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    Nickelback is a Canadian Hard Rock/Post-Grunge band formed by Chad Kroeger, his half-brother Mike Kroeger, guitarist Ryan Peake, and then drummer Brandon Kroeger. They're based in (but not originally from) Vancouver. The band has enjoyed widespread success worldwide despite a lot of criticism. Your mileage will vary.

    Their current lineup is:

    • Chad Kroeger - Vocals, guitar
    • Ryan Peake - Guitar, backing vocals
    • Mike Kroeger - Bass guitar
    • Daniel Adair - Drums, backing vocals


    • Curb (1996)
    • The State (2000)
    • Silver Side Up (2001)
    • The Long Road (2003)
    • All the Right Reasons (2005)
    • Dark Horse (2008)
    • Here and Now (2011)
    Nickelback provides examples of the following tropes: