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Alternative Character Interpretations


  • Alt-Itis : All elements of the Double Play entry from the main page are actually mild cases of it. In one of the books, Arthéon is stated to have another avatar in each of the game's classes beacause of his background interest (but they're all guildless and stuck somewhere between levels 1 and 10 beacause of that), making him the only known possible case of the full-blown condition.
  • Badass Decay: Arthéon, when he was suddenly sent from level 100 to level 1. Dark Avenger also, in parallel to his Villain Decay.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Gaea and Sparadrap getting kicked out by Judge Dead in early Season 2 ? Of course they were going come back one way or another. As for Master Zen, avatar banning has become a slap on the wrist by Season 3.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Gaea crossed it in Season 4 when after loosing her affiliation to the Empire because of failed quests and bad deeds, she asks to be invited in group composed of a couple of Gaea worshipper's guild members under the (implied) pretext of a higher probability to finish a quest by their side, then kills Sparadrap, Ivy and Golgotha, making the Coalition her new affiliation in the process. Two episodes later, Ivy stated that the act was unforgivable.
    • Another interpretation exists for that event : Gaea really was a The Mole for the Coalition all along, and she lost her affiliation to the Empire on purpose to go back to her actual side. That interpretation stems from her affirmative answer when Meuhmeuh asks her if she's "coming home" : that could either be her dropping the mask now that her former guildmates can't hear her or her palying the masquerade that ensures the Gaea worshipper's guild's faithfulness more seriously now that she's joined them. A couple of other facts could support that interpretation : Ivy saying that her cursor would "revert to its orginal color" if she finished a quest (though the change could be due to her being the guest of a Coalition group) and that Gaea was never seen choosing her faction when she created her avatar.
  • Older Than They Think: The audience first assumed that the series was inspired from .hack. It was actually based on an older web series by Fabien Fournier, Lost Levels. However, an homage was done to this legend in Season 2 premiere : the first appearance of Kevin (the player behind Sparadrap) is in a wheelchair, (and with a Stephen Hawking voice) just like Subaru. It turns out that Kevin was just playing with his grandma's chair.
    • In addition to Lost Levels, Noob shares elements of an audio spoof of World of Warcraft. Gaea,Ystos and Zell (known at White Zell) existed as early as that spoof, but the noob was the tank, named Fungliboss.
    • Syrial, a movie made around the same time as later episodes of Lost Levels, had early apperances quite a few elements used in the books, especially the second one. Some of the characters ended up in the series, such as Pironess and Tabris. The general idea of Centralis first appeared in that movie also.
  • "Stop Having Fun!" Guys: Saphir seems to be this. There's also Spectre who considers Horizon to be a science that he's the only one to fully master.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Fabien Fournier himself admitted things happened a little fast in Season 3 and having it covered in the first half of the third book did indeed help make things more clear. However, the plotline involoving Fantöm being in the same guild as the person who blackmailed him in Season 2, an ex-colleague whose mails he wasn't answering in Season 1 and a former loony fan who is now capable of speaking to him normally only got its surface scratched : His only conversations with guild members were them getting him to join, the introduction of the episode during which he was supervinsing their progressinon in a dungeon, him announcing he was going to start solo playing again once levels 91 to 100 were unlocked for the guild and him announcing he was going back to the Justice guild. The second occurrence did have Omega Zell ask Fantöm if Gaea threatened him after finding out about a plan change that seemed strange to him (but was actually Arthéon-approved), but the conversation quickly changed to Sparadrap's warrior being part of the party. There was also the group screencap in the last depicted occurrence. However, the potential the situation held still feels under-exploited, even considering that the fact it existed made Fantöm vouch for Omega Zell when he showed up on Justice guild's doorstep.
  • The Woobie: Sparadrap