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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic creates 20% more memes in ten seconds flat. For more information, check out Know Your Meme.

General Memes

  • " my hooves, on my head, in my saddlebags... in my mouth!" [3]
    • Scary butt fun![5]
  • Gyro Bowls.[6]
  • "SHOO BE DOO" [7]
  • Not so much a meme about the show as about the fandom: It's become something of a tradition among male fans to advertise their gender, age, and (sometimes) occupation in the comments section of the episodes posted on Youtube, often immediately followed by stating the name of a favorite pony or a general, "... and I love this show!"
    • A common variation is to comment on one of the earlier, but not the first ten, episodes, stating something along the lines of "why am I still watching this?".
  • I am gonna LOVE and TOLERATE the SHIT outta you.[8]
    • I can/can't clop to this.[11]
    • FiM is technically furry [12]
  • Thanks to the infamous "I watch it for the plot" image macro, "plot" has become a popular euphemism for pony rump.
    • Pony variations of the DAT ASS meme include DAT PLOT, DAT FLANK, and DAT CUTIE MARK.
    • Less popular, but this also makes "plot hole" a valid and stealthy insult.
    • And of course, it tends to be combined with Twilight Sparkle's Unfortunate Name, leading to jokes about Twilight having well developed plot etc.
  • Fans have copied the Hold Your Hippogriffs instances from the show, and created more of their own. In particular, it is almost required for "anypony", "everypony" and variants to be used amongst fans, even when not referring to the characters.
  • "My Little [X]" [13]
    • "Friendship Is [X]" / "[X] Is Magic".[14]
  • Thank Celestia for Lauren Faust [16]
  • "Can you do that? Can you explode twice?!" [17]
  • And then nothing sexual happened at all. The end.[18]
    • And then everything sexual happened. The end.[19]
  • Truth Flower [20]
  • "They know!" [21]
  • "Bedroom eyes", taking a screenshot while a character is blinking their eyes and catching them half-lidded. The result is an expression that looks coy when taken out of context (as the Internet is often eager to do).
    • The phrase had become memetic waaay before ponies, mind, but the nature of Flash animation's keyframing makes it particularly easy to abuse in this show.
  • A metric ton of reaction images on the whole, but most notably by far the ponyshrug. Began with an innocent Pinkie Pie, and quickly exploded. Ponyshrugs may now be found of nearly the entire cast, as well as of original characters, and even ponified versions of characters from other works.
  • A fancomic [dead link] that was made to look like an official German magazine comic has spawned a couple memes of its own:
  • "[X] IS NOW CANON" [24]
  • Tara Strong is best pony.[25]
  • Pony hell.[26]
  • "Veggie55 brought me here": more of a Real Life Running Gag than anything. With the end of Season 2, the Deviant ART artist Veggie55 has taken to making short comic strips based of scenes from popular tv shows like Father Ted and Family Guy. In the comments section for each, he usually links to the video, which leads to his legion of fans watching it, liking it, and getting the top rated comments, most of them referencing the comic (something which non-bronies would not understand). Exempli gratia.

Crossover Memes

Website Specific Memes

  • Two of Equestria Daily's most well-known moderators, Cereal Velocity and Sethisto, have a serious thing for unicorns. Cereal firmly believes that "Rarity is the best pony!", while Sethisto firmly believes that "Trixie is the best pony"! The unicorn-love extends to their newest blogger Phoe, who runs the Artist Training Grounds and seems to have a serious crush on Lyra Heartstrings. Pretty much every ATG day has at least a few drawings referencing her obsession with Lyra using that day's theme. And now we have this.
  • *cue happy theme song* [45]
  • Roboshi, Anchors, & yellowtdash are universal constants/fav'd this [46]
    • They are typically considered the Ponibooru "mascots", as they are the three most known members of ponibooru.
    • They have a tumblr which can be found here. [11]
    • Roboshi is credited with being the originator of faving whereas anchors is considered the fastest with a capped record of 2,000+ per day, Yellow is an artist who does the artwork behind the tumblr.
  • Faustpony loves her Subway sandwiches.[47]
    • And on that note..."Subway -- eat flesh."
      • It's not just Lauren; many other canon ponies have been shopped into similar fashions, as well.
  • Ask Tumblrs / "Ask [X]" / "[X] Answers" [48]
  • "MAKE IT HAPPEN" [51]
  • December 9 is National Child Violence Day! [52]
  • Nazi Ponies [53]
    • Speaking of Nazis, Rarity's line "I didn't know you could burn juice!" is frequently misheard as "I didn't know you could burn Jews!" (Which gets even more bizarre in light of the Jewish Rarity meme...)
  • Lilo~[54]

