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    This wiki's gonna have the number one meme list for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden! Believe it!

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    • The meme. <ref>The explanation behind the meme.</ref> [1]


    Naruto: Pein's chakra's... inside me...

    • Zetsu's enthusiastic HALLOOO from episode 201.
    • "X confirmed for Final Villain"[7]
    • "Killer Bee Facts" [dead link]
    • Any time Might Guy and Rock Lee have a bonding moment, an unbreakable genjutsu involving a sunset and a crashing wave is created and the image is placed in your mind for as long as you live. This technique is FAR WORSE THAN FREAKING TSUKUYOMI!!!
    • Meta-example, the 'Naruto is a gateway anime' copypasta. It's to the point that it became one of the banners in a certain imageboard.
    • When Itachi finally dies, his face smacks into the wall as he falls to the ground. This has pretty much become a meme of "Itachi Style: Facewall" when something is completely ridiculous.
    • One joke for the huge amount of Ho Yay between Sasuke and Naruto is that Sasuke is SasuGAY for Naruto.
    1. Like this.
    2. Naruto's continuous attempts to force Sasuke to come back to the Leaf Village, even if he clearly doesn't want to, have been interpreted by fans as overly annoying, even because it's actually what the overall plot consist on.
    3. Recent chapters reveal that THE ORIGINAL Madara Uchiha is revived by Edo Tensei, raising questions on WHO IS THE GUY IN THE MASK?
    4. ToMaTo is a nickname for this guy who could possibly be one of these characters: Tobi, Madara, ObiTo. As of this reveal it is very unlikely to be Madara.
    5. From the 13 ending of Shippuden, which put a catchy yet repetitive song featuring a character, up to and including the episode that ended with severe Mood Whiplash and that character being beaten rather soundly.
    6. This stems from a moment on TV Tropes' Naruto thread in the forum, in which someone asked a spoiler-sensitive question, to which multiple people answered within seconds of each other: Kakuzu
    7. Who exactly is going to be the final enemy of the series has been the source of heavy speculation and debate for a very long time, and thus the source of more than a few jokes.