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Meet Nickelodeon, one of the first kids' only cable channels ever. Not just for kids, though, as clearly shown here. This channel rivals Cartoon Network in terms of radar breakage. Specific examples include:

  • Invader Zim has a violent image of GIR in duty mode covered in blood concealed as single frames inside several episodes. Supposedly as a retaliation for not letting the image be present in another episode. A search on youtube for "bloody GIR" turns up a variety of these that have been discovered.
    • Not to mention the more obvious stuff on the show like having a kid's eyes pulled from its sockets, having Zim burst out of an alien's stomach, Zim shown having an autopsy being done on him, the ENTIRE Halloween episode, and of course Zim going around, stealing other people's organs for himself and then replacing them with inanimate objects.
      • Including, in one case, a small cat in a girl's lower abdomen.
    • In the career day episode, the computer that determines the students' future careers is dubbed the "POS 2000".
  • Danny Phantom has this little tidbit:

Sam: You'd scream, too, if you were stuck in a sleepover with [Paulina].
Danny: Actually, I kinda doubt that.

    • There was also a little scene in "Bitter Reunions" where an adult was bouncing around with a lampshade on his head. I don't need to elaborate further on what he's been drinking.
    • Vlad's line in "Livin' Large": "That sounds fun, akin to sticking hot needles in my--" The inquiring mind wonders on what he was going to say.
    • This little exchange between Sam and Tucker, the former trying to goth him up:

Tucker: I am NOT getting my ears pierced!
Sam: * with cheeky grin* Who said anything about your ears?

      • Though in all fairness, when it comes to the Goth style of piercings, tongue, eyebrow, and nose tend to spring to mind earlier than parts down south.
    • And of course, this:

Maddie: Vlad! Help me get these pants off Jack!
Vlad: Nope! Sorry, that's all you.

    • And this from the same episode:

Danny: I couldn't sleep with my enemy in the next room.
Sam: My parents' room is next to mine. It's not the same, but I can't sleep either.

    • I'm SHOCKED that no one mentioned the scene where Danny gets his memory back in "Memory Blank" which shows Danny using his invisibility to sneak out of the girls' locker room. Twice.
    • "Reality Trip" has the following exchange:

Freakshow: Your beloved children have but a day to return my Reality Gems. Should they fail...Well, let's just say I've got plans...
Jazz: So, in other words, we're just gonna sit around until you get your stones.

    • No mention of this?

Sam: Promise me you'll keep your pants up?
Danny: I'll try.

    • From "Secret Weapons":

Jack: (suggestively) The kids are gone, we have the house to ourselves . . . I'll get the checkerboard!
Maddie: *looks irritated*

    • There's also Ember McLain's song. We only hear the refrain in the show itself, but it was available to listen to for free on Butch Hartman's website, and it seems to tell the story of how she died. Near as anyone can tell, she killed herself, possibly via self-immolation ("Like dead trees in cold December/Nothing but ashes remain") after discovering her "boyfriend" was actually only using her for a quick lay ("To you, I did surrender/Two weeks, you didn't call").
  • CatDog: This exchange between Rancid and Lube:

Rancid: (after giving orders) "Now show some class!"
Lube: *turns around and drops his pants*
Rancid: "I SAID CLASS!

  • In All Grown Up!, in the episode Super Hero Worship, there's a scene where the gang is going into a building. The name of the building escapes me, but you can only see two letters of the name for about 10-15 seconds in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, and they stand out quite a bit from the rest of the background. Guess which two? H. O.
    • One episode had Phil walk in on Lil while she was trying on a new bra. Screaming ensued.
    • Oh yes and remember the infamous "A kid his age should be outside playing with his friends, not sitting alone in his room bopping his Boppo." line Phil once said about Chuckie in the original series? Well All Grown Up did have a little Continuity Nod to this on how Angelica once said "Remember when I use to bop your Boppo?" to Chuckie. While one could argue that this is more of a Innocent Innuendo but considering how the original line is often viewed lets just say some viewers were rather amused by this scene.
    • The Christmas episode has numerous references to God, and Lil outright states it at one point.
    • In Wouldn't It Be Nice?, an episode where the kids "pretend" marriage for class, quite a few kids (including the main characters) get paired with someone of the same sex.
  • For its live action kids shows (especially the Dan Schneider shows): "Oh My God". gratuitously used by the characters. that's all.
  • As Told by Ginger did this a couple of times. Some of the most common are any scene that references Courtney stuffing her bra. (In particular, when she went to a high school party, and the high school girls (in an effort to knock her down a peg) remove her bikini top to reveal how underdeveloped she really is.) It could also be said that her feelings for Ginger border on Les Yay. And let's not forget the episode Carl and Maude, where Maude was stuffing her face with brisket and Carl said, lovingly, "She eats like a wild cougar"
    • Another episode features Courtney trying to persuade French exchange student Jean-Pierre to go to first base with Ginger, and Miranda trying to persuade him not to. One scene has her talking about the attractiveness of various girls in a very enthusiastic way

Miranda: "* points to a girl* She's cute...
Courtney: "Don't get distracted!"