Youtube Memes

Character Memes

  • It seems that if anypony makes a goofy face on the show, fans will pounce on it. Aside from Derpy Hooves and her Fish Eyes in the first episode, "Applebuck Season" brings us Rainbow Dash's gushing kissy-face (along with the accompanying phrase "So awesome!" and the emoticon "/)^3^(\") and Applejack's various loopy sleep-deprived faces, along with her look of disgust when she mishears the "wheat germ" part of Pinkie Pie's muffin recipe as "wheat worms", and "The Best Night Ever" brings "Flutterage".
    • As of Season 2, there has been an abundance of Uncanny Valley-ish expressions whenever a pony's head is looking directly at the camera. Ponibooru calls it the FAIC.
  • [X] IS BEST PONY [70]
    • "Silly anon, that's not how you spell 'Pinkie Pie!'" [71]
      • Another response is "You misspelled Fluttershy."
  • A few image macros pop up with some of the characters looking at the viewer asking for 'hugs'. Sometimes it can work, when done right.
  • Ponies. In. Socks.[72]
    • Sweaters are the new socks.
    • Minty liked socks before they were cool.[73]
  • "Congratulations, X! You're the new Y!" [74]
  • Good morning, [X]! [76]
  • "Lock it under a rock, I'm sure it won't get out." [77]
    • Many fans exaggerate this by making it her go-to solution for anything she doesn't like.
  • [PONY] found a [VEHICLE] [78]
  • Colt versions.[79]
    • At least one Youtuber has taken it a step further, not only voice acting as the colts, but changing their dialog to be more male-specific (for example, Elusive designs suits instead of dresses and wants to find a princess rather than a prince charming, to which viewer reception varies). Think The Gender-Flip of Haruhi Suzumiya, only with ponies.
      • And this itself has spawned a VA project that seeks to voice the Genderswapped Mane Six to use as a live reading for the story "On A Cross And Arrow" which popularized the Male Cast. The casting call can be found here, the accepted voice list can be found here, a demo of the accepted voices can be heard here and the first episode here.
    • This has started slowly to spread to the other background ponies/characters. For example, Eris as a gender-bent Discord.
  • Spinning Turntable Ponies [80]
  • [X] Cannon/Bazooka/Launcher [81]
  • Wet manes.[83]
  • Baby ponies.[84]
  • Smooth Cheerilee / Spike Criminal [85]
  • Fluffy ponies [86]
    • Fluffle Puff [87]
    • Fluffy pony drowns [88]
      • Fluffy pony abuse [89]
      • Now, let it be known that such stories has caused a bit of Creator Backlash from Mixermike662, the creator of Fluffle Puff and the man who popularized the Fluffy Ponies concept to begin with. And by "Creator Backlash", I mean they caused him to disown the fandom.
  • Beep beep. I'm a cloud.[90]
  • "[CHARACTER NAME]licious" [91]
  • Ponytails.[92]

The Mane Six

Twlight Sparkle

(re: "Stare Master") "Dear Princess Celestia, I learned today that you do not f*ck with Fluttershy, ever. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."


Continued in Part Two

  1. Typically said whenever somebody reveals they enjoyed the show. Usually comes with the page pic.
  2. Usually accompanied by a screenshot of a scene in the first episode where Twilight Sparkle pours a bottle of what looks like a an alcoholic drink (but, unfortunately for her, was actually a bottle of hot sauce) into a goblet. They will also drive you to insomnia, worms, stalking, and/or bondage, among other things. The line itself came from an old Chuck Jones cartoon entitled "The Dover Boys".
  3. A piece of in-game dialogue [dead link] that came from one of The Hub's Browser Games called Adventures in Ponyville. The line seems innocent but when taken out of context could mean something else.
  4. A meme that doesn't directly relate to My Little Pony, but was inspired instead by a promo for the 2010 Pound Puppies series that used to play over the credits and featured a clip of Niblet the sheepdog saying "Secret, but fun!" Amusingly enough, the promo in question and the episode the clip was taken from both ended up on The Friendship Express DVD.
  5. An offshoot of this meme, inspired by Pipsqueak's line in "Luna Eclipse" about Nightmare Night being "scary, but fun". You'll notice they were /very/ careful about how they had him elocute the line.
  6. Thanks to a commercial that aired during the first season finale.
  7. Originated from the G1 My Little Pony song "Call Upon the Sea Ponies". A nonsensical comment to anything involving sea ponies usually fan work or discussions. Usually another user will post a follow-up comment with the song's second line: "SHOO SHOO BE DOO".
  8. The fandom have found themselves conflicted between hating people who don't like the show and the show's overall message of love and tolerance. Compromises were made. Unfortunately, some Bronies do not practice what they claim to preach and will relentlessly insult anyone who enjoys any older incarnation of My Little Pony, or anyone who criticizes Friendship Is Magic. The phrase "Love & Tolerate" was eventually put on an [dead link] officially licensed shirt (and used in the description of another shirt [dead link] and hoodie [dead link]).
  9. Unfortunately, it's also becoming a Discredited Meme due to overuse as an answer for everything.
  10. A series of videos consisting of Accidental Innuendos that pokes fun at the abundance of Rule 34 of FiM.
  11. A variation on the "I can/can't fap to this" and/or the "I find this easy/difficult to masturbate to" memes, clopping being the pony equivalent of masturbation.
  12. Originated as a way of trolling bronies, since, in the loosest definition of the term, they are technically part of the Furry Fandom. Now slightly memetic.
  13. A word play on the main title where the word "pony" is replaced with another kind of animal or creature. Words other than an animal are usually used in crossovers or practically anything.
  14. The show's subtitle led to the creation of this snowclone meme.
  15. Another minor snowclone, from a line in the opening theme song "And magic makes it all complete".
  16. This is most likely to be the comment of any brony that comes across past generations and actually watches them, or general praise towards Faust for anything, jokingly(?) attaining an almost mythical status.
  17. From Spike and Pinkie Pie's speculation on what the "doozy" in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" meant happened to Fluttershy; Spike suggests she might have exploded, and Pinkie follows it up by saying she might have exploded... and then exploded again. Things exploding twice quickly became a Running Gag in the fandom.
  18. The traditional response to anything that could be taken as a Double Entendre within the show.
  19. A reaction to the above, claiming that said scenario did indeed lead to a sexual encounter
  20. Near the end of "The Cutie Pox", Zecora plants "seeds of truth" that require spoken truth to blossom. It quickly became popular to edit in such things as ponies admitting their love/sexuality or lack thereof to one another, characters from other media pitching in (such as Vader's famous line or Scar's murder confession), or a variant of either with the flower humorously failing to blossom, similar to the Liarjack meme below.
  21. A common reaction to any time the show appears to be making a Fandom Nod, coincidental or not.
  22. Scootaloo's name.
  23. King Zebra was the evil mastermind. After putting him to prison, Rainbow Dash comments that zebras can never be trusted, referencing black race stereotypes and treatment. The meme itself is a travestation of "Around the blacks, never relax!"
  24. Due to the fandom's tendency to turn the smallest comment or frame of animation into a massive meme, their tendency to think of many of these memes as canon, and the recent surge in some of these memes actually becoming canon, it has become popular to take a screencap of an episode, come up with some far-flung fan theory, and end with "[X] is now canon" where [X] is the topic in question. Example [dead link].
