Murphy's Law (webcomic)

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Left-to-right: Matt and Radic.

Murphy's Law is a fan-comic based in the Giant in The Playground forums. In a similar vein to Anti-HEROES, it borrows from Burlew's style, but the characters are a touch elongated. Finds its muse from Order of the Stick; a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits gather together and have zany adventures, and get on each other's nerves.

The comic follows the adventures of Lloyd Zephyr, a Fighter/Paladin of Astrid with a mysterious past; Radic Quilla, a druid who knows marketing; Janine Nova, a Lovable Sex Maniac who's terrified of orcs; and Matthew Silver, a rogue with a horrible streak of bad luck. In time, two more party members came forth: Serrin Peakane, a hyperactive half-elf wizard, and Tinder, the dragon that they were supposed to kill on their first adventure together.

Tropes used in Murphy's Law (webcomic) include:

"If you break out into a song and dance number, I will beat you with your femur."

Matt: I'm a ROGUE, dammit! I'm supposed to be suave and sly and witty and likeable no matter who I pickpocket, NOT a loudmouth perverted moron!

Lloyd: But the Edict of Toleration-
Hobgoblin Leader: -Says that the Larian goverment cannot close down our shops, or kick us out of the country, or lynch us. I know. But it DOESN'T say anything about regular people doing those things!