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Using friendship to gain help from a Mon.

A Sub-Trope of Mon series and stories, a Mon Machine is a magical or technological device that can interact with a Mon in a variety of different ways. Most frequently this is establishing the initial bond between the Mon and its owner/user. However, a Mon Machine can instead provide support or enhancement for an already-bonded creature. In rare cases, they can give their user one or more superpower(s) instead of the Mon -- and in these cases, this can result in All Your Powers Combined or even a Yin-Yang Bomb.

Unsurprisingly, Mon Machines are usually Toyetic and make for excellent merch, especially since they will almost always be mandatory cosplay props.

Not to be confused with an ungrammatical Parisian's claim to own a device.

Examples of Mon Machine include:

Anime and Manga

  • Pokémon has its various types of Poké Balls, which are spherical capsules that Trainers use to capture and (usually) befriend wild Pokémon.
    • Burst Hearts, from Pokémon ReBurst, are crystals that contain a Pokémon that can fuse with a human through a technique called Burst. The Burst technique allows the user to gain the same powers and immunities of the creature within the jewel. Much like a Poké Ball, they can store a pocket monster but are not made for release later.
  • The Digimon franchise has various Digivices that carry the function of empowering a Tamer's Digimon partner through Digivolution.
    • The Digivice 01 from Digimon Adventure V-tamer 01 acts as an analyzer, can transmit data of food and medicinal herbs; with two 'hits' each, they can have two Digimon DNA Digivolutions.
    • Digimon Adventure Digivices draw from the emotional energy of their Tamers to Digivolve their respective partners. Higher stages of Digivolution can be accessed when used in unison with a Crest; the Digivices can also track the signal of other Digivices, purify Digimon under the influence of the Black Gears' corruption, travel between the Digital World and the real one, and come with a built-in clock.
    • The D3 from Digimon Adventure 02 was created in order to circumvent the Digimon Emperor's inhibition of Digivolution by working in tandem with D-Terminals, which stores Digi-Eggs (or Digimentals) for Armor Evolutions. They are also capable of DNA Digivolution when used with another Tamer's D3, and can also open a gateway called Digi-Ports to bypass the barrier created by the Crests.
    • The D-Powers of Digimon Tamers were created when a Blue Card swipes a card reader or given to Tamers by DigiGnomes. The tool can Digi-Modify by swiping a card swiped from the Digimon card game in order to give their partners temporary customization. A D-Power can Digivolve a Digimon to Champion level from exposure to Calumon's power or a Digivolution Card; further evolution is made by swiping a Blue Card to reach Ultimate, which can later fuse with their Digimon in order to reach Mega. It can also analyze nearby Digimon while also carrying a radar function.
    • The Data Link Digivice, from Digimon Data Squad, is used to by their Tamer can use their D.N.A (Digimon Natural Ability) Charge into Champion and Ultimate by D.N.A. Full Charge. It can also store and release the partner Digimon at the command of the Tamer.
    • Fusion Loader (Xros Loader in the Japanese version), from Digimon Fusion, is a device that allows a human to DigiFuse Digimon. It takes two or more Digimon to Digifuse which takes the main Digimon into a new form like a body part or weapon. It can also store multiple units of Digimon and can use DigiMemories, which uses a move from a legendary digital monster.
      • App Drive, from Digimon Universe, are devices given to chosen humans and connect them with a Buddy Appmon. Their main ability is Apprealize that can materialize an Appmon by inserting their Appmon Chip. It can also have two Appmons to either perform an Applink or App Fusion. Applink take two incompatible Appmon to gain combined strength. App Fusion takes two compatible Appmon to make a higher-level monster. They can also allow their user to perform a function related to their Buddy's attack.
  • DiaDhank, from Yu-Gi-Oh!, that resembles the Duel Disks that are used in ancient Egypt to summon Ka (spirit monsters). It uses the user's Ba (Life Force) from stone tablets and controls them. Only three can be controlled at once while the Wdjat Eye acts as a meter for the person's Ba.
    • Capsule Shooters, from Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters, are devices made to launch Capsule Monsters within capsules. The user who summons them takes damage from the summoned monster.
  • Yo-Kai Watches, from Yo-Kai Watch, that it is a watch that allows humans to see and communicate with Yo-Kai. It can also summon a Yo-Kai by slotting in their respective Yo-Kai Medals.
  • Spellbooks, from Zatch Bell!, are books that each Mamodo has in order to participate in the Mamodo Battle to determine the Mamodo King. Each book has a unique color along with spells unique to the Mamodo. It requires a human is compatible with the Mamodo to read a spell. The human partner needs to use their heart energy in order to power the spells. New spells can be gained through maturation or awakening towards the strong emotions of the Mamodo.
  • Metal Vessels, from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, are objects that store a Djinn. Any object can become a Metal Vessel when a Dungeon Capturer captures a Dungeon. They can come in the form of weapons, accessories, jewelry, or any other random object the person has on them. The items have an 8 pointed star surrounded by a circle. Users of such objects are also as a King Vessel, who can be chosen by a Magi to be the next Solomon. They grant the user power in two forms called Djinn Weapon Equip and Djinn Equip. Djinn Weapon Equip is a for those who cannot person Djinn Equip or want to use the weapon compared to the abundance of power from the other. Djinn Equip changes the user's appearance that matches their Djinn's while also having access to higher powers related to magical being. Using either can give access to power based on one of the 8 types of Magic.
  • Medawatches, from Medabots, are used by Medafighter to give commands to their Medabots. They can also store Medals, transport their Medabot from another location, customize Medabots' Medaparts, and can tell time.
  • Talispods, from Legendz, are used by a Saga to interact with Legendz. The main function is summoning a Legendz from a Soul Doll. The other is being able to feed, train, and love them while not in battle.
  • Disks, from Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, are capture devices made to capture Supervillains. Loki and his allies misuse them to capture all the Superheroes while using the Supervillains. Each comes in five different colors that represent an attribute as a hero or villain. A Biocode is needed to be installed into a person to capture and release the person. Biocodes and Disks uses colors of red, blue, yellow, and purple along with a respective attribute. The colors and attribute listed here:
    • Tech is red and store for tech-based heroes and villains
    • Fight is blue and stores heroes and villains that use martial skill and physical attacks
    • Animal is yellow and stores heroes and villains with animal-based powers
    • Energy is purple and stores heroes and villains with energy or mystical based powers
    • Power is green and stores heroes and villains who possess a vast super strength
  • Manacles from Spider Riders are talismans used by the Spirit Oracle to help humans protect the land by bonding with a Battle Spider. It can store the spider to a pocket dimension called Manacle Space which is comfortable to them. It can also communicate with others that have manacles. The Spider Rider can also use it to transform into battle armor along with a weapon.
  • Core Deck Cases from Future Card Buddyfight are special deck cases giving to people when they become Buddies with a monster (usually a Buddy Rare monster). They can activate into a Core Gadget that takes the shape of an object the reflects their owner's dream, hope, or ambition. A person can Lumenize their deck cases to have a Buddyfight with another person with a Core Deck Case but can't use the powers of their Buddy on Earth. They can also use a Buddy Skill, where a person can use their Buddy's abilities. Certain people can use a power called Future Force that brings the power of the cards into reality.
    • Dark Core Deck Cases can give people the power of Disaster Force. This type of deck case can make people more malevolent if they can't control its powers. Most users become more sinister and negative under their use. It can also be used to possess others and corrupts them.
    • Neo Deck Cases are used by Buddy Police Officers and are red, much like standard cases the use Future Force. These models are used to withstand the power of Yamigedo thus will malfunction or get damaged.

Live-Action TV

  • Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight both have Advent Decks which allow a Rider to make a contract with a Mirror Monster with a blank Contract Card. They can contract a monster to gain better cards that can summon different weapons and powers. If destroyed, the former Rider loses control of the monster, and they are susceptible to the appetite of the Mirror Monsters.
    • Lockseeds from Kamen Rider Gaim can summon Inves to battle, usually in the Inves Games. They are summoned in a virtual state unless summoned by an Armored Rider, or that has been jailbroken.

Video Games

  • In the same vein as the anime, Pokémon video games use the Poké Balls for the same purpose, with different types usually impacting catch rates in some manner. The Luxury Ball is particularly noteworthy for raising the friendship level of the Pokemon it was used to catch a faster rate compared to other Poké Balls.
    • Capture Stylers (as pictured above) from the Pokémon Ranger spin-off are used by Pokemon Rangers to temporarily gain assistance from wild Pokemon by guiding the Capture Disc. The Disc trails a beam that tames the wild Pokemon, either to clear an environmental obstacle or to lend its elemental power to help tame another Pokémon.
    • A Key Stone and a Mega Stone, from X and Y, are used together for Mega Evolution, which allows certain species of Pokémon to assume a stronger form when the Mega Stone they are holding resonates with the Key Stone that their Trainer has. Most accessories that have the Key Stone embedded are a form of jewelry with the name 'Mega'. (e.g. Mega Ring, Mega Glove, Mega Charm, etc.)
    • The Z-Ring from Sun and Moon allows Trainers and their Pokemon to gather Z-Power and use Z-Moves. The bracelet is made by refining a Sparkling Stone, and the user can slot in a Z-Crystal along with others is not in use. It's also capable of inducing Mega Evolution when a Key Stone is inserted, much like a Mega Ring.
    • A Dynamax Band from Sword and Shield allows a Trainer to Dynamax their Pokemon and be able to use Max Moves. A Dynamax Band needs a Wishing Star to absorb energy for a Pokemon to Dynamax.
  • The Legatus, from Astral Chain, is the device that connects a Neuron Officer, a member of an elite police task force, and a Legion, which is a Chimera that has been turned into a living weapon. It works by mentally links them to fight together in unison by binding them with a chain composed of energy. Neuron Officers generally use the Legion to ward off extradimensional threats caused by the Chimeras in addition to regular policing. And it's said that having a strong bond with your Legion makes it more obedient...or less likely to kill you out of revenge.
  • A COMP from Shin Megami Tensei carries the Demon Summoning Program designed by Stephen. The portable computer allows the protagonist to communicate with, contract, and summon demons.
    • COMPS in Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine can come in different forms such as gloves, glasses, rings, PDA, and knuckle guards.
    • Gauntlets, from Shin Megami Tensei V, are devices that are used to determine if a person can become a Samurai or not during a ceremony called the Gauntlet Rite. They come with an AI called Burroughs and other features. Burroughs helps guide her user by showing demon data, navigation, and can be used to interact with demons. The gauntlet is used for contracting, fusion, making backups, and even learn skills from such creatures.
      • Smartphones in the same setting use apps for Hunters to use for interaction with demons to slay them.
    • COMPs (short for Communication Players) from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, which bears a resemblance to a Nintendo DS (or Nintendo 3DS in the remake). Advertised as a gaming console where web browsing, email, and international online gaming is possible. Thanks to the Demon Summoning Program developed by the protagonist's cousin is used to survive the Tokyo Lockdown. It also carries the secondary program called the Harmonizer which make attacks from Human effective against demons while decreasing damage. When first initiated, a demon will emerge with strength equal to the user. Demons can be obtained through an online auction by using Macca. If the power of the COMP runs out or broken, then the demon contract is nulled, and the Harmonizer off leaves a vulnerability to the monsters.
    • The DEMONICA (short for DEMOuntable Next Integrated Capability Armor), from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, is a form of adaptive Power Armor that's been equipped with the Demon Summoning Program. The armor's aptitude bases on the user's personality and improves performance through combat. It is made to survive the environment of the Schwarwelt and carries different functions such as detecting invisible enemies and doors. While also being able to do what other devices in the series can do, it can also use Sub-Apps. These are programs with different functions such as changing awards from battle, summoned demon's skill growth, and can detect different map details.
      • Devil Risers, from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children, are gun-shaped computers used for carrying and summon demons. There is also the laptop-like device called Vinecoms that can hold demons for extra storage while also carrying information on them. There is also King Risers, which are used as a second Devil Riser for summoning stronger demons than a Devil Riser could.
