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Cartoons aren't just for kids...but it's just as easy for them to spawn catchphrases that'll become popular with the kids.

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Cartoons with so many memes that they have their own pages

Fife: Wow! Will you look at that!
Forte: Well, I think I might. I'll just pick myself up and... oh! What's this? Oh heavens look... I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!

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  1. Like this.
  2. Toots' catchphrase
  3. Somehow, Mega Man was able to identify Gutsman in a disguise simply by seeing his rear through a tear in the costume. Mutated to the point where Gutsman's Ass is everywhere.
  4. Much like the film, Bison and his endless reservoir of ham is highly popular, this line being the most commonly quoted.
  5. More hammy awesome courtesy of Bison.
  6. A popular piece of Narm.
  7. The line the narrator would say Once an Episode at the end, prone to many variations depending on the circumstances.
  8. Another Once an Episode line by the narrator, this one at the beginning of the episode.
  9. Mojo Jojo's method of speech is commonly imitated and/or parodied for any situation.
  10. The Once an Episode mantra used to summon Captain Planet. Prone to many variations and parodies.
  11. Ma-Ti's uselessness compared to the other Planeteers is legendary, to the point of being a Trope Namer.
  12. The series was hardly devoid of Narm, but its hysterical portrayal of one Adolf Hitler surpasses them all.
  13. A HIV positive kid's assessment in a Clueless Aesop episode.
  14. This song, and indeed any line from it, is probably more well known than the film itself, especially since someone made a popular Fan Vid of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with it.
  15. The inevitable reaction from all of the kids, simultaneously, after Carlos had made a series of puns about whatever the subject of the episode was. Happened every episode.
  16. Arnold's inevitable reaction to Ms. Frizzel announcing that the class was going to take a field trip.
  17. Dorothy-Anne's catch phrase.
  18. Ms. Frizzle, when something came up in class that the kids either didn't believe or didn't understand. Marked the end of the set-up and the beginning of the episode's adventure.
  19. Arnold again, as the field trip starts, followed by:
  20. a unison response from the rest of the kids.
  21. Phoebe, who was a transfer student and was almost as nonplussed by the field trips as Arnold. Just differently.
  22. Finn and Jake's simultaneous Catch Phrase and Title Drop. Prone to variations.
  23. The song that narrates Finn and Jake's quest to find a new place to live after Marceline forcibly evicts them.
  24. Marceline's excuse for her her behaviour.
  25. One of Prince Gumball's lines from the genderbent episode preview. It was perceived rather suggestively.
  26. Baby Finn singing in "Memory of a Memory."
  27. Absolutely anything to do with Cheese is basically an instant meme.
  28. An Overly Long Gag involving a bored Bloo and a weather forecast.
  29. An old 90's Cartoon Network commercial.
  30. An early Adult Swim bump.
  31. except Apache Chief
  32. This one works on many levels. Apache Chief's power is to grow very large when a normal-sized superhero just won't do. That he's a Token Minority makes it even funnier. And since he wears a loincloth, if you Did Not Do the Research, you'd think you could see his member.
  33. Gaston's (woefully inaccurate) Villain Song claims he is the best at everything, and for some reason someone decided it was actually true. Cue this snowclone meme.
  34. From the "Korean-animated" ending to an episode.
  35. Used in three different episodes. The series only had six episodes total. You do the math.
  36. Superman's Trope Naming World of Cardboard Speech became the standard by which all other characters are judged when they finally decide to bring the hurt.
  37. Flash, in Luthor's body, makes a terrible villain.
  38. The Question is essentially one colossal walking meme.
  39. Dr. Weird, aside from being the resident Ensemble Darkhorse of the series, is an endless Fountain of Memes with a new one almost every episode, his Catch Phrase being the most popular.
  40. One running gag on the show was Babs Bunny & Buster Bunny following their self-introductions by saying "No relation". The line gets used for Similarly Named Works or characters, among other things.
  41. One of the segments involved a giant, non-anthromorphic chicken posing in various roles with only one character noticing.
  42. The sole purpose of Hello Nurse (seriously, that's her name) was to be oggled and desired by nearly every male on the planet, complete with this line. How this managed to get past the censors, we may never know.
  43. The series' affection for Spoof Aesops was no more present than the Wheel or Morality segment.
  44. The Nations of the World song is famous for being addictive and educational.
  45. Sometimes even the Animaniacs' affection for Getting Crap Past the Radar had its limits, prompting this line.
  46. Slappy Squirrel's Catch Phrase.
  47. Being an elderly Animated Actor, Slappy frequently compares injured enemies to old Hollywood celebrities.
  48. Ren going mad is very common, as is him going mad with power, this scene epitomising his tendency.
  49. However, nowhere is his tendency illustrated in more detail than the appropriately titled episode "Space Madness".
  50. Ren always has encouraging words for Stimpy.
  51. Stimpy's favourite song is a highly addictive Madness Mantra.
  52. Eventually became an Ascended Meme in the movies.
  53. Used as a sarcastic response to Shocking Swerves (including especially bad ones, or those used by M. Night Shyamalan, whose likeness was used in the skit).
  54. Edna Mode does not put capes in her outfits.
  55. It's interesting that the most popular part of a film about taking responsibility and accepting your duties is a song about avoiding duty and responsibility.
  56. Pooh's Catch Phrase.
  57. Being "a bear of very little brain", Pooh verbally turns on his mind this way.
  58. Eeyore giving a bit of gratitude that someone bothers to acknowledge his existence.
  59. Much like Dr. Weird and Cheese, GIR's very existence is a meme.
  60. Zim's attempts to scare Dib are... less than impressive.
  61. Crocker (correctly) blames everything on Fairy Godparents.
  62. Internet: when you're too lazy for a better lie.
  63. The climax of an ancient horror fic starring Tito that was spread around through imageboards.
  64. Appliances in the Flintstones world are living creatures. On occasion, one of them explains why the hell they put up with it using this line.
  65. Regardless of what they were doing, the dogs would be distracted even by the possibility of squirrels, and they have become one of the default items of distraction.
  66. Po's line when implementing his Finishing Move.
  67. Oogway's repeated line.
  68. Po's woefully inaccurate dream, with himself as aforementioned legendary warrior.
  69. The mantra of a trio of sharks that attempt to not eat fish. (Dolphins are, however, fair game.)
  70. Dory finds a pet.
  71. Dory's mantra for life.
  72. Buzz's Catch Phrase. Initially used to indicate his delusion, then becomes genuinely heroic in both the film(s) and the Defictionalization series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  73. Woody attempts to break Buzz's delusion after being pushed well past the brink of tolerance. It doesn't work...
  74. Woody gives Sid a lesson he will never forget.
  75. Buzz gives Woody this wonderful Ironic Echo near the end of the first film.
  76. Not only do the films avert the dreaded Disney Sequelitis, but in many ways they are better than the original.
  77. If not better in general, then at the very least each film surpasses the previous one in sheer soul-destroying ability.
  78. A famous, often traced image macro using a screencap of Toy Story 2 where Woody is looking on worriedly and Buzz has his arm around his shoulder and the other spread out.
  79. Every episode would begin with this well-known conversation.
  80. The opening theme song.
  81. Under no circumstances are the two pondering the same thing; Pinky's thoughts often involve bizarre sets of Noodle Implements. The conversation is prone to many variations.
  82. Probably the best song in a film filled with fantastic songs.
  83. Genie's resentment of his situation, and an essential part of the finale.
  84. Touché Turtle's Catch Phrase when he springs into action
  85. The magic words Winsome Witch uses, when she tries to cast magic spells. A seemingly obvious parody of "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
  86. The opening theme song.
  87. Flapjack always wants adventure.
  88. The spectacularly hammy narration that Aku provides at he beginning of each episode.
  89. A flashback episode revealed that when the fragment of Ultimate Evil that became Aku crashed to Earth, it resulted in the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, leading to this.
  90. Aku, in an attempt at propaganda, tells an assembled group of children obviously fabricated stories involving an evil samurai committing evil deeds in the name of evil, this line summarising his laughable ineptitude.
  91. One episode had Jack learn to jump good.
  92. In other words, Vince in high-heels
  93. Miss Grotke's second to last line of dialog in the series
  94. the plan to steal the moon scene, spawning the widespread "Gru's Plan" exploitable 4-panel sequence
  95. From "Angelica Breaks A Leg", Angelica takes the hospitality of the Pickles to the breaking point for Stu. Oh, as for the pudding? She wasn't hungry anymore. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!"
  96. An opening theme song and easy dismissal of Fridge Logic in one package.
  97. The Catch Phrase of Cow's superhero persona, Super Cow.
  98. The first line said by the character only known as The Red Guy in all of his appearances.
  99. When Sherman High is attacked my a goop monster, the only thing that can destroy it is a certain soundwave, and you could get it sent to your phone by texting 1279. Ilana, being the person she is spread the information with lots of Narm and hammy goodness, and even started a battle hymn before Lance could stop her. It's considered a meme mostly because it's a slogan for the "Save Titan" movement.
  100. Before Lance's father was shown, everyone pretty much agreed that it had to be Chuck Norris
  101. No matter how many people Lance kills, no matter how many guards he knocks out, and no matter how many buildings he hops across, Everyone will always point out his womanly looks and be as sarcastic as they please.
  102. On the "Save Titan" Facebook page, taco's are a great reward.
  103. The RP affiliated with the previously mentioned "Help Sym-Bionic Titan Get a New Season" page often uses Meat knocking on your windows as a threat. Originated from the "series finale" where Meat knocks on the windows.
  104. Again, originated from the facebook page. The intern that may or may not exist is often referenced, either being tired of deleting spam about Sym-Bionic Titan, or warning his bosses that they won't go away. The interns stand changes depending on the nature of the post, and whose posting it, but the intern is the one managing the page, and he's the one getting the complaints.
  105. Newton is Not Distracted by the Sexy during the Booty Quake It scene. Often used when trying to hide something, change the subject, or when something sexual is brought up.
  106. A typo on the Save Sym-bionic Titan group's chat has...caught on, so aside from Taco's and Taco points, one will get a "hogfive" if they say something amazing on the chat.
  107. A person playing as Soloman, or Soloman himself randomly popping up in a conversation. You have to type the meme in all caps with exclamation points when this happens.
  108. A comic by Saiya-Story on deviant art explained what REALLY happened when Lance saw Ilana naked...
  109. Griffin is not a character in the show. He's a fan who tried out for the Abridges series. He now has his own Facebook Page dedicated to his voice, a greyscale cool guy representation, and a fangirl posse.
  110. There isn't one. Seriously.
  111. An RP run wild, Kristin (the goth chick) has somehow become Little Lance's mother. Todd (the gay guy) then jumps in implying he wants to be the kids father. Now whether or not he wants to be his Daddy or hids Daddy completely depends on what day it is, and whether or not Kristin's present.
  112. A running gag between Ilanca shippers who don't approve of Jason and Ilana's relationship.
  113. Probably the most simple of all the explanations for Titan memes- Lance ate one.
  114. Most of the time Grouchy Smurf only speaks when he says he hates something.
  115. The personal theme song of the three Wart Mongers who constantly hunt the Pussywillow Pixies.
  116. The only thing Slop ever says outside of his part in their song
  117. The "ghost-monsters" (called by this specific name in the show) whenever Pac-Man eats a power pellet. This one is specific to the TV show.
  118. Pac-Man says this to his dog, Chomp-Chomp, to explain to him what a wrench looks like, as Chomp-Chomp mistakenly fetched him his hammer just now. This one is also specific to the TV show.
  119. Whenever his name is mentioned, he kidnaps the speaker before they can finish their sentence. Now becoming widely Discredited Meme.
  120. Candle Jack's "Catch Phrase." He always needs more rope to bind his victims.
  121. Note that some of these cross over with the games
  122. Who edits All The Tropes just like the rest of us...
  123. Evil the Cat's general catchphrase
  124. ...and his "life partner" Monkey Professor-For-a-Head
  125. Commander Feral's usual response to the Swat Kats trying to take on the Monster of the Week.
  126. Feral's response to the Enforcers getting their butts kicked by the monster of the week. Sometimes he'll go so far as to ask for "more chopper back-up".
  127. His general catchphrase