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Equestria Daily

  • Recommended by Jayrad
  • Synopsis: The MLP: FiM fansite. In addition to other fanworks on the site, its archive of fanfics can be found here, or if that list hasn't been updated recently, the individual posts for each story can be found here. Every story is reviewed by pre-readers before being posted, so only good stories will be posted.


  • Recommended by Salnax 1
  • Synopsis: The other MLP fansite. This one focuses solely on fanfiction, and as a pure fanfiction site, has superior tools for finding great stories than Equestria Daily, though the selection is somewhat smaller. The two sites have a fairly close relationship though, so most of the best content is featured on both sites.

Equestrian Dawn Old Link

  • Recommended by Chibi Kibou
  • Synopsis: A MUSH-type roleplaying environment, based on the series-proper and keeping about as close to canon as one can with roleplay and whilst allowing original characters. Play is centered on Ponyville, but takes place in other areas, also.


  • Recommended by ladyofthelibrary.
  • Synopsis: This artist/author draws exclusively FiM art and most of it shipping related. There are three stories featuring his couples and their kids currently though one is still unfinished. The stories are very sweet and the fan kids are darling. His pairings are Lyra/Bon Bon, Twiluna, Discord/Celestia, Carameljack, Fluttermac, Braeburn/Pinkie Pie, Soarindash, Sparity, Scootabelle, Doctor Whooves/Derpy, Apple Bloom/OC, Diamond Tiara/Twist (though it's only a background) and several OC/OC pairings. If you have the time to browse, both the stories and artwork are wonderful. However there are some dark elements included in all three stories. The stories are called Tootsie Flute Makes Three, Spike the Werepony and Luna the Matchmaker (currently unfinished).

The Descendant (also known as TheDescendantofKehAn)

  • Recommended by Korodzik, guitarfan 01
  • An author with a rich and elaborate style, The Descendant sets his touching fics in a sort of a serious fantasy version of Equestria. The fics all figure, more or less, into an overarching plot, though each stands on its own as well. His stories are varied (from silly comedy through philosophical musings to dark fantasy), though mostly rather light-hearted (if not shying away from darker and mature topics). One can also spot some Christian philosophy in his fics if one cares to look.


Joel O. Cromwell A.K.A. Wheller

  • Recommended By: Mugen Kagemaru
  • Comments: There are no words for how epic this man's stories are. Seriously, just go read them. You might find Vinyl Scratch, or Surprise, or even The Doctor! But I can guarantee you will find epicness up the a$s!