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  • In the movie, after making Mariemaia experience fear for the first time, thus making her understand the pain she's caused, Heero stands before her and raises his weapon.

Mariemaia (tearing up): Relena, I was mistaken...I'm so...sorry!
Relena: Mariemaia.
Heero: I'll relieve you of your pain.
Mariemaia: I thank you.
Relena: Heero?
Heero fires his weapon. It's empty.
Heero: I've killed Mariemaia. I will never kill anyone ever again. I...I don't have to anymore.

  • At the end of the movie, seeing each of the pilots move on from being a soldier to something that they can enjoy in a world of peace:
    • Trowa returns to the circus, where his sister is waiting for him excitedly.
    • Duo and Hilde open a store together.
    • Quatre is reunited with the Maganac Corps
    • Wufei and Sally are working as Preventers, to maintain the peace
    • Zechs and Noin are working on a terraforming project
    • Relena resumes her government post
    • Herro becomes her bodyguard