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  • In the movie, Erica walks out a bedroom at a high school party with her hair messed up, her glasses tilted sideways, and a guy leading her out.
  • The camera goes away from Erica and Rory in a truck by themselves in "Blood Drive" and when it comes back they are kissing and several minutes has gone by.
  • In the movie, when Ethan's Seer powers begin to onset, he asks his mother if she's ever seen things that weren't there. She thinks he's talking about drugs.
  • In Die Pod, Rory predicts that he will "interface with Erica".
  • On the violence side, the movie actually averts Nobody Can Die when Jesse and his gang attack a theater full of Innocent Bystanders and successfully kill about a dozen or so of them (and collecting their souls into a Soul Jar to boot!) before Ethan, Benny, and Sarah can fully stop them.
  • One of Jesse's minions says "Big Frakkin' Deal!" in the movie. Needless to say, he was a Battlestar Galactica fan.
  • Hell, the simple fact that a show airing on Disney Channel isn't adverse to showing blood whenever a vampire bites someone.
  • In the Web Game Humans Vs. Vampires, the White Chapel High sign has a letter spray painted over another to read "White Crapel High School."
  • In Die Pod, when Erica say that she doesn't want to be seen with Rory, he says, "Ah, an intimate date! I'm going to need candles..."
  • Blood Drive gives us this exchange:

Vampire Nurse: You have no idea what you're full of, do you? [1]

Ethan: Well Benny has a few ideas.

  1. She's referring to Ethan's blood.