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The Mane Six, Continued

Pinkie Pie

Chancellor Puddinghead: I am just about to be brilliant!

Rainbow Dash

  • X needs to be about/is now 20% cooler.[10]
  • Wingboners.[13]
    • Often used in conjunction with the infamous POMF =3 meme as the sound effect for said.
  • Rainbow Dash's "So... awesome!" face now has an emoticon: /)^3^(\
  • Hate detected. Fire the Orbital Friendship Beam.[14]
    • Atomic Rainboom [15]
  • Rainbow Dash has balsa-wood wings.[17]
    • Exactly how canon this is has been zig-zagging wildly during Season 2. At first her "Atomic Rainboom" scene (see above) essentially nullified all of them. Later during "May the Best Pet Win!", Dash gets the tip of one wing pinned under a boulder and later has to have it bandaged up after being freed. This either gave the fics some credibility again, or killed them off for good, depending on how you look at it (her wings aren't immune to damage, but she only needed a bandage after a boulder fell on one of them). In "Read it and Weep," she does in fact break a wing, giving the fics credibility again, but again she walks it off in under a week, and while she certainly wasn't happy about the incident she was more grumpy than "traumatized".
  • Rainbow Dash dyes her mane [18]
  • Fans are trying to make a meme out of Rainbow's face in "May the Best Pet Win!" I mean just look at her grin!
    • It also overlaps with another meme: "I like turtles.".
  • Rainbow Dash unmasking the Mysterious Mare Do Well, finding unexpected results, and reacting somehow (almost identical to the Mass Effect gag with Shepard removing Tali's mask).
  • Rainbow Dash plus sunglasses (three times through the first 8 episodes of season 2, as well as in the Fashion Style Rainbow Dash toy, several licensed shirts, and the fanimation Epic Cupcake Time) equals numerous "DEAL WITH IT" memes.
  • Ninja Dash [19]
  • What's Rainbow Reading? [dead link] [20]
  • Rainbow Dash is a lesbian.[21]
  • Ropes.[22]
  • Crush! Kill! Destroy! SWAG! [23]


  • The Stare.[24]
  • Replacing the CSI: Miami "YEEAAAAAHH!" with Fluttershy's "Yay" from the Cold Open of "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Fluttertree.[26]
  • In the episode "Green isn't Your Color", a shot of a magazine cover featuring a mopey-looking Fluttershy with black streaks in her hair inspired a brief burst of "Emoshy [dead link]" art.
  • Fluttershy is very loud. [27]
  • Fightershy / Flutterninja / Flutterzangief.[29]
  • Fluttershy's Hidden Depths.[30]
  • Fluttershy crying over Philomena's Disney Death in "A Bird in the Hoof" inspired a string of pics in which she is seen watching a sad or touching scene (like the death of Bambi's mother, the death of Aerith, or the ending of Toy Story 3). A less popular version is where she actually smiles, basically watching anything to make her happy instead (or for those with a cruel sense of humor, something that starts out looking innocent, like the movie adaptation of Watership Down or an episode of Happy Tree Friends).
    • Later expanded to manipulated images depicting any character reacting differently to anything, such as Twilight enjoying an educational program like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Applejack being disgusted by a B-movie or reality TV , Rainbow Dash watching an action movie, Spike watching Anime/Sentai/ giant robot or monster shows, or Derpy Hooves watching something downright surreal.
    • There briefly existed a variant with Pinkie Pie having phone calls with other characters, such as Jay Sherman, Niko Bellic or Captain Picard.
  • Flutterjuice/Juiceboxshy.[31]
  • Hey hey hey, stay out of my shed! [32]
  • Fluttermat [33]
  • Hootershy/Flutterack [34]
    • Related to the above, Fluttersweater [35]
  • Futashy [36]
  • Fluttershy is an honorary Japanese.[37]


  • Dumb Rock! [38]
  • No one must ever know that I am part marshmallow! [39]
    • Fridge Brilliance: Their whole family is made of marshmallows! The most common colors for marshmallows are white, followed by pink. Guess what colors the parents are? White and Pink.
  • Rariquest [41]
  • Rarity x Tom OTP! [42]
    • Prior to part two, the boulder was dubbed "Dan" by fans due to Youtube captions, the same way Steven Magnet was named. When part two aired and Rarity named him Tom, people compromised and decided his name was Tom Dan, and made him a Memetic Badass for good measure.
    • "Look Out! Here Comes Tom!" [43]
  • <Mundane problem> is the... WORST... POSSIBLE... THING! [44]
  • "I'll show you something worthy of Canterlot!" [45]
  • Rarity is Jewish.[46]
  • Rarity's newspaper reaction.[47]


The Cutie Mark Crusaders

  • Photoshopping fake cutie marks onto the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Bonus points if it's the cutie marks belonging to the previous generation versions of the Crusaders.)
  • The Sex Pit [59]
  • Crusader 4koma/Reaction Crusaders [60]

Apple Bloom


  • Scootabuse [67]
  • Scootachicken [69]
    • Pinkie Pie dressing up as a chicken for Nightmare Night spawned a few more jokes about this.
    • Scootadodo [70]

Sweetie Belle

  • Sweetieabuse.[71]
  • Sweetie Derelle.[73]
  • Sweetie Dictionary [74]
  • Dumb Fabric! [75]
  • "I, uh, really like her mane..." in response to a fan's OC pony (most of which aren't really that great, due to Sturgeon's Law). The quote comes from Sweetie Belle's original reaction in being forcefully offered a raggedy old doll named "Smarty Pants" by a crazy Twilight.
    • Has since expanded to a response to just about anything.
  • It's becoming popular to post various images inside Sweetie Belle's thought bubble in "Sisterhooves Social".
  • Sweetie Slide/Scootie Belle [76]
  • Sweetie Bot [77]
  • "OH COME ON!" [78]

The Princesses


  • Princess Trollestia [81]
    • TO THE MOON! [82]
      • Taken Up to Eleven in the fanimation Friendship Is Magic Bitch, which also spawned a few more memes:
        • "Do you like bananas? So, you're a bitch that likes bananas? Well, that's great. Cause you 'bout to GO bananas! On the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAA! Be-YETCH!" [83]
      • There's also a variant which involves being "banished to season 2".
    • Princess Molestia [84]
  • "No one mare should have all that power!" [85]






Photo Finish

  • Photo Finish from "Green Isn't Your Color" is another Fountain of Memes. "It iz time to make... de magicks!"
  • Even her X is graceful! [118]

Big Macintosh

Background Pony Memes

  • Doctor Whoof/Whooves.[124]
    • It also has a followup meme, involving splicing clips from the Doctor Who episode Day Of the Moon into clips of its show.[125]
    • While most likely a coincidence, one of the background ponies during the party in "Sweet and Elite" looks suspiciously like the Eleventh Doctor.
    • A blue pony with a blonde mane from "The Best Night Ever", "Sweet and Elite", "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", and "A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2" looks like the Fifth Doctor.
      • He's speculated to be the Fifth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, or the Seventeenth Master.[126]
    • "Sweet and Elite" also had Pokey Pierce appear with an hourglass cutie mark while wearing a red tailcoat and an ascot, making him look like the Third Doctor.
    • There's a blue pegasus with wavy black hair and that cutie mark in "Sonic Rainboom" who appears for a couple of seconds, rather appropriate as it resembles the equally briefly-appearing Eighth Doctor.
    • In "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" Doctor Whooves turns the sand timer for the competition. In other words, even the writers acknowledge that he should be in control of time.
  • "Brushie brushie brushie" [127]
  • In Pinchy We Trust. One Wat [128]
  • There's a popular trend on YouTube where DJ Pon3's bobbing head animation is synchronized with some Electronic Music, making it look as if she's banging her head to the beat of the music.
    • Octavia adds her own spin to the trend by having her playing animation synchronized with a piece of Classical Music, making it look like she's playing the piece herself.
  • Bon Bon: Equestria's top voice actress.[129]
  • "{{[[[Fan Nickname]] PONY}}] [TOY NAME]" / "[TOY NAME] {{[[[Fan Nickname]] PONY}}]" [130]
    • Examples of name combinations are Lyra Heartstrings (which has since become Ascended Fanon), Blues Noteworthy or Noteworthy Blues, Rose's full name being Roseluck and Berryshine "Berry" Punch.
    • One that happened afterwards is Trixie—who is named in the show—being officially given the surname Lulamoon in the fifth wave after the fourth wave infamously called her just Lulamoon.
  • Octo Octavia/Octotavia [131]
  • Crackle is best dragon! [132]
  • Background pony copies are actually changelings! [133]

Derpy Hooves

Lyra Heartstrings

Original Character Memes

Merchandise Memes

  • Since there is a toy for it, a few fanarts depict Applejack with a pink pickup truck, always with a cardboard cutout of Twilight Sparkle in the truckbed.
  • "No one man should have all that pony!" [161]
  • DAMN YOU, HABSRO!! [162]
  • The Doggie Doo Game.[164]
    • Creepily enough, there was already a video mashing up the theme song and another ad for the same game four months prior to the episode.
  • "Fanon names are best names." [165]
    • "Toy names are best names." [166]
      • Some fans take a third option and combine the two, making one or the other a surname, a full name, or a nickname.
      • Hasbro has officially made it naming policy in the fifth wave of Blind Bags to combine the names for Lyra Heartstrings and Trixie Lulamoon. PRAISE BE TO HASBRO!!
  • Star Swirl the Not so Bearded [167]
  • Comic shorts in magazines of various languages are a fountain of memes, mostly due to their questionable quality, for example reusing low-quality vectors.
  1. Pinkie Pie blurts this out following Twilight's Big "Shut Up!" in "The Ticket Master". Posting any image of oatmeal now guarantees a Pinkie Pie reaction image.
  2. In "Green Isn't Your Colour", Pinkie ensures that Twilight doesn't break her promise by appearing from nowhere and ominously saying this.
  3. In "The Last Roundup", Applejack made a Pinkie Promise to explain everything during breakfast. When the Mane 5 discover she ran before breakfast, Pinkie takes it rather personally.
  4. This is how Pinkie Pie ends her cutie mark story in "Cutie Mark Chronicles". While the Cutie Mark Crusaders brush it off as "Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie", fans have joked that somehow, someway, Pinkie Pie really is responsible for the creation/foundation of Equestria. Others just joke that Pinkie would end her rendition of the Equestrian Creation Myth with "...and that's how I got my cutie mark!"
  5. An incredibly infamous, gore-riddled Fanfic (someone on Equestria Daily compared it to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) that has wormed its way into a permanent spot in the collective fandom consciousness. Much like Warhammer 40,000 fans and Squad Broken, mentioning "cupcakes" without any context is likely to make some fans suffer horrible flashbacks.
  6. Pinkie Pie's discorded version frequently expressed hate for anything related to the scene, much like Francis from Left 4 Dead
  7. In the Season 2 premiere, one of the signs of Discord's escape is chocolate rain from cotton-candy clouds. Cue Tay Zonday songs set to MLP footage.
  8. There are many parallels between the characters of Deadpool and Pinkie Pie - they're fourth wall breakers, id personified, wild cards, and Motor Mouths.
  9. explanation A four panel image based on a scene in A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 in which Pinkie asks one of the changelings, nicknamed "Doomie" thanks to Pinkie's line "Do me! Do me!", to transform into her, though what it transforms into is not exactly the Pinkie she's thinking of.
  10. From Rainbow Dash's hilariously vague suggestions for her dress in "Suited for Success", "It just needs to be about 20% cooler."
  11. From the pilot, Rainbow Dash claiming she can clear the skies over Ponyville of stray clouds in "Ten seconds flat", and then delivering on that promise.
  12. Rainbow Dash, who wants to go to the Grand Galloping Gala so she can show off for the Wonderbolts, says this to Twilight in "The Ticket Master" in an effort to convince Twilight to give her the extra ticket.
  13. At the start of Pinkie Pie's stage show in "Over A Barrel", Rainbow Dash's wings are folded, but when PP appears in her show-girl outfit, RD's wings are spread. While it's easily seen as a small animation error or just a reaction of shock, those who have a different idea on what emotions wings express see this scene as a bit more telling. Notably, the Madmax comic came first, and just about anytime Rainbow Dash or another Pegasus has their wings spread, someone will shout "Wingboner!"
  14. Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom bearing a resemblance to a rainbow-colored Kill Sat.
  15. "Lesson Zero" had Rainbow Dash demolish a barn with a Sonic Rainboom-like move which made a mushroom cloud.
  16. A video showing G4 Rainbow Dash reacting to her cutesy, ultra-girly G3.5 incarnation. It inspired similar videos featuring Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, and Sweetie Belle, all of whom share names with G3 ponies.
  17. The most common source of Hurt/Comfort Fic for this fandom is fanfic in which Rainbow Dash breaks her wings (which actually happens in the Canadian live show, though not onstage). It's reached the point where Equestria Daily has jokingly banned this sort of fic outright.
  18. A fan art trend where Rainbow Dash is drawn dying her mane rainbow using either a can of rainbow paint or hair dye or bathing [dead link] in a pool of rainbow such as the ones seen on the episode "Sonic Rainboom".
  19. Rainbow slips on her very own stealth suit in order to break into the hospital.
  20. Photoshopped pics of Rainbow Dash being offered various books to read, and her reactions to them.
  21. The fandom has gone back and forth between Dead Horse Trope and Undead Horse Trope with this accusation more times than anypony cares to count. The fact that she's a Launcher of a Thousand Ships isn't helping.
  22. She has a tendency to end up tied with ropes by other characters. Fan often joke about the sexual subtext [dead link] that comes with it.
  23. Pony Dot Mov strikes again, this time with a malfunctioning Robot Me version of Rainbow Dash.
  24. Fluttershy's Death Glare in "Stare Master" earned some infamy, with some fans joking she has Haki or a Geass, and contributes to her Memetic Badass reputation
  25. Fluttershy's Freak-Out during "The Best Night Ever", the same scene that inspired the "Flutterage" meme, became memetic for being completely unexpected and terrifying.
  26. Stems from a conversation in "Over a Barrel" in which Pinkie Pie takes Rainbow Dash's sarcastic remark about Fluttershy being a tree at face value. Combined with Fluttershy's remark "I'd like to be a tree", it sparked a lot of half-joking debate as to whether or not Fluttershy is, in fact, a tree, or simply the pony equivalent of a furry. It also inspired a number of pictures of Fluttershy as a tree, often combined with the phrase "Leaf-ing the dream!" Much later, the Cold Opening of "Hurricane Fluttershy" has a scene in which Rainbow Dash addresses a tree as Fluttershy and said tree turns out to be Fluttershy trying to hide using a tree costume. Even later, WeLoveFine came out with merchandise depicting Fluttershy as a tree or with a tree.
  27. Most videos on youtube featuring Fluttershy (usually videos lasting less then 10 seconds) doing something that makes quiet noises (screaming, for example) will almost always have people complaining about how loud the video is, despite the truth being the opposite.
  28. In The Return of Harmony Part 1, Discord attempts to get Fluttershy riled up in order to discord her, but Fluttershy instead fullheartedly and quietly agrees with everything he's saying about her, including that she's "weak and helpless", much to the hilarity of the fans who have seen her face dragons and manticores alike, staring down a cockatrice, and many other awesome deeds (most recently, wrestling a bear). Many insist that she has trolled Discord. A few videos on Youtube have Fluttershy saying she's weak and helpless, followed by a montage of her Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  29. Fluttershy wrestling with a bear in "Lesson Zero" (even if she was actually giving it a chiropractic massage). It didn't take long for the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat inspired images [dead link] and videos to come out
  30. In the episode "Suited For Success" Fluttershy rather quickly points out the flaws in Rarity's dress (before quickly reverting to her usual timid self), despite not showing any obvious knowledge about dressmaking previously. This has been reused in fanfics, showing Fluttershy's Hidden Depths about pretty much everything she does, before going shy again and saying something along the lines of "But, you know, however you do it is fine..."
  31. Originated in this page of Dash Academy, a fancomic, and popularized by this Ask Tumblr. It's about Fluttershy's liking of juiceboxes. It has since then spread to other ask Tumblrs and fan art.
  32. How Fluttershy from Pony Dot Mov ends most of her lines, hinting at her Dark Secret and perhaps a piece of Schmuck Bait.
  33. The same as Fluttertree above, but with Fluttershy as a doormat instead. Stems from Rarity's description of Fluttershy's attitude in "Putting Your Hoof Down"
  34. Anthropomorphised Fluttershy art tends to depict her with an abundant bustline, for any number of reasons ranging from an interpretation of her motherly instincts and Moe personality to Author Appeal.
  35. Anthro-Fluttershy tends to be a Sweater Girl.
  36. Drawing Fluttershy as a hermaphrodite.
  37. When fansubbed versions of the show began to show up on Nico Nico Douga, Japanese fans decided that Fluttershy's similarity to the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype meant she was honorarily Japanese. Although mostly localized to Japan, a few articles and blogs have brought the meme to the attention of Western fans.
  38. Said by Filly Rarity in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" when her horn leads her to an apparently-ordinary rock.
  39. A shot of Rarity reaching towards the camera from "A Dog and Pony Show", with her hooves drawn in a way that they resemble marshmallows, inspired a string of jokes about Rarity actually being a marshmallow, much like "Fluttertree" and "Scootachicken". This, in turn, led to jokes about Rarity's sister Sweetie Belle being a marshmallow too. "Marshmallow pony" was eventually used by WeLoveFine to refer to Rarity in the online description and tags of their Rarity Nouveau art print [dead link] and [dead link] shirt [dead link].
  40. Rarity in "A Dog and Pony Show". The line quoted here is usually the first part to be exaggerated, as seen here.
  41. The vector of Rarity being pulled to "her destiny" in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" has been edited into a variety of images showing poor Rarity getting dragged everywhere, ala BRODYQUEST. It even has its own Ask Tumblr blog.
  42. In part 2 of the Season 2 premiere, Rarity continues to haul the rock around that Discord made her think was a ginormous diamond and named it Tom.
  43. A scene with Tom hurled out of a window resulted in jokes of him being replaced with anyone else named Tom.
  44. Rarity being a hammy drama queen in "Lesson Zero"
  45. From "Sweet and Elite", after Rarity gets ridiculed by some upper-class ponies for being "country", she retreats to her suite at Canterlot castle, says this line, and whips up a design for Twilight's new dress. It inspired a meme where Rarity says her line, and is shown to draw something silly, then react to it with delight or disgust as appropriate.
  46. Amongst the many drawings of ponies doing Christmas activities, the fans have decided - for unclear reasons, but possibly based on either the accent used by their mother or an old Religious Stereotype about tailors or jewelers being Jewish - to have Rarity and Sweetie Belle celebrate Hanukkah. One Equestria Daily banner even shows them playing dreidel with Pinkie Pie and losing heavily.
  47. A three panel image exploitable, based on Rarity reading the school paper in "Ponyville Confidential". The top and bottom shots are of Rarity reading the paper intently, and a shocked reaction, but the order may change to justify the joke around the middle panel. Also has been used as "implied facehoof" reaction images, as at one point, Rarity's look while holding the newspaper is similar to Tommy Lee Jones' character in No Country for Old Men as blunt non-vocal criticism of a stupid idea.
  48. The same thing as a wingboner, but for Spike's tail.
  49. Similarly to the Bedroom Eyes meme above, the Running Joke of someone pausing a clip of an episode and seeing Spike with an expression of someone with cannabinoid intoxication. That, and his portrayal in later Pony Dot Mov episodes.
  50. An image from "Boast Busters" with Spike trying to seduce Rarity with cheesy lines and bad innuendos.
  51. The Pony Anthology features a small bit of Spike playing the saxophone, and it was combined with the "Epic Sax Guy" meme from 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
  52. In part 2 of the Season 2 premiere, Rainbow Dash is missing and thus they have no Element of Loyalty. Twilight, who is stressed out and in a hurry, gives Spike the Element of Loyalty necklace and says he's the "new Rainbow Dash".
  53. Right after Twilight makes Spike the new Rainbow Dash, he's afraid of what will happen to him once Rainbow Dash finds out. This has led to various images of what would happen when Rainbow Dash finally does confront him on the matter.
  54. Spike transformed into a Pegasus has appeared in many fanarts and at least one fanfic, starting from back in season 1. More recent fanart naturally depicts his Pegasus version as a recolor of Rainbow Dash, thanks to the previous meme.
  55. Early on in Luna Eclipsed, Rainbow Dash scares Pinkie, Spike and some fillies with her lightning cloud. Spike promptly passes out, and is carried off by Twilight; because of his shaking and drooling, nearly every online chat about the episode will invariably include a "Spike died." comment.
  56. Until "Sweet and Elite", Spike had appeared in more episodes of Season 2 than Twilight Sparkle, who was missing from "Sisterhooves Social", and was only one of two characters (the other, humorously enough, being Applejack) to appear in every season 2 episode up to that point. This meme has since become heavily ironic as Spike hasn't appeared on the show reqularly since "Hearth's Warming Eve."
  57. In "Secret of My Excess", Spike goes into a rapid growth spurt and displays the infamous dragon greed. As he gets bigger, his speech gradually devolves into yelling "SPIKE WANT!".
  58. Also from "Secret of My Excess", Spike's form at his peak size drew a lot of comparisons to the American version of Godzilla.
  59. The Crusaders' solution to the problem they caused in Hearts and Hooves Day involved getting Big Macintosh to fall into a deep pit they dug with a matress at the bottom. The fun here comes in the form of shopping in other characters and/or altering the Crusaders' reactions.
  60. Also from Hearts and Hooves Day, the Crusader's faces when they're hiding in a bush bears more than a passing resemblance to the Gaijin 4koma/Reaction Guys meme [dead link].
  61. in "Sisterhooves Social", Apple Bloom lets Sweetie Belle borrow Applejack for the contest, but makes sure she understands it's only temporary. This line made it onto an officially licensed shirt in less than a week after the episode's premiere.
  62. In "The Cutie Pox", one of Apple Bloom's loop-de-hoop tricks involves spinning the hoop around her tail fast enough that she takes off like a helicopter.
  63. A snowclone spawned from another scene in "The Cutie Pox", where Apple Bloom gets a fleur-de-lis cutie mark that causes her to compulsively speak French, to which a baffled and horrified Applejack remarks "My sister's speakin' Fancy!" This scene inspired a few comics where Apple Bloom is forced to speak in other "languages", such as Chinese, British English, "Internet", Wingdings, and Daedric.
  64. The fleur-de-lis is also the gang sign of the 3rd Street Saints. This has not passed the fans by.
  65. Like Sweetie Belle before her, in Family Appreciation Day, it's Apple Bloom's turn to be called a dictionary following her lamentations about Granny Smith representing her family on the eponymous day.
  66. Apple Bloom wears a rabbit suit in Family Appreciation Day. The fans think it makes her extremely cute.
  67. When asked whether Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's little sister Lauren Faust said no, stating that Dash would not be a good big sister. Some fans took this a little too far, which resulted in various fanarts depicting Rainbow Dash physically abusing Scootaloo, some more gruesome than others. On the other hand, this comic strongly suggests that Rainbow Dash doesn't necesarily need to be the one doing the abusing. It also, however, leads us right into...
  68. Formed as a reaction to Scootabuse, consisting of heartwarming fanart and fanfics about Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. This has, in turn, led to such things as "ScootaBDSM" and other bizarre images.
  69. Apple Bloom calling Scootaloo a chicken in "Stare Master" inspired a lot of jokes about Scootaloo being a literal chicken, and even led to officially licensed shirts featuring Scootaloo [dead link] as [dead link] a [dead link] chick [dead link] and Scootaloo with a chicken (and Winona) [dead link]. This meme is sometimes combined with "Scootabuse", depicting Kentucky Fried Scootaloo and Scootaloo-flavored ramen noodles.
  70. And then jokes emerged of Scootaloo being a dodo, after a clip from the season 2 premiere was posted in which Sweetie Belle calls Scootaloo a dodo.
  71. In much the same way as Scootabuse, Sweetie Belle isn't immune to being treated badly by her sister. Various fanart depicts her as actually being an illegitimate child of Rarity's by whom she's very embarrassed. She's also depicted as being a ditz and living in a cupboard under the stairs.
  72. A far more immature and gross variation of Sweetie abuse. In addition to being a ditz, Sweetie is presented as being incontinent, and uncontrollably defecating in large quantities.
  73. Another unflattering depiction of Sweetie Belle being an extremely loud annoying sibling - specifically, a picture of her shouting a long string of capitAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAl A's is used to flag threads with NSFW content. Naturally, it's been photoshopped to look like other characters.
  74. Not long after the season 2 premiere aired, Scootaloo's remark "What are you, a dictionary?" inspired pictures of Sweetie Belle as a dictionary.
  75. Said by Sweetie Belle in "The Show Stoppers" when a roll of fabric gets away from her. Made into a shirt & hoodie.
  76. A scene from Sisterhooves Social where Sweetie slides across the floor using her hind legs. Has subsequently appeared [dead link] on [dead link] officially licensed apparel.
  77. As re-imagined in the Abridged Series "Friendship Is Witchcraft", Sweetie Belle is actually a robot, given a robotic voice (think a cuter version of GLaDOS), and has questionable means to an end.
  78. Sweetie Belle's reaction in "Hearts & Hooves Day" when Cheerilee and Big Macintosh fail to hit it off the first time, used in response to an unexpected result of a highly anticipated event (such as the Mass Effect 3 ending).
  79. From a popular fan-art [dead link] of Celestia and Luna as fillies. The meme itself began when a member of Know Your Meme known as C Charmander K, also a known Troper, used the image as his avatar.
  80. Based on the season 2 finale's second synopsis "Twilight discovers a dark secret about Cadence right before the wedding". It's an exploitable meme which contains a picture of Princess Cadence to the left, an equal sign in the middle, and a random picture to the right, implying that Cadence is somehow related to the other picture and/or has something to do with her dark secret.
  81. Depicting Celestia as a prankster who annoys and messes with her subjects for the lulz is so common it got its own Fan Nickname.
  82. A recurring joke whenever a Pony thinks they'll be punished by Celestia, or adding it on like it's a threat to a bird like Philomena, all due to the fact she banished Luna to the moon. It's also considered her go-to solution when things don't work for her.
  83. in said fanimation, Princess Celestia asks the ponies who come to complain about her rule if they like bananas, then sends them all to the moon regardless of their answer. Including her sister. The line "do you like MMMMMMM bananas?" has since made it onto an official shirt, Do You Like Bananas?
  84. Slightly less common is depicting Celestia as acting HIGHLY inappropriate with Twilight, Luna, and others. She even got her own "ask" blog.
  85. Snowclone of "No one man should have all that power" (the refrain from Kanye West's also-memetic "Power"), related to expressing doubt in Celestia's rule. Likely introduced by this fan video's intro - there's also a side-by-side comparison with the original video, for the curious.
  86. Luna's exclamation while playing games in Luna Eclipsed lead to snowclones almost immediately.
  87. After the fanfiction Progress depicted Luna as obsessed with an abacus for various reasons, it became common for other stories to mention Luna's extreme attachment to "Abby", even in stories that romantically pair her with someone else.
  88. ...of the Moon
  89. Luna's explanation in Luna Eclipsed for why she speaks in such a loud booming voice. Enough to make CAPTAIN GORDON DEFEEEEEENDER OF EARTH green with envy.
  90. The Royal Canterlot Voice has been described as her talking with capslock on, and various jokes about capslock were re-purposed (such as "The Royal Canterlot Voice is cruise control for cool").
  91. Said as a form of praise to Luna's first canonical appearance in "Luna Eclipsed", after all the fan work and speculation that had surrounded her canon personality for the whole year prior to that episode.
  92. The direct opposite of the above.
  93. A call to all fans to redo their fanwork to match Canon Luna. Some, like the comic that started the "BLEEEEH ALFALFA MONSTER" meme, have already been redone in the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. The Luna tumblr accounts also immediately adapted it.
  94. Fans who really did not expect Luna's behavior in said episode already found a target to jokingly blame it on.
  95. Spawned from the Joseph Ducreux meme where famous catch phrases and memes are translated into Old English. This variation replaces Ducreux with Luna herself. Phrases used are often brony memes such as phrases from the show or other brony memes.
  96. A gif of happy young Luna dancing to moon-related music on the moon, spawned by an attempt to explain what she did for 1000 years.
  97. Luna was conspicuously absent during the battle sequence from A Canterlot Wedding, despite even Celestia engaging in combat. Many a fan took note, and wondered just what she was doing at the time.
  98. A few frames of Luna rearing back threateningly got edited into her decking Chrysalis as an alternate ending to A Canterlot Wedding. This being the Internet, she soon moved on to punching various other characters from different shows.
  99. Depicting Luna as an avid video game player.
  100. After a massive buildup over months and months of wondering how the show would introduce a new winged unicorn to the show's pantheon, it wasn't that big a deal during and after the show aired.
  101. From Hoity Toity's reaction to the first batch of dresses in "Suited for Success", this is the standard response to Brain Bleach moments.
  102. Soarin' of the Wonderbolts was shown in "The Best Night Ever" (his first, and so far only, speaking or named appearance) to be a Big Eater, and since the food he bought and ate in that episode was a pie, the fandom decided that pie is his Trademark Favorite Food.
  103. Fancypants from "Sweet and Elite" impressed a lot of fans by being classy without being stuck-up, earning a number of comparisons to The Most Interesting Man in the World.
  104. Cherry Jubilee, from "The Last Roundup" runs a cherry orchard in a western-themed town called Dodge Junction. Her business-attitude, Southern Belle accent, and constant bedroom-eyes have led to her being compared to a brothel madame.
  105. The Flim-Flam Brothers shut off the quality control of their machine to make a profit, resulting in a series of minicomics where they turn something into a cheap, mass-produced alternative.
  106. Iron Will loves to get down.
  107. An art trend where artists make their own cover arts for the fictional Daring Do franchise. Usually comes in two flavors: the usual book cover format and comic book (complete with fake publisher logos, price tag, and a random issue number).
  108. The huge muscled, tiny winged white pegasus (Fan Nickname of Roid Rage or Big McLargehooves) popping up to deliver this line with enthusism throughout "Hurricane Fluttershy".
  109. Featherweight, a shutterbug pegasus introduced in "Ponyville Confidential" looking through a cellar window or into the spa with camera at the ready, followed by a candid image.
  110. The holes in the legs of Queen Chrysalis and the other changelings look like... yeah.
  111. Almost every shipping fic with Trixie has one of the Mane Cast salvage and repair her hat and cloak as a romantic gesture. The hat and cloak themselves are usually described as either an inheritance from an adored family member, or things Trixie made herself with her magic when she first started her show, and almost always have some sentimental value for Trixie, regardless if the fic is shipping or not.
  112. Tied in with the meme directly above, if the character Trixie is being shipped with isn't Rarity, the one she is being shipped with will have talked Rarity into fixing the hat and cloak for them to give to Trixie.
  113. A brony by the name of Bronymike spent quite a lot of time requesting art of Trixie eating pinecones. He got it.
  114. A looping animation of Trixie dancing to the song "Fancy Footwork" with the words "WHAT NOW?" on top. It's based on a Homestuck meme known as "WH4T NOW?".
  115. Discord was voiced by John de Lancie, who also voiced Q in various Star Trek series, and the character was heavily inspired by Q as well, resulting in this Fan Nickname. Star Trek/MLP mashups were also inevitable following the first episode.
  116. Discord filling a glass with chocolate milk, and then drinking the glass.
  117. From the same scene, after Discord drinks the glass, he throws away the cylinder of chocolate milk, which explodes offscreen.
  118. A snowclone that shows up on videos of Fluttershy doing something cute, funny, or both. Inspired by Photo Finish's "Even her sneezes are graceful!" remark in "Green Isn't Your Color"; thus, it's frequently typed in a bad German Funetik Aksent.
  119. Big Macintosh's Catch Phrase is used to reply to pretty much anything, be it in response to Captain Obvious, a sarcastic reply, or genuine agreement.
  120. Near the end of Lesson Zero, after everyone reverts to normal from the spell that Twilight Sparkle placed on the Smarty Pants doll, Big Mac notices the discarded doll and takes it for himself.
  121. See previous explanation.
  122. A popular fan depiction of Big Macintosh as a Memetic Sex God. The phrase is used as a reactionary comment or title to any fan work or discussion depicting him as this.
  123. Within hours of the Cider Squeezy episode airing, Mac's unusually stern "Apple Family huddle" has been subjected to exploitable 3-panel comics. Typically it involves him shamelessly depressing the hell out of another character.
  124. Another background character, making his first prominent appearance in "Winter Wrap-Up", though he cameos in the pilot, a male pony with brown fur and an hourglass cutie mark who kinda looks like the Tenth Doctor.
  125. Specifically, the clip where one of the Silence is recorded saying "You should kill us all on sight", and then turned into a post hypnotic suggestion so people can defeat them. This often gets superimposed on scenes of My Little Pony as a creepy spoof of subliminal messages.
  126. The Doctor's rival
  127. A Photoshopped pic of background pony Minuette (Fan Nicknamed "Colgate" since her blue and white mane resembles toothpaste) getting her head brushed with a toothbrush inspired a string of similar pictures with other ponies, frequently getting brushed in certain other parts of the anatomy.
  128. The catchphrase of the Ask Ruby Pinch tumblr and a response to anything that warrants a Flat What. Sometimes comes with this stamp.
  129. Background pony Bon Bon has had speaking parts in five different episodes ("Call of the Cutie", "Green Isn't Your Color", "Lesson Zero", "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", and "Putting Your Hoof Down"), each time with a different voice. This has led to some fans joking Bon Bon is actually a talented voice actress who keeps changing the way she sounds in order to keep her skills sharp.
  130. Since the release of the blind bag toys that resemble the background ponies, some fans have adopted the toy names as their second names. Be it their surname, first name, or even their secret real name in Carrot Top's case.
  131. In a similar vein to sea pony Lyra, an art trend where Octavia is depicted as an "octopus pony". It started out as a simple pun to Octavia's name and its comparison to the word "octopus" and one of the nicknames that is often used by fans: "Octi/Octie/Octy" which is similar in name to Bubble's stuffed octopus. Its inspiration came from a Vocaloid meme where one of the Vocaloid characters (Luka Megurine) is depicted as an octopus head known as "Tako Luka". The art trend was started by John Joseco [1][2] [dead link]. Other artists soon followed.[3] [dead link][4] [dead link][5] [dead link][6][7] [dead link]
  132. Crackle, a one-shot gag character that looks a lot like Rarity's Paper-Thin Disguise dragon costume, has since become something of a memetic character due to its bizarre appearance.
  133. Now that "A Canterlot Wedding" is out, people have designed this as an explanation for "clones" of background characters.
  134. One pegasus in the background in episode 1 appeared cockeyed. In short order she was given a Fan Nickname and associated with mail and the postal service. She's also been given an obsession with muffins (based on a dreamy exclamation of "muffin" in "Applebuck Season" which may or may not have been said by her), a unicorn daughter named Dinky, the ability to do anything provided she forgets that it should be impossible, a friendship with another background pony known as "Carrot Top", and a bad habit of raiding Carrot Top's refrigerator ("I emptied your fridge" has become a meme in itself).
  135. At the ceremony honouring Twilight and her friends in part 2 of the Season 2 premiere, Derpy/Ditzy is seen in the background without her traditional cockeyed appearance.
  136. She can be seen in Lesson Zero being attracted to the enchanted Miss Smartypants. When the spell is broken, she was fighting the Mayor hoof to hoof, derpy eyes and all.
  137. A Catch Phrase and Running Gag where Derpy empties the entire contents of somepony else's fridge for varying reasons or even no given reason at all. May or may not be through the consumption of the food inside. Usually Carrot Top's fridge to her annoyance due to the meme's origin.
  138. A variation of the Ancient Aliens image macro meme where muffins are the answer to every weird or odd occurrences in the show such as animation errors or plot holes as explained by Derpy Hooves. The image used in the macro originated from a deviantART submission by Equestria-Prevails called "Ancient Humans". Prior to the artwork, a photoshopped version of the Ancient Aliens guy with Derpy's head pasted over his was used.
  139. Derpy has appeared in every episode since "The Best Night Ever", and fans have made a habit of pointing her out in the same vein as Where's Waldo. Starting with "Lesson Zero", Derpy's appearances have become a Once Per Episode Running Gag, to the point that The Hub themselves posted on their Facebook and Twitter pages about keeping an eye out for Derpy in "Hearth's Warming Eve" (incidentally making her name even more official than it already was).
