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>lure trick-or-treater into an alley with candy
>cover her mouth and tell her not to scream

It's like they are testing how much they can get away with.


Even little girls' shows aren't above sending in a few stealth fighters once in a while, by which we mean every Saturday morning, multiple times within 20 minutes.

  • In the very first episode, Pinkie is annoying Twilight, so Twilight groans and begins pouring a drink. At the table are large bottles of ambiguous beverages (labeled with some kind of martinit glass-like coconut cup, so possibly coconut rum) alongside hot sauce (which she accidentally drinks for a gag), with the only food to put hot sauce on being cupcakes (Pinkie of course does this, but nopony else would), so it can be implied that the intent was to mix Bloody Marys. Furthering this, while she's sleeping as the party goes on in the rest of her house, Spike asks her to join while Lampshade-Wearing.
  • In "Applebuck Season", Applejack says "Are you saying my mouth is making promises my legs can't keep?"
  • In "Swarm of the Century", we get Parasprites attaching to Rainbow Dash. In a move a bit more on-the-nose than the normal nudity jokes, they form a bra and panties on her as well.
  • In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twilight has to rush to check on Fluttershy, and she puts Spike atop her by ramming him with her head. Thankfully, her horn stays a bit to the side. However, later in the episode, she has to pull the same maneuver to rescue him from a swamp, and her horn is nowhere to be seen as she races with him atop her head...while he has a shocked expression and his limbs splayed out, upper body rocking around, yet lower body firmly stuck in place.
  • "Sonic Rainboom" starts with Rainbow Dash egging Fluttershy on to be "louder" and to have "loss of control", "screaming and hollering", and "passion" as she says "yay" and eventually screams; it's said to be "a good cheer", but sounds an awful lot like a bedroom scream. Then at the end of the episode, two male Wonderbolts are carrying Rainbow off after she saved them, and she says "I've got plans" as she looks to one of them.
  • A little over halfway through "A Dog and Pony Show," there's the Diamond Dogs' gleeful expressions of I Have You Now, My Pretty with Rarity acting like a scared little filly. Her line "Whatever do you want from me?", and at one point being spanked by one of them, does not help matters.
  • "Over a Barrel" features Pinkie doing a burlesque show. Rainbow is in the audience, and over the course of it, her wings slowly start to rise up as if they were...something else.
  • In "Best Night Ever", Spike says he's "gotta show Rarity the crown jewels". Celestia doesn't even have more than one jewel on her head...
  • In "The Cutie Pox", Apple Bloom essentially cheats pony puberty. Applejack soon is woken up in the middle of the night by her loud repetitive noises (from her clopping, as in dancing in place).
  • "May the Best Pet Win" has a bald eagle come up to a giant eel, which promptly bites at its head. It pulls back...sans head, only to pop its head out from its neck a moment later.
  • In "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", Applejack calls one of her hind legs "Kicks Mc Gee", which is derived from the nickname "Tits Mc Gee" for women with large breasts.
  • In "Secret of My Excess", where Spike is going through what can only be described as "dragon puberty", Twilight describes his most common symptom as "He's getting kind of... grabby." Later, after Spike is back to normal, his crush Rarity kisses his cheek, and his tail straightens out.
  • In "The Last Roundup", the ponies find AJ working for Cherry Jubilee in an old west town, picking cherries to make money for the town since she didn't bring home a big rodeo prize. This seems an awful lot like prostitution, especially considering the fruit chosen.
  • In the Cold Open for "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", Rainbow Dash barges straight into Fluttershy's bedroom to wake her up, and rips the covers off. Fluttershy's reaction? She blushes and covers up her chest with her forelegs. The episode proper features frothy mugs of cider[1], with adult ponies lined up for miles to drink it, including Rainbow Dash, who's so desperate she'll eat cider-soaked dirt.
  • In "Hearts and Hooves Day", the CMC do a whole song montage about ponies not fit for Cheerilee to date. This includes "too young" and a one that's "weirdly obsessed with jelly". Later in the episode, Cheerilee and Big Mac share a cherry between their mouths.
