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The world of Taivas was one of peace and prosperity. The world inhabited by a multitude of anthropomorphic animal beings has not seen a single war in years and all nations were enjoying economic plenty. And then they set their gaze on the stars. Through much work the first space craft was created and sent into orbit, but travel through the vast expanse of space was still not possible.

That is until the Kovolis Engineering created the Jump drive. With the Jump Gates travel to other worlds was made possible. No longer did the people of Taivas have to ponder about faster than light travel and dream of alien worlds. They had made it and they were going to use it. A booming industry was built up around the excitement of space and Kovolis became a household name and a vast empire with colonies being created in the starry expanse.

The sky was once the limit, but no longer. Now the whole universe was open to explore and with this new field open for play came a new host of problems. How best to run a colony? How to deal with the rise of space piracy? Not to mention the great organized crime syndicates. Or perhaps one wonders how best to profit off other ships via criminal actions. And what of competition to the great Kovolis?

Nexus-Gate is a freeform roleplay that takes place in this vast world. The players are free to explore the world of Taivas and its pristine capital New Cynulliad, the colony world of Cielo with its capital of Reguvia, the rough and tumble Svoboda with its lawlessness, and the realm of space above. One can take on a multitude of roles in the game from that of a humble trader to that of a space pirate as they play out this individuals life. One can also write up short stories, advertisements that would appear on the Comnet, and more. It is a cooperative story telling and world building experience.

What role will you play?

The interested can find the game's site here. [dead link]

Tropes used in Nexus-Gate include: