Neko Kawaigari

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Neko Kawaigari is an H-game by 13cm, about a private clinic of catgirls.

The Player Character is Jack, a dog-man with no memory of how he got there, only that he was rescued by the head of the clinic, Dr. Alice Crane.

In order to repay her, he becomes an odd-job man at the clinic, helping with the patients, whom are the aforementioned catgirls. Considering they are, in fact, the patients, they all have some sort of illness.

Primarily known for the mild Memetic Mutation the (NSFW) opening is subject to, due to the Gratuitous English and awkward lyrics.

Was being fan-translated by Tengu Translations, but due to a C&D notice, was dropped.

Tropes used in Neko Kawaigari include: