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  • My-HiME is apparently an (un)intentional Les Yay subtext generator... Mikoto and Mai, especially. Haruka and Yukino get their moments, as do Those Two Girls, Chie and Aoi. In the Mai-Otome anime, the latter two pairs are essentially couples (if not canonically, then definitely in the eyes of the fandom).
    • One specific example: a conversation between Mikoto and Yukino near the mid-point of the anime suggests that their respective admirations for Mai and Haruka may be a little more than "just friendly". When Mikoto states that she likes Mai, and that she also "likes" Yukino, Yukino blushes and says, "No, that's not what I meant."
    • An example from the manga: early on, Yuuichi is forced into Innocent Cohabitation with Mai and Mikoto due to the boys' dorm suffering extensive damage from battle. One of the first warnings Mikoto gives him is to grab Mai's breasts from behind and angrily say: "These are MINE". It gets even more blatant when the two of them are sleeping, because, with Yuuichi in the room, There Is Only One Bed, and Mikoto is... shall we say, grabby, in her sleep. Funny thing is, it seems less of a romantic thing, and more of Mikoto being a really big fan of Marshmallow Hell.
      • Likewise, the interaction between Haruka and Yukino in the manga leaves very little to the imagination.
    • In the sound dramas, Shizuru gets the chance to size Mai for a bra, and apparently greatly enjoys doing so. Mai, according to Natsuki, despite shouting protests all through it, inwardly enjoys being felt up by Shizuru.

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