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  • WWE wrestler The Undertaker's entire persona would be a lot less creepy and intimidating if it weren't for his Badass Longcoat and trademark wide-brimmed hat together making him look like a gigantic psychotic Amish gravedigger.
    • Also the bandanas that he wore as Biker Taker. He even color-coded them to an extent-- when he was wearing red, he was in full-blown Heel mode, while black/dark blue generally were for his Face persona, although the rule wasn't absolute.
  • ECW Superfan "Hat Guy" is actually an inversion; his straw hat and loud tourist shirts made him look like he's (as Joel Gertner put it) "still hung over from the Reagan administration."
  • WCW's Buff Bagwell wears that giant top hat during his entrance theme.
  • The Miz after joining with John Morrison.
  • Triple H and occasionally Stephanie McMahon would don berets during the McMahon-Helmsley Era/Faction/Regime/Factime. These days Haitch wears a baseball cap.
  • Along with Shawn Michaels wearing a cowboy hat.
  • No love for JR and the Resitol? Jerry Lawler and his crown? Paul Heyman and his baseball caps?
  • No Randy Savage? For shame!
  • Kurt Angle proudly wears any hat.
  • Sheamus' Celtic crown that he began wearing ever since he became King of the Ring.
  • Billy and Bart Gunn/The Smokin' Gunns with their cowboy hats. The Berserk Button aspect was invoked when the Heavenly Bodies invaded and then made fun of and finally stomped on those hats, prompting a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • John Cena and his many baseball caps, available at

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