Metro 2033 (video game)/Nightmare Fuel

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One of the many abominations that threaten Artyom and mankind as the Metro inhabitants know it...

This is your source for all the horrific moments to be found in Metro 2033, but not for its sequel Metro: Last Light. THQ's fledgling Cash Cow Franchise based on the Russian novel runs on horror, what with all the dark atmosphere, human potential for cruelty, the threat of human extinction, Mind Rape and, of course, those horrible mutants...

  • The whole premise of a nuclear apocalypse driving people underground only to be hunted down like prey by the grotesque creatures that lurk in the tunnel.
    • And there is implications that they are all that is left of humanity. Tens of thousands of human beings, population dropping one a day to ravenous mutants.
      • The Expanded Universe says no. Starting from a short novel by Glukhovsky himself, set in the rural Russian Far East, to several authorized novels by different authors that are much Lighter and Softer.
  • Perhaps even more terrifying is the fact that the people within Moscow's metro still engage in warfare and all of the behavior that drove them there in the first place. Makes you wonder if mankind will ever learn from its mistakes...
  • Don't forget the visions Artyom faces! Sure, the Dark Ones want peace, a la the ELS from Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer. But what they do to the player borderlines, no, is Mind Rape in the most disturbing way possible.
  • The Librarian mutants, no thanks to their horrifying appearance and them having the strength to kill you in a few blows. Those monstrosities give Mr. Face a run for his money, which is really saying something.
  • The Lurker mutants are no slouches in this department either. If you fall down into their burrows, the last thing you'll hear is the sound of those pink mutants eating you alive. Sweet dreams!
  • And if those two monstrosities weren't enough, we got the Watchers that appear on the surface. Fighting them isn't that bad, but their howls in the middle of the radiated wasteland... Yeah, this troper still shivers whenever he hears that horrible cry while playing the game.
  • There's a reason why the locals from the Riga station don't visit Nikki to fulfill their desires. She's sexy, yes, but if you pay her, a large man will pop out of nowhere and give you a sucker punch. Next thing you know, all your money is gone.
  • In the Lost Catacombs level, Artyom and Khan run into a large room while escaping some mutants. You should have known something was wrong when the mutants refused to enter the room. Or when you noticed the room was littered with dead bodies who have not been looted.
  • Voices in the pipes. Don't listen for too long though. Seriously, don't.
    • Why? what's so wrong about laughing childre-OHMYGODWHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT!?!
  • Two-headed skeleton in D-6. Fresh one.
  • Biomass.
    • In the book: intelligent Biomass.
    • ...and then you think about it some more, and come to realize that the Biomass in-game is also rather intelligent as well. After all, it is smart enough to attack the reactor control room in order to stop the control rods from being raised (and therefore depriving it of power).
  • Human opponents have long and disturbing death cries. A sound of people coughing up their organs after a home-made black powder pipe-bomb goes off inside the bonfire they were sitting around and fills them up with shrapnel is unsettling.
  • Speaking of which, we have the new trailer for Metro: Last Light showing how the nuclear apocalypse began in Moscow and how Artyom (as an infant) was taken into the metro in the first place. Good luck getting sleep after watching the chaos and hearing the screams.

  • The book is full of them too. Glukhovsky has a good way of setting the mood and making use of Nothing Is Scarier.