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There is a 0.00002% probability of memes in Neon Genesis Evangelion[1]

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  1. 0.00002%? Sounds more like 100% to me!.
  2. Like this.
  3. Explanation: The common summary for End of Evangelion. Note that this is exactly what happens.
  4. Perhaps as a result of his Misaimed Fandom, the manga made Kaworu less ambiguous in his intentions and more sinister, leading to this to distinguish between the two versions.
  5. Explanation: In the manga Kaworu strangles a kitten to death, and that's [[Never Live It Down|all that anyone remembers.
  6. Created after the above, a variation on the popular meme of "Everytime you masturbate God kills a kitten".
  7. Used to refer to Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, since it was pointed out how similar he was to Shinji conceptually.
  8. A large portion of the series' enormously Broken Base is because of Shinji, viewed then and now as an incredibly pathetic and weak main character for the genre.
  9. Explanation: due to pulling off perhaps the most amazing 7 minutes in anime history at the end of 2.0, nobody makes fun of Shinji anymore.....except for people who don't accept the Rebuild series.
  10. Kaji's killer is never seen, and speculation about them abounded until Word of God put their foot down and said it was just a random soldier.
  11. Kaworu is frequently interpreted as a Christ figure, a divine being sacrificing himself so that humankind can live, leading to this. Became an Ascended Meme when ADV Films created a bumper sticker with this phrase on it.
  12. Became both famous and copied to death after its "debut" in AMV Hell 2.
  13. Based on a scene in the manga version of End where Ritsuko, after having been shot by Gendo, wills herself to hang on just long enough to take revenge by reaching her gun and shooting Gendo in the throat point-blank from behind.
  14. The spoof video Evangelion: ReDeath spawned this incredibly popular line, and possibly also the ascension of Gendo to Memetic Sex God status.
  15. Explanation: A summary of Rei's (according to Word of God, misaimed) fandom according to Asuka shippers
  16. Explanation: The English dub used a Precision F-Strike during the infamous "Shinji masturbates over Asuka's comatose body" scene.
  17. The ending to the series. No, we don't understand it either.
  18. Shinji attempts to use this as his Survival Mantra. It doesn't quite work that way...
  19. A counterpoint to the above from one of the most famous Evangelion Fix Fics.
  20. Another lovely Madness Mantra that Asuka recites in her catatonic state in The End of Evangelion.
  21. Spike Spencer (Shinji's voice actor) provides his own thoughts regarding the series' ending.
  22. Shinji's physics lesson with Asuka quickly descends into Something Else Also Rises.
  23. An incredibly over-the-top declaration made by an army guy in the first episode of the English dub.
  24. Asuka's psychic assault by the 15th Angel became the Trope Namer for any form of mental violation.
  25. Anyone clasping their hands in front of their face while wearing Scary Shiny Glasses is instantly mysterious and sinister.
  26. Gendo's last words to Ritsuko in The End of Evangelion are infamously muted, leaving fans to fill in the blank.
  27. Following the examples of You Are (Not) Alone and You Can (Not) Advance, it's gotten popular to make random statements with the word 'not' (or something else) in brackets.
  28. It's hilarious to imagine what it would be like if 4Kids! Entertainment got hold of Evangelion.
  29. Rebuild of Evangelion is generally considered to have made Shinji more badass than the original. Whether or not this is a good thing...
  30. Explanation: At the end of 2.0, Shinji gets the girl...and triggers Third Impact. Best Big Damn Villains moment ever Kaworu.
  31. Misato's habit of promising Fan Service during the Next Episode Previews
  32. Explanation: Kaji's "English" in Evangelion 2.0.
  33. Also Kaji's infamous Engrish, rendered phonetically. He doesn't actually say "to defeat the Angel", or "to defeat the Angels" - it just evolved that way.
  34. Mari's Engrish Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner
  35. Explanation: Another Mari-ism, this time from Evangelion 2.22's the English dub.
  36. A variant of the "while I play unfitting music" meme, referencing the abundant use of Soundtrack Dissonance in Evangelion.
  37. Explanation: Said by Rei III to Gendo as she disowns him while he tries to create his version of Instrumentality, becomes independent and does it her way. So popular is the equivalent phrase in Japan that they parodied it on Keroro Gunsou.
  38. Used to refer to Kaworu coming out nowhere with a Deus Ex Machina to keep the movies going. Why? Because last we saw him, he was on the moon.
  39. The second preview for Evangelion 3.0 features Asuka in Unit-02 flying around in space, fighting something offscreen.