaten to death by a gang of angry Narn with baseball bats. Ever since then, the Narn Bat Squad beat netizens senseless as rightful punishment for Incredibly Lame Puns.
  228. Cyberbullying victim Taylor tries to commit suicide through an overdose, but has trouble getting the childproof cap off. She's then put in a hospital, and placed on a suicide watch.
  229. Beginning in the 1970s and largely phased out by the late-1980s/early-1990s, sitcoms that were made during this time would often announce this to the viewers to let them know that the shows weren't being done live--something that it itself had been phased out by the early 1970s--or to indicate that a Laugh Track wasn't being used. It usually happened just before or during the credits, but sometimes also happened at the beginning of an episode, whether it was the Cold Opening, or the beginning of the episode itself.