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    Mother 4 is a fan game in the MOTHER series that is currently[when?] in production by Azure Studios. It started as a game made in RPG Maker, but was later moved to the Game Maker engine, and then to its own custom made engine in C++. The game, like other entries in the series, follows the tale of a young boy with a striped shirt and PSI powers. More information can be found here. It's probably coming out in mid-2012, but the creators refuse to release any information whatsoever about release dates.

    Tropes used in Mother 4 include:
    • Art Evolution: Compare the early screenshot of Travis on his porch to the more recent one.
    • Bookworm: Meryl.
    • Darker and Edgier: It's been stated that this game will be darker than Mother 3.
    • This troper can hardly believe that
    • Fan Sequel
    • In-Universe Game Clock: Time passes between day and night (if you so choose it) when staying in a hotel, with a number of different tasks and events available only at certain times of the day, or with specific character combinations.
    • Leitmotif: As in Mother 3, every one has their own battle sound effects. Unlike the 3rd game, they have their own level up jingles as well[1].
    • Original Flavour
    • Retraux
    • Slice of Life: Perhaps not to the extent of Persona 3 and 4, but emphasis is being placed on character relationships and interactivity with towns and cities beyond using them as a means to continue your adventure.
    • Spoiled Sweet: Meryl.
    • Variable Mix: Instead of a singular level up jingle like the other 3 Mother titles, every character will level up with their own leitmotif (Travis's is a retooled version of the original level up tune). These will seamlessly overlap with one another when two or more characters level simultaneously.
    1. see Variable Mix below