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  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - So many that making a Drinking Game out of it would have you unconscious by halfway through the first season.
    • Amazingly, Nyanko-Sensei gets one when he helps a lost little girl back to safety - carrying her on his back in his One-Winged Angel form. His seemingly unkind and blunt attitude really isn't fooling anyone by this point, is it?
      • And right after that, when he reunites with Natsume after their fight and his being kicked out of the house--"Natsumeeeeeee!" (Cue the big fat kitty galloping after his "pet.")
    • Give Natsume access to a Youkai which is helpless, depressed, or otherwise in pain, particularly one that's even vaguely cute. Watch the fangirls melt at how adorable he becomes when he's got something to protect.
      • And then there's Natsume with Tama-chan... just... oh, goodness, Tama-chan!
    • In episode seven of the Oddly-Named Sequel 2: Electric Boogaloo Zoku - What initially seems to be a cruel prank by Reiko (taking a Youkai who's name she had stolen's contract and tying it to a tree branch, telling him not to come back for it for fifty years "or else the seas would rage and the world would be destroyed!") turns out to be an incredibly sweet gesture: The little Youkai wanted to see the sea, but was afraid to leave the forest. Reiko knew that fifty years was but a blink of an eye for a Youkai, and that if she tied the contract to a tree, then by the time the Youkai came back for his name, it would be tall enough for him to see through the forest -to the ocean beyond.
    • In San, Natsume and a cat/prankster youkai from his childhood apologizing and coming to terms with one another.
    • Natsume's conversation with Tanuma after the latter is attacked by a dangerous youkai while trying to help Natsume. Aside from the Ho Yay, Natsume realizes that, although he should never lose his concern for his friends, he should be more confiding in them (or at least Tanuma).
    • The ending of the Moon-Splitting Festival arc, when Houzuki and Fudzuki leave the mountain side-by-side as two identical lights.
    • In chapter 52, when Natori tell Natsume that in the past, he wanted him as an ally to help him, but now he is happy to help Natsume.
  • Ho Yay - Natsume and Natori. In one episode of the anime, Natori asks Natsume to go to the hot springs with him, and shows up at his house with a bouquet of roses. It does not help that Natori is voiced by Akira Ishida.
    • Same episode - Natori mentions to Natsume that if constantly lying to his foster family about the Youkai ever becomes too difficult, he can always come to him (please note, their futons are right next to each other at the time.)
      • Though taken another way (given that Natori had just been asking whether Natsume was happy with his foster parents), this has completely different connotations.
    • Episode 6 of Natsume Yuujinchou San, a romantic bgm plays just when Natori and Natsume get-off the bus giving the whole scene a date-ish vibe.
    • Matoba/Natsume hints are so obvious that they don't really need to be mentioned.
    • In the first episode of Zoku, Natsume commented on the Lord Youkai he had recently freed as being really cute.
      • Though this was in reference to the cat statue he had been sealed in and, like Madara/Nyanko-sensei, had taken control of.
    • Tanuma/Natsume. Tanuma sure seems intent on learning how Natsume sees the world. Look, they're practically sparkling at one another And 7th episode of 4th season overflows with it (all that hand grabbing and overprotective-ness)
      • The anime equivalent last episode of the first season had the end card jokingly translated as "Thank you for watching Natsume Gay-jinchou, or Natsume's Gay Best Friend" by one fansub group because of their near-sparkling at one another throughout said episode.
      • They also have a good amount in chapter 28.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Some of those Youkai are as creepy as can possibly be.
    • Like that cabinet scene involving Kakura, the Kimono Youkai on Episode 5 of Natsume Yuujinchou San when it jerked and hastily crawled towards Natsume and Tanuma with just its one hand and leg.
  • Tear Jerker - This show is packed with them. The sensitive are advised to watch witha wad of kleenex at the ready.
    • And then there was that part in Episode Six where Natsume cries upon seeing the photograph of the Youkai girl he'd grown attatched to, finally getting to be with the human she had so badly wanted to meet all her life, if only for a few hours before she vanished.
    • Any moment where Natsume feels less like an outcast and more like he has a place where he actually belongs doubles as both this and a CMOH.
    • The episode with the firefly spirit and her only friend, which had lost the ability to see her. What is it with anime, fireflies and tear jerkers anyhow?
    • Episode 4 of Natsume Yuujinchou San, when the youkai haunting a tree drops down to give the revisiting Natsume a gentle hug.
    • Episode 5 of the same season when the little youkais watching over the sick Shin'ichiro try to cure him by making their own version of a stethoscope and the little youkai with its hair in a bun sorts of sings to him while shaking the end of the "stethoscope" beside Shin'ichiro's head.
    • Every goddamned episode.
  • The Woobie - So. Many. Characters! But particuarly Natsume.

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