  25. Twilight's voice actress has recently taken to shamelessly trolling the Internet via her Twitter. Led to "Twilighticious" further down the page. As such it has nothing to do with classifying other species as ponies.
  26. Appears to have taken off with this image, frequently referenced for its sheer absurd Narm Charm.
  27. In the second season finale "A Canterlot Wedding", the series introduces changelings, evil shapeshifters who feed on love. Since then, changelings have been used to explain, a la Ancient Aliens and conspiracy theories, the various versions of characters appearing within the fandom such as Princess Molestia (which was originally conceptualized as a succubus who copied Princess Celestia's appearance) as an alternative to using the explanation that they came from an alternate reality of some sort, characters acting Out of Character within the show or fan work (especially) such as Cupcakes' Pinkie Pie, and why we see a lot of clones of background ponies in a lot of scenes within the show (or why they seem to have a different characterization and/or voice everytime they are put in a role). It has even been used to explain the changes to Derpy Hooves in The Last Roundup. Basically they are used as an excuse as to why a character or a group of characters doesn't seem and/or feel "right".
  28. (thanks to repeated "stealth" sequences in the show: Apple Bloom's sneaking sequence in "Call of the Cutie", Rainbow Dash infiltrating the hospital in "Read It and Weep", Twilight Sparkle leading Spike and Pinkie Pie into the Canterlot Archives while looking remarkably like Snake in "It's About Time")
  29. From Bronyville Livestream, while the episode "The Best Night Ever" was being aired, an X Men First Class Commercial Pop-Up featuring Magneto kept popping up in the lower-right corner of the screen. It was widely considered hilarious and led to, for example, the fans blaming him for ruining the Gala.
  30. The Spider-Man cartoon from the 60's has already undergone its own Memetic Mutation and a crossing of the memes was inevitable. Fans like to Photoshop Spidey into the show, causing almost as much chaos as Pinkie Pie.
  31. When Twilight starts Burning with Anger in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", she turns into a white unicorn with a flaming mane, which looks suspiciously like Rapidash, another white unicorn with a flaming mane.
  32. For obvious reasons, Luna asking what fun is in "Luna Eclipsed" is often answered with Spongebob's FUN song.
  33. This phrase from the "Pizza Delivery" episode has become popular when applied to Rarity to both when she gets Mind Raped by Discord and when she finds the geode that earns her cutie mark.
  34. explanation: Crossovers between Team Fortress 2 and MLP:FiM are very popular. In these crossovers, Applejack is usually the Engineer and Rarity is usually the Spy. In "Sisterhooves Social", Rarity disguises herself as Applejack by covering herself in mud and wearing Applejack's hat.
  35. explanation: Queen Chrysalis' plan of absorbing Shining Armor's love by posing as Cadence would inevitably lead to comparisons to the Spy
  36. Thanks to the appearance of ponies resembling The Dude, Walter and Donny in a bowling alley during The Teaser of "The Cutie Pox".
  37. Jesus Quintana, too.
  38. A popular art trend where FiM is depicted in the Steampunk visual style.
  39. Techno-music duo Daft Punk has consistently, through most of their career, appeared wearing helmets fashioned with a robot motif.
  40. Originally stemming from the League of Legends fandom, it eventually spread to the bronies. It's typically used as a response to a (normally main/recurring) character from the show exhibiting a one time quirk, such as Beatnik Rarity is best Rarity or Insane Twilight is best Twilight. Then again, some try to classify other species as Y when they are not.
  41. The opposite of the above.
  42. A recent art trend involving ponies wielding lightsabers, which has led to all manner of Star Wars crossovers.
  43. Pinkie Pie called Rainbow a "daredevil" in "Read it and Weep"
  44. A play on words melding the already memetic Like A Boss line and the name of the show's creator Lauren Faust.
  45. A bit of a Running Gag on This Wiki about the show's tendency to do a Mood Whiplash with the theme song, such as the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode.
  46. A Ponibooru joke, there's a group of users named Roboshi, Anchors, & yellowtdash. who have a tendency to favorite everything on the site.
  47. During a period where several Rule34 pictures of Lauren Faust's alicorn OC were posted, many pictures were edited with Subway sandwiches replacing... certain body parts. Even now, it is not uncommon to see Lauren's alicorn somehow connected [dead link] to Subway in fanarts or its logo edited into already existing ones.