  • PETs (PErsonal Terminals), from Megaman Battle Network, are portable electronic devices that store AI programs called NetNavis. Each PET can be used to jack in their NetNavis, allows NetNavis to communicate with their NetOp, talk with other NetOps, and slot in Battle Chips to help NetNavis fight viruses or other NetNavis. The sequels have new models for each new sequel that is smaller, sleeker, and simple interactivity for NetOps.
    • Transers, from Mega Man Star Force, are arm-mounted devices that are the main form of communication for people in the setting. One major function is creating a Brother Band by making a person their Brother and allow them to know their secret. They can also directly attack EM Viruses through using Battle Cards. Another function not intended but still used is called EM Wave Change. Em Wave Change is achieved by having an EM Wave Being (such as FMians or AMians) within it and a compatible human fusing with the energy being to become an EM Wave Human.
      • Star Carriers are the new mobile devices that succeed Transers. They carry much of the same functions but have some upgrades like a TV Phone. Another one would be Matter Waves, which materialized objects from EM Waves such as skis and even vehicles at the command of a user.
      • Hunter-VG is the next form of technology that has upgraded features where it can store EM Wave Beings known as Wizards. It has the same features from the other devices in the series except for how Wizards can be used. There is a function called a Wizard Slot that can take in a Wizard Adapter to install a Wizard into the machine. Wizards can be used to Pulse-In devices or the Wave World while also being able to combat viruses. Other EM Wave beings can also become Wizards once they are installed with the data. It also carries the feature of Transcoding, which allows the user to Wave Change by saying their Transcode and codename.
  • D-Shots, from the Telefang, series are cellphones used by T-Fangers in order to literally call Denjuus from a phone number. These devices can allow humans to enter the Denjuu World through an Antenna Tree. They can keep track of the numbers of Denjuus, which are used to summon them and will take time based on the current location.
  • Kinship Stones from Monster Hunter Stories allow Riders to connect with monsters. They bond with a monster when they are an egg and hatch when the Rider wishes to bond with one. Monsters that are bonded to Riders are stronger than the more wild members of their species.
  • Prizmods, from Spectrobes, is a device used to summon, contain, and manage Spectrobes, an extinct species originated in Nanairo Galaxy. The machine can store fossils and summon Spectrobes into battle against the Krawl. An Incubator is needed to revive a Spectrobe from fossils and fed Minerals to grow and get stronger.
    • The Cosmolink, from Spectrobes: Origins, are used wherein the Kaio Systems a Spectrobes Master needs to use with a bond another person to power. It functions much like the Prizmod, but the 'co-master' can also interact with the Spectrobes. It also has a weapon module for the two people to uses such as swords, axes, lances, and blasters.
  • Scout Rings from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker carry a jewel of Baryon used by Monster Scouts. It can fill tamed monsters with a power to tame wild monsters to join their party.

Western Animation

  • Battleclaws from BattleClaw are energy grappling claws used in a sport called... Battleclaw. They are used to capture creatures based on the Wu Xing elements called Jinlins, and can combine two of them into a dual-elemental monster to battle other players.
  • Duel Gauntlets from Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, are gauntlets used by Duel Masters. They channel mana from the user to summon a Creature or cast a spell.
  • Blasters from Slugterra are gun-like machines that can launch Slugs. It uses the energy from Slugs, and when it launches them at 100 mph, it can transform into a more powerful version of itself.
  • Huntik: Secrets & Seekers has amulets, which contain Titans and come in the form of jewelry. A Seeker can summon a Titan once they have bonded with it. Depending on the personality of the Seeker, they can be summoned easily or longer based on the bond made between the two.
  • Cores from Monsuno are cylinder-shaped devices that can take Monsuno Essence and turns them into the titular creatures. When thrown, they can release a Monsuno and show their status until they go back into their Core.
  • Glitch Tech Gauntlets from Glitch Techs has many different weapons abilities to their user but can also be used to store and summon a pet if it got the proper upgrade.