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Doug's moments are here.

  • How about the fact that he had a spontaneous fanboy Freak-Out at the Harry Potter book launch and didn't get arrested even though you can see people around him getting scared and running away?
  • His alternate Bittersweet Ending to Space Jam, where Michael Jordan doesn't win the game but the Looney Tunes are okay because they have each other. Even if you quite like the movie, his version is far more thoughtful than the original Happily Ever After. Except for the fact that Mike and the Tunes end up enslaved by a sleazy theme park owner should they have lost the game.
    • Now with the bonus of knowing Doug's distaste for how The Muppets copped out of a similar ending.
  • Played for Laughs, but in his research of finding out the Nerd's message, he finds an untraceable pattern in the stock market that would lead to nothing but higher returns. Too bad he thinks it's pointless.
    • He also manages to learn German, Latin and Gaelic really fast.
  • "The Top 11 Naughtiest Moments In Animaniacs" still remains his highest rated video. What makes this awesome? Doug did the list while feeling like death.
  • The start of the "Top 11 Drug PSAs" has him giving a well-reasoned, understandable argument of why you shouldn't do drugs, in stark contrast to the narmy messages of what's in his list.
  • Subverted whenever the DuckTales (1987) theme plays. He's got so close to figuring out enlightenment, solving world hunger and curing all unknown diseases... but that Ear Worm comes in and all that knowledge disappears.
  • Sesame Street being so powerfully nostalgic that it turns him into high-pitched goo and forces him to give the review to Chester. While we might have all now got used to him being keetish when happy, back then everyone was expecting him to trash their childhoods.
  • It might sound like a strange (and old) choice but the "Alas, poor Tom and Jerry" speech. You can show it to anyone who thinks his comedy is just 100% yelling/going crazy and it'll change their mind instantly.
    • Even more awesome? That speech apparently was a Throw It In moment by Doug which even surprised his friends. Guy's got serious creativity.
  • Optimus Prime bringing the Critic back to life by dying for his sins.
  • His parody of Mary Poppins at the end of Batman and Robin. He might not be putting as much effort into his singing as he would later on, but it's still Doug's great voice.
  • Of course in real life Doug and Rob drove to the Nerd's place, but in-universe Critic ran to Philadelphia and never got tired. Nice going for a lazy geek.
  • Sure it's Nightmare Fuel, but Teddy Ruxpin proves to be a Magnificent Bastard in the 2008 Halloween special by forcing the Critic to write a positive review and then killing him when he breaks in terror.
  • Calmly reaming out Godzilla for their Take That, Critics! stance towards Siskel And Ebert.
  • Even though it doesn't work, trying to shoot Lady Tremaine from Cinderella because she's supposed to be looking after Cindy, not abusing her.
  • This small speech at the end of his review of The Super Mario Brothers Super Show:

Critic: Now to be fair, I do think this show was probably intended for younger kids in mind, but that's no excuse. Just because something is intended for younger kids doesn't give you the right not to try. If you're really good at something, you can make anything entertaining and anything plausible, no matter how absurd.

  • In the Nickcoms video, one of the few times he's been Badass:
  • The end of his review for The Garbage Pail Kids, where he probably puts more effort into a few minutes long 2001: A Space Odyssey parody (while displaying a pretty awesome opera voice) than a group of assumedly professional group of writers for an entire movie.
    • And during his commentary on that video, he admits that looking back, he wishes they hadn't used that to end that video, because it ended up being so awesome, he wishes they could have saved it for the end of the very last video he ever did as the ultimate finale.
      • Can't we just say Critic's Moment of Awesome is actually WATCHING the film in the first place?
  • His apologies about poking fun at Mako certainly count in that he STILL manages to pull a Take That at the audience by blatantly pointing out their own Fan Dumb. For the record, there's a difference between poking fun at a single character's voice and totally bashing an actor. Critic manages to point out these differences while apologizing to all the Mako fans at the same time, especially since he unintentionally referenced the fact that Mako died of throat cancer when he said that Splinter sounded like he "smoked a million Marlboros".