  48. A series of Tumblr art blog/role play accounts where people can ask a particular character in the show as if the characters themselves are answering them through a Tumblr account. You can find a comprehensive list of these blogs here.
  49. A recent offshoot of the meme where ponies are replaced with small hamster-like versions of themselves. It started out with two Ask blogs but soon spread to other [dead link] existing [dead link] Ask blogs [dead link]. Each converting their characters into one of these critters for a single post.
  50. Ask Tumblr Blogs will have the Rainbow Dash Chubby fly by their character leaving a rainbow trail behind her. It all started here when Chubby!Pinkie Pie launched her with her mini-party cannon. Since then she has been seen throughout various Ask Tumblrs.
  51. A meme on Ponibooru where fans suggest potential pony crossovers.
  52. On December 9th, 2011, within a few minutes of each other, Ponibooru saw postings of 1) APPLE.MOV-style Applejack brutally beating Applebloom and 2) Prince Blueblood braining a young colt with a brick. Someone suggested it was Child Violence Day. Someone else then posted a brony "calendar" listing December 9th as such.
  53. A trend [dead link] on to mix My Little Pony with Nazis. Communists are also a lesser favorite.
  54. From Nico Nico Douga. This one started from an attempt to turn the title theme into katakana, hence My Little Pony=Mai.Ritoru.Ponii. A combination of L-R substitution and further compressing the Ritoru turned it into Lilo, also the onomatopoeia for licking, which stuck.
  55. The first of six PMVs set to six of "Weird Al" Yankovic's polka medleys (in this case, Polkarama) that quickly went viral after gaining both the approval and the endorsement of no less than "Weird Al" himself. Since then, Weird Al/My Little Pony mash-ups have skyrocketed and Al has even been asked by one of the show's directors to do a guest appearance, presumably as a response to the video.
  56. An advert that has been airing on the Hub recently parodying the iPod Touch/iPhone adverts and their 'There's an App for that' slogan. Includes eNay, Angry Mare and Rarity's Secret (Victoria's Secret) to name a few.
  57. In "Elements of Harmony", upon learning that Twilight Sparkle knows about Nightmare Moon and the Elements of Harmony, Rainbow Dash interrogates Twilight, ending it with "Are you a spy!?". Videos would take this line (titled after the line or "X Answers Rainbow Dash's question") and have various characters respond such as Applejack, Spike, and the Spy himself.
  58. A sexy song plays while a character slowly closes in to the camera with bedroom eyes, the title often written in a way to suggest that the subject has just realized what is happening. Started with Twilight Sparkle and spread to many others, including Trixie, Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon3/Vinyl Scratch, Derpy Hooves, Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Trixie's even earned a reaction in comic form [dead link].
  59. Pronounced "ay-oo". A meme from Moonbase Alpha, as seen and heard in these two YouTube videos (both of which have been remade using ponies).
  60. It's about half and half things that popped up as a related video to something more equine and resulted in a curious Youtube Walk, and things linked from a pony forum or fan fiction or something.
  61. Hey Ocean's lead female singer Ashleigh Ball is the voice actress for Applejack & Rainbow Dash. And now you know why she does her own singing.
  62. Many Youtube Poops of My Little Pony often have a character say something that resolves the plot, or just anything random, followed by a hard cut to normal credits of the show.
  63. Taking scenes from the show and replacing choice words with implied naughty language for fun and profit. The two videos that started it all are here and here.
  64. On brief clips of the show (most notably from kyrospawn) taken out of context, a comment will often say something along the lines of a reaction a little girl may be having to watching the clip, whereas the second line will have the reaction of a brony watching it, generally around the lines of "OLOLOLOL SEX JOKES".
  65. Following from a larger YouTube meme, When I'm Bored, short videos featuring one pony set to "Let Me Hit It" by Sporty-O; eg "When I'm 20% Cooler" for Rainbow Dash or "When I'm Magic" for Twilight Sparkle.
  66. A meme rather similar to When I'm X but a bit more simpler set to "Barbra Streisand" by Duck Sauce, where the name comes from. It started with "Pony Sauce" for Twilight and since then has been done with other MLP characters and some that aren't even from MLP such as "Heavy Sauce" for Heavy, "Fox Sauce" for Tails and "Barbra Sauce" for Barbra Streisand of all people.
  67. The topper for Pinkie's pie from the "Epic Pie Time" flash animation
  68. In-universe censor beeps for several of the Abridged Series or other media
  69. A clip of something sad happening to one of the characters leads into the character tearing up. Said reaction is put on a loop and set to the chorus of "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)" by A Simple Plan.
  70. A common way of expressing one's favor for a particular character. The omission of the word "the" is intentional. However, often used when [X] isn't a pony at all (like Spike or Gilda), or is a character from a completely different work (like Magneto) which still isn't a pony.
  71. Fans naming other ponies as their favorite character tend to attract image macros with this phrase, though there's at least one version where Pinkie admits Fluttershy is her favorite, too.
  72. An adorable piece of fan art of Luna wearing socks has spawned all kinds of cute fanart of Luna or another pony in socks, a fanfic, and even an officially licensed shirt.
  73. Minty is a g3 pony who collected socks.
  74. A play on the original line "Congratulations, Spike! You're the new Rainbow Dash!" Examples include "Congratulations, Pinkie Pie! You're the new Scootaloo!" in response to Pinkie's chicken costume in "Luna Eclipsed" and "Congratulations, Twilight! You're the new Rarity!" in response to Apple Bloom giving Twilight's mane the same style as Rarity's in "The Cutie Pox".
  75. Celestia's Batman Gambit for snapping Twilight Sparkle out of Discord's spell was simply to send Twilight copies of all the letters she'd written to Celestia in season 1, about what she'd learned about friendship, knowing that even a mindscrewed Twilight Sparkle would not be able to resist the written word. The quote is a reference to Patton.
  76. A series of pieces by this artist depicting various characters shortly after waking up. Other artists have since joined in on the theme.
  77. Nightmare Moon and Discord, the two Big Bads of the series so far, were sealed in the moon and turned into a statue respectively, both by Celestia. Fan speculation for Celestia's reason for using essentially the same imprisonment strategy twice usually has someone suggest this was what she was thinking during both instances.
  78. Looping animations of one or more characters driving a vehicle at high speed accompanied with a fitting background music. Usually also includes extra elements happening around them as they drive. It started with this one, which features Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy riding a TransAm down the side of a mountain. The car they were driving and the background music (called "Yellow Line") are from an Anime movie called Red Line. Many others have followed in its wake. (A collection can be found here.)
  79. Genderbends of the Mane Cast, usually created by lowering the pitch on the original voices. In this incarnation, their names become Butterscotch, Applejack, Elusive, Rainbow Blitz, Bubble Berry, and Dusk Shine (and his number one secretary, Barbara). In case you're confused as to who's who, they are male versions of Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike.
  80. An animated pixel art gif trend where a filly version of a pony is shown riding on a spinning turntable. Most of these can be found here and here.
  81. An art trend of ponies wielding large shoulder mounted cannons/bazookas/launchers. Color scheme of the cannon and its ammunition depends on its wielder. Originated from one of a series of FiM themed weapons created by Flamingo1986. One of which was called the "Pinkie Pie Launcher". Other artists later edited Pinkie Pie herself holding the launcher [1] [dead link] and it soon spread to other characters as well.
  82. Shown in the episode "Sweet and Elite" where Pinkie Pie shows it off as to explain how she can set up parties so quickly.
  83. Fanart showing characters with their manes drenched and hanging down, inspired by a scene with Rarity in "Sisterhooves Social".
  84. In "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", one of Rainbow Dash's heroic deeds was saving a baby pony from falling off a cliff. While (older-looking) babies had previously appeared in the Spinoff Babies toy commercial and toys, this was the first time that any appeared in the show itself. With in-show reference for a baby at hand, the fandom had a field day. And now that "Baby Cakes" has aired, they're having another.
  85. A fair number of people have noticed how the Nice Hat Cheerilee gives Spike in "Secret of My Excess" resembles that worn by Michael Jackson in the video for "Smooth Criminal". This has resulted in a few pieces [dead link] of art depicting either Cheerilee or Spike wearing an outfit that resembles Michael's Moonwalker ensemble and performing the anti-gravity lean.
  86. A trending art meme where ponies are drawn with thicker and fluffier fur.
  87. The OC that started (or at least popularized) the whole fluffy pony meme. Later became a recurring character in an Original Flavour crossover Ask Tumblr of Dan Vs. called "Dan Vs. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and starred in her own mini-game called "GO FAST".
