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  • What he looked like in his latter years, never mind what the large number of oxygen tanks found in his apartment after his death might've been used for.
  • The famous "Thriller" video, a send-up of 1950's horror films, which features him transforming into both a were-cat and a zombie (the former on-screen and quite detailed, what with the video being directed by John Landis), and ends with Jackson turning to face the camera with yellow cat eyes and a Slasher Smile in the final scene. And if those examples don't creep you out, then Vincent Price's cackling at the very end certainly will!
  • His music video to "Leave Me Alone" is so surreal that it can be frightening for very young children who don't know what's going on.
  • The music video to "Ghosts" had some scary moments as well.
  • Jackson's plastic surgery became creepier and more grotesque every year.
  • The very idea that an adult man who lives alone in a large mansion invites little children to come and play with him and spend the night in his house is very disturbing to some people.