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Show lot of things happenin' at once
Remind everyone what's goin' on.
And with every shot show a little improvement
To show it all would take too long.
That's called a montage!
Ooh, we wanna montage!


AVC: In the film your character goes from being a spectacular failure to a huge success more or less over the course of a montage sequence.
Simon Pegg: God bless the montage. [Laughs.]

The AV Club interview.

A montage (literally "putting together") is a form consisting of a series of short shots which are edited into a coherent sequence. Or at least coherence was intended.

Note that it takes more than a lack of dialogue and some overlaid music to be a montage. Montage is generally considered to be the opposite of Continuity Editing, so discontinuity is key. If the shots are short, but one flows into the next in real time, it's not a montage, it's just a tense scene.

Not to be confused with a Motif, although a motif may crop up here if a certain type of image is repeated. See also Scenes.

See: Category:Montages for sub-tropes.

No real life examples, please; Real Life does not have montages.

Examples of Montages include:


Live-Action TV

  • Arrested Development episode "Making a Stand" has two sequences which parody musical montages. In the first, the narrator complains that even with music over the top, the sequence of images wasn't funny; he says it would have been better with "Yellow Submarine", but they couldn't afford that. The second montage has similar complaints from the narrator and a cheaper song about a yellow boat.

Web Animation

Web Original

  • This Cracked article contains the outline for a quite a few.

Western Animation