  • In "Putting Your Hoof Down", Fluttershy dismisses Pinkie Pie and Rarity's interests by saying nopony else gives a flying feather about them.
    • There are other almost-swearing moments, like Rainbow Dash shouting "Oh, horse apples!" when she realizes she's fallen behind in the race in "Fall Weather Friends," and Twilight angrily asking "Who in the hoof is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza?" in "A Canterlot Wedding."
      • The "horse apples" comment is especially fitting, if you happen to know about "road apples".
    • Examining each character's use of these "almost-swears", Applejack is surprisingly the most foul-mouthed of the six, with Rainbow Dash just falling behind.
    • Fluttershy uses her hoof to flip the bird. [2]
  • In "It's About Time", Spike has a dream with Rarity and a ton of ice cream, or as he tells Twi, "an ice cream dream". It sounds exactly like "a nice cream dream", as in a wet dream.
  • In "Hurricane Fluttershy", they slipped in a reference to steroid use and a certain one of its side effects with a white Pegasus boasting bulging muscles and rather tiny wings.
  • In "Ponyville Confidential", one of the stories printed in the paper was Fluttershy's tail extension, which, judging from the reactions, is treated as an Equestrian equivalent of breast implants.
    • There's also Pinkie's "party animal problem," the picture of which shows her dancing in a punch bowl while wearing a lampshade. She breaks down crying admitting that she does have a problem.
    • And here's Sweetie Belle in...something that looks like a showgirl's outfit.
    • Sweetie later needs to interrupt Rarity's magic, and does so by flicking her horn to break her concentration. Horns of course are rather stiff protrusions several inches long...
  • The S2 season finale very early in has Twilight shaking her rear at Cadance with an excited look and a very heavily-bent over pose. Later, it has Spike, who has been chosen to host Shining Armor's bachelor party, ask the main six just what one would consist of. The girls are too busy giggling to give any sort of answer.
    • As noted elsewhere on the wiki, the Changelings' modus operandi resembles that of succubi.
  • One Bad Apple has Sweetie, showing off her butt while covered in a full golden glitter coating like a Bond girl, mention it "must be what Rarity uses on her emergency edible boots". In classic TV, putting boots on can refer to sex, and chances are Rarity has not invented actual edible clothing, but had to get rid of some...evidence of things.
  • In Apple Family Reunion, Applejack is worried about the reunion, and her little sister Apple Bloom comes into her room to help her relax. The two then lay back on the bed with frazzled manes (which of course was used as the thumbnail for Hasbro's official clip). After that, Apple Bloom falls asleep on Applejack's bed, and AJ responds by pulling the covers over her, then putting her hooves on her butt and admiring her a moment before the scene ends without indicating where AJ then slept.
  • In Spike at Your Service, Spike gives Applejack a massage. His claw-hands go quite far back on her body, basically only massaging her rear area, and she makes quite a pleasured face.
  • Keep Calm and Flutter on has a mischievous Discord bring a gravy boat to life. It promptly pours hot gravy on Rainbow Dash...seemingly on her crotch, obscured by the table.
  • Princess Twilight sees Pinkie acting extremely lusty about "creamy, creamy frosting". Later, Twilight has to guzzle a potion whose contents are entirely white.
  • Filli Vanilla sees Big Mac sweating as he spies Fluttershy (who's singing for him since he lost his voice) out the window while singing in front of a bunch of kids. Fluttershy at that moment is getting into the rhythm by...twerking rather intensely.
  • It Ain't Easy Being Breezies features Fluttershy in a bee outfit shaking her rear seductively at a Breezy, asking "Does this bring to mind any images for you?"
  • In Just for Sidekicks, Zecora comes in with a pretty blatant prostitution metaphor; she offers to help Spike with his "bad mojo", and her price upon seeing he has gems is "some of [his] booty" to relieve him of it so he isn't so focused on it. Later, Spike is horrified to hear Scootaloo asking where Tank's head is and seeing Tank with a bit of red next to his head hole. Of course, as a tortoise, Tank can hide his head inside his shell, and it's a false alarm.
  • In Pinkie Pride, Cheese pulls off a few sentences that are a bit suggestive for TV-Y: "You know that with Cheese Sandwich you'll be partying all night!" and "Hey good lookin', want some mayonnaise?"
  • Make New Friends But Keep Discord has another clothing-removal gag as Discord vacuums away Rarity's clothes and she covers up in embarrassment. Later on, it also has a thinly-veiled murder threat, with Discord threatening to send Fluttershy's new friend to "another dimension", one that horrifies her.
  • In Party Pooped, Cherry Jubilee, the pony who seems suspiciously like an old west brothel madam, returns, saying "Me and the boys are powerful tired 'cause we was up all night countin' cherries." Yes, totally meaning the fruit...
  • Flutter Brutter brings the first time characters react in-universe to a family-friendly swear replacement as being something not so friendly in-universe, as a mother shields her child's ears and seems absolutely offended when Fluttershy repeatedly says "peeved" in public.
  • Dungeons and Discords has Rainbow Dash saying she wants in because of "Big Mac's sword". She's never shown any interest in melee weapons, and once actually in the game, doesn't have one...
  • The Cutie Map has AJ say "Finally I can buck like a five-bit snake herder at an Appleloosa ranch house again!" Bucking is a fandom euphemism of course, and the only snakes to herd in a ranch house in an old west town would be the ones found in trousers...
  • No Second Prances has Trixie do a Houdini-esque (even with "Hoofdini" creating it) magic trick just as Starlight is feeling like it's best to leave her. Trixie is clearly suicidal and the trick involved (escaping from a Manticore's stomach) is not survivable without Starlight's help. Starlight does come around in time, but it's outright attempted suicide!
  • Hard to Say Anything heavily features a rival male called Feather Bangs interested in Big Mac's crush, who acts extremely flirtatious and flashy, kind of like a hypersexual Justin Bieber, going well and beyond anything else any other pony does in the entire series. His name refers to his hair, but his cutie mark (which is supposed to symbolize his special talent) is, bizarrely, a pink feather with two hearts. Yep, his special talent is loving you with his genitals.
  • Grannies Gone Wild brings us first its very name, and then Granny Smith's "cranky flank cream" (sounds like Preparation H), and then has one of the old geezers transfer a bit to a hotel employee with her mouth, making him sweat at the uncomfortable and clearly flirtatious attention; Granny then says "Maybe they should call you Apple Saucy!" in response.
  • Road to Friendship for the most part seems rather platonic with Trixie and Starlight, until you realize that Starlight Glimmer's gag to stop her from snoring is Trixie's cape.
  • A Rockhoof and a Hard Place features the titular character struggling to find work in modern society, and one of his outings has him delivering Cranky Doodle's medicine for a "a rash in a VERY EMBARRASSING PLACE" (shouted to the entire town); cue a mare next to Cranky looking at him funny and running away. Later, after he's seemingly exhausted his options, he asks to be turned to stone, implicitly permanently.
  • Father Knows Beast sees the usual joke about nudity, but with a twist in that Twilight is rather freaked out by looking directly at Sludge's crotch as he took on a seductive pose. As well, when she is framed by legs, part of the background is in just the right spot to suspiciously resemble male genitalia.
  • The Beginning of the End sees Sombra's return, and the Mane 6 eventually realize as they did in the first episode that the elements of harmony aren't just the physical items, but are within them. In the episode's script, Sombra's second blasting just has a flash of light, but in the actual episode...he's torn apart in a way you can briefly see his skin separate from muscle if you're paying attention.
  • In Frenemies, Chrysalis is seen to still have the purple wooden remains of Mean Twilight, which in addition to being basically the skull of a former minion, is awfully phallic in shape for something for her to be holding close.
  • In Dragon Dropped, as Rarity is being jealous about Spike spending all his time with Gabby instead of her, she sees them at a table having cherry-topped milkshakes together (like the ones in Hearts and Hooves Day), and Gabby digs her cherry out, gives it to spike, and he pops it slowly. Rarity soon freaks out and sneaks into Spike's room at night, getting up on the bed and standing over him before forcing him to do things with her.
  1. In most countries, "cider" means the alcoholic kind by default.
  2. Interestingly, a horse's hoof is a vestigial middle finger. So she is flipping the bird.