  88. Fanart on a certain image board has inspired a flood of mini-fics about adorable but accident-prone pet fluffy ponies.
  89. Said image board has since spawned numerous mini-fics involving rather disturbingly detailed slaughter and mistreatment of fluffy ponies, usually in the form of Disproportionate Retribution for the afformentioned stupidity. The most common form of abuse is the "Sorry Stick", an impromptu spanking device made from a thin rod of wood.
  90. A picture of Rainbow Dash pretending to be a cloud, which has inspired several sequels.
  91. explanation With the popularity of Twilightlicious, derivatives began popping up such as Flutterlicious, Derpalicious, Lyralicious and Rarilicious
  92. explanation:The manes of characters are made in a ponytail style. Possibly made simply because of how silly it looks when you think about it.
  93. Twilight Sparkle with no front legs or tail. Spawned from a (since removed) Blooper on the show's iTunes store.
  94. A Nightmare Fuel-inducing Off-Model stock vector of Twilight Sparkle.
  95. During the Season 2 episode Lesson Zero, Twilight Sparkle being the organization freak she is, becomes increasingly unstable the further into the day she goes when a letter to Princess Celestia is due for sending. She eventually comes to the conclusion that if she can't find a friend's problem to fix as a friend, then she would have to create one. It doesn't end well. [dead link]
  96. Twilight Sparkle's creepy greeting to the CMC in "Lesson Zero"
  97. In "Lesson Zero", Twilight begins to lose her grip on sanity, complete with creepy facial expressions, eventually coming to the point that it looks almost as if she's stalking the CMC.
  98. Cranking up the pedo levels of the CMC scene. Frequently stating that she learned from Molestia [dead link] (see below)
  99. A meme in a similar fashion to "Lyra wants hands" (See "Background Pony Memes"). It's about Twilight Sparkle wanting to be qualified as Rainbow Dash's pet. She's usually depicted with a leash to symbolize her "dedication". It came from a line in the episode "May the Best Pet Win" where Rainbow Dash explains to Twilight Sparkle why she can never be qualified to be her pet. Fan art examples so far: [2] [dead link] [3] [dead link][4] [dead link][5] [dead link] [6] [dead link] [7] [dead link] [8] [dead link] and also some Ask Tumblrs (see "Ask Tumblrs" under "Website Specific Memes") referencing the meme: [9] [dead link][10] [dead link]
  100. Twilight's bizarre dancing in "Sweet and Elite" has prompted many references to Elaine's similar lack of anything resembling rhythm.
  101. Tara Strong (Twilight's VA) puts out a vocal Twitter message, singing I'm T to the W-I-L-I-G-H-T/And ain't no other pony troll it down like me/I'm Twilightlicious! Cue the talented fandom...
  102. Whenever Twilight is anthropomorphised, she would almost always be depicted wearing a sweatervest.
  103. Applejack, being the Element of Honesty, almost never tells a lie. When corrupted by Discord in "The Return of Harmony", however, she permanently lies, while doing the linked face. Has spawned a crapton of image macros; the captions usually border on Suspiciously Specific Denial.
  104. Applejack is one of the rare characters in the series who comes from a previous series, in this case Generation 1 My Little Pony. G1 Applejack was a klutz to the extreme. In a UK My Little Pony audiobook, Applejack was introduced with this song to showcase her clumsy nature. Fans have since taken the song and attached it to scenes where Friendship Is Magic Applejack is being shown as acting weird.
  105. Applejack has had one feature episode since the beginning of the show, and a split ticket with a couple episodes, most commonly with Rarity. When the DVD The Friendship Express was revealed to contain an episode titled "The Last Roundup", the fans went nuts. When the episode's synopsis was released, revealing that Applejack was missing and the manes had to find her, the fans were less impressed. When the episode after was confirmed to be a truly Apple-Family-centric episode, the fans perked up again, and when Applejack actually appeared throughout all of The Last Roundup their ire disappeared completely.
  106. At a panel at the January 2012 Bronycon, fans convinced guest speaker Ashleigh Ball (the voice of Applejack) to quote the fan animation APPLE.MOV
  107. At the end of "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", Applejack proudly proclaims that she did not learn anything from the episode in her letter to Celestia. Since that means she never had a reason to send a letter, this led to people claiming that she was trolling Celestia. Her smug "haters gonna hate" trot while narrating said letter, followed by presumably going out to get wasted on cider helps considerably.