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Necro Vision is a Fantasy First-Person Shooter. Set in 1916, you play as Simon Bukner, a U.S. Soldier enlisted in the British Army during World War One. As you progress, you discover things much more dark and sinister than the horrors of The Great War while fighting such enemies as the German Imperial Army, zombies, and demons.

Gameplay is compared to games such as Doom, Painkiller, and Serious Sam whereas you face swarms of enemies. Combat is a combination of shooting and different styles of melee.

Received an expansion in February 2010, a prequel entitled Necro Vision: Lost Company. This time, the player takes control of Doctor Jonas Zimmermann as he hurries to deliver a cure for the wave of zombies overtaking the German camps... and in the process begins the path to obtaining Shadowhand and becoming the Necromancer.

Tropes used in Necro Vision include: