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  • Rock Lee is a shoutout to Bruce Lee.
  • The name of Kakuzu's attacks are named after Zeon mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam, a show that the author mentions he watched as a kid the anecdotes of a much earlier chapter.
  • Might Guy is named after the Hot-Blooded protagonists of Might Gaine and GaoGaiGar, Might Senpuuji and Guy Shishioh.
  • Regarding Konan's ultimate paper bomb attack:
    • To meet the 600 billion quota, she would need to produce 228,159 paper seals every second for 1 month. That's 13,689,546 paper seals every minute; 821,372,779 paper seals every hour; And 19,712,946,700 paper seals every day for one month.
    • In 2007, all the newspapers in the world only sell about 395 million copies per day (55 million in the U.S).
    • Assuming Konan's paper seals have the same dimensions as a standard playing card (63 mm x 88 mm), 600 billion paper seals would have a surface area of 3,326 kilometers squared. New York City has a surface area of 790 kilometers squared. Konan's papers could blot out the sun in New York City four times over.
    • A standard 52-card deck weights 94g. 11,538,461,500 decks could be made from Konan's paper: weighing at a total of 1,195,583 tons.
    • One ton of non-recycled office paper uses 24 trees (each tree 40 feet tall and 6-8 inches in diameter). Without ninja magic, 28,693,992 trees would have to be slaughtered.
    • The typical thickness of a playing card is 0.25mm. If Konan were to stack up all her paper, it would have a height of 150,000 kilometers. The diameter of Jupiter is only 142,984 kilometers. It would take a stack of over 11 Planet Earths to reach 150,000 kilometers.
    • The total volume of the paper at 831,600 cubic meters exceeds the volume of the BP oil spill at 4.9 million barrels or 780,000 cubic meters. Konan's papers could soak up the BP oil spill.
    • Konan's attack produced one billion explosions per second. If the amount of energy released from one of those explosions is equal to just one gram of TNT then the amount of energy release per second is equivalent to 1 kiloton of TNT. The total amount of energy released from the 10 minute onslaught is equivalent to 600 kilotons of TNT, which translates to 0.6 megatons. To put this into perspective:
      • The Little Boy atomic bomb exploded on Hiroshima with an energy of about 15 kilotons of TNT.
      • The highest yield nuclear weapon ever detonated was Tsar Bomba, at 50 megatons.
      • The variable-yield B83 nuclear bombs in the current US arsenal have a maximum yield of exactly twice this estimate of Konan's total assault, at 1.2 megatons.
      • This chart of nuclear weapon yields suggests that this estimate of Konan's assault would carry a total yield of somewhere between the Ivy King and the B83.
    • Supposing four tags are the size of one book's leaf of paper, bound in sets of 200 leaves (400 pages), that's 800 tags per book. Squeeze those on to double sided bookshelves, eight shelves high, eight books per foot. Konan filled a library building, ten stories high, each story having twenty-two quarter mile long shelves. Imagine every sheet of paper in the French Bibliotheque Nationale exploding four times.
    • It would be simpler if Konan had some kind of doubling power where she could split paper bombs into double the number of equal sized paper bombs with a fixed input of time and chakra. If she had, starting with a single paper bomb she would only have to employ this jutsu ceiling(lg2(6,000,000,000)) = 33 times. Then again, the implications of allowing such a jutsu to operate without bound are catastrophic- even according to the highest estimate, it would only take 186 applications of the jutsu for the mass of produced paper bombs to exceed that of the observable universe.
  • Mifune is named after Toshiro Mifune, famous for his portrayal of samurai in movies of Akira Kurosawa. Interestingly enough, the name of his sword is Meifou Kurosawa.
  • Every time two Akatsuki members fought, an Uchiha was involved and won.
  • Mizuki was created to be as offensive to Naruto as possible. How so, you ask? His least favorite food is ramen.
  • Naruto and Gaara have a lot in common, their father is the Yondaime and their mothers died after they were born, their hobbies deal with taking care of plants (Naruto: gardening, Gaara: taking care of cactus. By Shippuden they're the same size (height and weight). Also they both want to fight Sasuke. Also if you add the Month and Day of their birthdays you get 20. They were also made Jinchuuriki when they were babies.
    • Word of God says this was intentional to make Gaara as the Foil to Naruto. And if that's not all, their fathers as well as the events of meeting their fathers also play out very similarly to each other.
  • The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Kazekage have all had some variety of telekinetic control over sand—the Third with his Iron Sands, the Fourth with his Gold Dust, and the Fifth (Gaara) being...Gaara. (It's almost like they pay attention to terrain advantage or something.)
  • Deidara is the only known person who fought a living Kage straight up and won, Gaara in his own village: What happened between the Third Kazekage and Sasori is unknown, The Fourth Kazekage was slain by Orochimaru in an ambush, the battle between The Third Hokage and Orochimaru was a draw at best, Tsunade succumbed to chakra exhaustion and was not defeated by Pain directly, Minato defeated Tobi, but gave his life to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto and Danzo wasn't officially sworn in.
  • Mitarashi Anko is the name of two types of dango. Ain't that funny?