  140. Derpy's appearance in The Last Roundup. She had her own scene, and in it she plops down onto a floor...and breaks through. Taking Rainbow Dash with her.
  141. After being removed from iTunes and skipped in The Hub's reruns, 'The Last Roundup' was re-released with Derpy's name not mentioned, her scenes revoiced, and her wall-eyed expression lessened. Reaction was... mixed.
  142. Derpy's first spoken line in The Last Roundup is often quoted whenever somepony makes a mistake. Also often used in a sad context concerning the edit. Sometimes accompanied by the emoticon 9_6
  143. In response to the edit, dozens of reaction videos had soon followed depicting frustrated, irritated, and enraged feelings from the fans.
  144. A name for all aforementioned memes concerning Derpy's recent controversy. The other name is obviously referencing the infamous Watergate scandal.
  145. Fans had interpreted Hasbro's statement(s) to mean that Derpy would only be changed in the iTunes version, as the DVD release still contains the original Derpy. When the fans still kept raging and crying, the backlash meme began.
  146. The brief Derpy scare brought on a joke where similar characters will be censored. Including the mental patient barking Pony in "Read It and Weep" and Crackle in "Dragon Quest"
  147. One of the background ponies, a mint green unicorn with a lyre cutie mark often engaged in some sort of Funny Background Event, was seen in "Dragonshy" sitting like a human being on a bench, leading to many fanworks and jokes about her wanting to be human, mostly centered around her odd sitting patterns but recently branching into wanting human hands as well. Some officially licensed merchandise has since shown her sitting in the same manner--namely, the Lyra On My Pocket and Friendship [dead link] Is Coming [dead link] shirts and the papercraft diorama.
  148. Ever since the sitting Lyra, fans have speculated that she might in fact have an obsession with humans (even though there are no humans in Equestria). This ranges from her [dead link] creepy [dead link] obsession with hands to mimicking human behavior and ultimately to becoming a human herself.
  149. One fanartist has started popularizing a seapony version of Lyra like this one. She's watching you clop clop clop!
  150. A pic of Lyra saying this was created as a half-joking response to the overabundance of Les Yay and femslash shipping in the fandom.
  151. A new series of pictures featuring Lyra in a classroom giving wildly inaccurate speeches about humanity
  152. A sex toy shaped like Lyra was put up for auction. Waves of fanart followed shortly, with characters using the plush and it's, erm, "cavity" as everything from oven mitts to an arrow quiver.
  153. During a game-show/interview on NPR, former US president Bill Clinton stated "Krastos the Glue Maker" should be the lead villain on the show. Krastos has started to appear in fan art showing him interacting with the ponies (as well as jokes showing the characters reacting to bottles of glue), drawn as a human with long arms wearing a hat and bib overalls, a bear with a gluepot and hammer, an armored pony, and other designs.
  154. After Ms Faust drew her own ponysona the fandom almost immediately accepted her as a new OC, declaring her to be the third alicorn of Equestria, or even Celestia and Luna's parent. Still there's that matter with reclassifying species though.
  155. Said in response for Ms. Faust having an alicorn OC as alicorn OCs are normally considered Mary Sues and the arguement is because she is creator, she is allowed to represent herself as an alicorn without it being considered a Mary Sue.
  156. Often said in response to seeing someone's OC as a reference to Sweetie Belle's reaction to Twilight's less-than-impressive "Smarty Pants" doll.
  157. Another reference, in this case it's to Sweetie Belle's reaction once Twilight brainwashes her into liking the "Smarty Pants" doll. Generally used for cases when someone's OC is actually considered a pretty cool pony design.
  158. A anthropomorphic ponyfication of a bottle of Coca-Cola. She is an Earth pony with red hair, a brown transparent glass for a body, and a bottle of coke for a cutie mark. Her inside is hollow and instead is filled with coke. Drawn by various fan artists and made a cameo in Fluffle Puff's game "GO FAST".
  159. Some of the boxes that the toys come in have stickers that seem to instruct what the pony does, such as "PONY PULLS THE WAGON". This relatively minor snowclone was the result.
  160. A commercial for MLP merchandise gives a rather failed attempt at Applejack's accent.
  161. When a particularly thorough merchandise collection is on display in a forum. Reference to Kayne West's "Power" video recreated as the opening to Ponies: The Anthology.
  162. Common exclamation of bad news on the pony front, placing the blame on one of the powers that be, or an everyday troll. Referring to when copies of episodes on Youtube were taken down by a copyright claim from Habsro.
  163. Inversion of above.
  164. A commercial for this game ran during the episode "Sisterhooves Social". This has not escaped the notice of the fans.
  165. A belief and phrase uttered by those who refuse to accept the Blind bag toy names as a particular background pony's official name. Reasons include their toy names not being confirmed as canon in the show yet due to the fact that the toy department and the animation studio are working separately from each other, their toy designs, especially the character profile cards that came along with the toys, are too different from their supposed show counterparts to be the same pony, and because they just don't like the toy names in general.
  166. The antithesis of the one above. There are in fact those who took a liking on the toy names but this one is usually invoked by others to Troll those who believe that the Fan Nicknames are the only true name.
  167. A fusion of the show's depiction of Star Swirl and the toyline's Star Swirl [dead link]. This fan-made version of Star Swirl is a mare who possesses the color scheme and cutie mark of the toy Star Swirl and sports the unicorn horn, wizard hat and cape of the show's Star Swirl. These are some examples.