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  • The randomized dialogue in Hot Pursuit 2010 when you wreck an officer comes in two parts, both randomised seperately which has more than enough potential to become this.

Officer: Vehicle disabled, send EMS.
Dispatch: A tow truck has been sent out, ETA 15 minutes.

    • In a similar vein, when you bust a Racer, you might hear your Player Character say "That's my 50th ticket today!"
    • An alternate line could include: "Dispatch... uh... I don't think he'll be bothering us again."
  • The physics in Hot Pursuit 2 can make way for some hilarious moments as brushing the side of a bus or car at high speeds will send your car into a massive spin out or even send it flying!
  • Cheaters in NFS HP 2010. While they got all it takes to rule the game they just don't have patience and it's friggin hilarious watching cheater destroy themselves!