Nostalgia Critic: "I don't hate Mako. I don't know Mako."

  • Sticking to his guns and standing by his opinion that he liked the 1989 Batman better than The Dark Knight, knowing it would spark a bitchfest.
  • In his review of Sidekicks, the Critic proceeds to mercilessly mock Mako's Fan Dumb by deliberately avoiding making obvious jokes about him and explicitly comparing him to God. The review ends with Chuck Norris smiting the Critic because Mako hates him.
  • In the review of Captain N, his so very perkily bitter explanation and rant on princesses and how Lana can avoid any responsibility.
  • In the "Top 11 NC Fuck-Ups", he reveals with glee that Drew Struzan emailed him after the tribute and told him he was one of the few people who got most of his artwork right. (Most mix in similar artists by accident.)
  • From the Blank Check review, his making a joke about Michael Jackson, then making a long speech about how it's still okay to make jokes about him.
    • Showing no Double Standards in the "Bad Touch" Running Gag and calling the police even when a woman he has a crush on is creepy with a child.
  • The end of the Casper review, where Critic crashes the Geek Media Expo in a Ghostbusters costume and chases down Casper with the help of some very cooperative convention goers.
    • Including a Chester A. Bum cosplayer who asks him for change.
  • Roger Ebert Tweeting that Doug's tribute video about him and Siskel was the best he's ever seen.
    • Revealed in the Animaniacs Tribute that Doug actually framed it.
  • "Holiday Clusterfuck"! My God, that was brilliant!
  • Ma-Ti and past!Critic telling off present!Critic for being a lazy ass and making him do an actual review for the hundredth episode instead of a clip show.
  • Any time he goes into Papa Wolf mode. People who were abused as children have gone on record to say he actually gives them hope. Because even though he's pitiful, still has parent issues and is nowhere near a role model, if you're going to have a good quality, it might be as well be protecting innocent kids.
    • Really letting Robin in Bebe's Kids have it for being such a shitty "parent" to the kids. You know someone's triggered his Berserk Button when he calls them one step away from being like Hitler.
  • There's the scene in the Quest for Camelot review where he digitally altered his voice to sound like the Rock Biter. It sounds so close that according to the commentary, many people wrote in to congratulate him, as they assumed it was the real audio from the film until the word "script" came up.
  • Getting Christopher Lloyd to say "I was frozen today" at a convention.
  • Remember the scene from his Flubber review where Weebo gives Spock's dying speech from The Wrath of Khan? If you've never seen Flubber, you'd have thought that was part of the original movie; hell, this troper was nearly fooled into thinking he'd missed it from the original, Doug's editing was that good!
    • The belief that movies need actual effort comes up again, where he slams the writers who just think all they need is Robin Williams being funny and they'll have a good film in their hands.
    • Telling the woman to go Lorena Bobbitt on Robin Williams's character for missing the wedding three times might have been going overboard, but it's still weirdly cool to see him care that much.
      • Just how much he detests Professor Brainard in general.
  • His talk on both the effects and King Kong himself in "Old Vs. New: King Kong". It's just so thoughtful and well-spoken, and might very well give you a new perspective if you've derided the old version.
  • A slightly... pornier example happens in Jaws 3D. He manages to do sex noises for both the man and the woman and does them convincingly for a startling length of time.
  • The Critic "outdreaming" Stanley the Troll by shoving a porcupine into his anus and then morphing it into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
    • His rant about how you can't tell kids that all they need to do is dream and they'll get whatever they desire. Long? Yes. Coming from his own personal issues? Of course. Needed to be said? Very much so.
  • The Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Best Cliches, which is essentially a long and loving tribute to tropes.
  • A meta example. After his review of The Room was attacked by Johnfromtheroommoviedotcom's lawyers, Doug put it back up on Remembering the reason for making the website was to be protected by fair use, this seems doubly awesome.
    • And now it's back on the site. He won against Wiseau's lawyers!
  • Animaniacs Tribute. Full stop. Made clear in the commentary that he's more or less just as in awe as we are at the interviews and cooperation he was able to pull down.
  • The Critic singing his own version of "Poor Jack" after a hard Heroic BSOD, particularly when he rips off his T-shirt revealing his signature outfit. The camera shots and timing mimic that entire sequence to the split-second!


    • Upon at the end of the song, he also describes that "While it may be pathetic, he's proud of what he does". Guts, man.
    • And after all that, we hear a Nostalgia Critic theme song! I expect to hear that all the time from now on!
      • The 'Nostalgia Critic Anthem' is by Sad Panda and has been around for at least a few months now. Doug just hasn't used it in any of his videos until now. The full song of course is basically a big fan letter to Doug Walker and his characters The Nostalgia Critic and Chester A. Bum.
    • The way he performs the Heroic BSOD and rising again to sing; it's not all just yelling and ranting, he really can act.
    • The fact it was a major Throw the Dog a Bone. Critic's a Designated Monkey, Jerkass Woobie, The Chew Toy... whatever you wanna call him but just this once, he got to win. You couldn't stop yourself from cheering.
    • Relatedly, how he foreshadowed the low self-esteem and the insecurity with his job more than a year earlier, with the starts of his TMNT and Full House reviews. It kicks ass when you realize what was actually going on in his head when he made all those "YOU'RE IN MY TERRITORY" cameos.
  • Judging GOD in Old vs. New: The Ten Commandments vs. The Prince of Egypt.
  • His review of The Thief and the Cobbler. The fact that he knew about about the film's history and that he saw and recommended the "Recobbled Cut" makes the animation fan in me happy.
  • Calling out Little Monsters, ostensibly a film made with young children in mind, for being needlessly dark and mean-spirited.
    • The "80s Montage" song. Absolutely perfect.
  • He KILLS AN ANGEL in the 2010 Christmas Special.
  • Butchering the Neverending Story 3 DVD with a crowbar. "I'M FUCKING THE DVD!"
    • Know what's really awesome about this? Remember he did the review of the second film and at the end, he happily and deliberately ignored the fact that there was a third movie made at all. (Which was pretty cool too.) We the fans never saw it coming!
  • His clear distaste of the sequels to Fern Gully and The Secret of NIMH both focusing on a male character barely seen in the original and Christa and Mrs. Brisby having to stay home with no credit given to them.
  • He shows off his singing and voice-acting skills again in the review of The Secret of Nimh II. He sings a take on the "Pinky and the Brain" song as the chorus AND Timmy AND his brother, and makes a pretty awesome Justin.
  • For Care Bears Movie II: Sage is Satan! Complete with "Night on Bald Mountain" for a theme!
  • Starting off the X-Men review by nipping all the accusations that he's ripping off the Nostalgia Chick in the bud by pointing out the other movies he's reviewed after someone else on the site did them, and then showing what a REAL ripoff of the Chick would be.
  • The "BEST! DEATH! EVAH!" from 'Double Team', prompting the Nostalgia Critic to make a meme of it called "Frying the Coke".
  • Naming Bella Swan the number 1 Dumbass in Distress, topping even Princess Fucking Peach. This quote sums it up:

Critic: This has to be the most selfish, male-dependent, uncaring, Manipulative Bastard, self-centered, pretentious, idiotic, whining little bitch-bag you will ever see in your entire life! And honestly, that wouldn't be too bad a character, that'd be very, very interesting IF IT WAS INTENTIONAL!!!

  • His summation of The Legend of the Titanic, which takes on a more serious tone than usual as he discusses how offensive the film is to the memories of all the people who died on the Titanic, denying that their senseless deaths even happened for the sake of a cheap anti-whaling screed.
    • In the commentary, Doug calls attention to the great work done on the picture of the Fern Gully characters being inserted into the film, which is detailed to the point where you can start to put together an actual story to go with it.
    • For the men of the audience especially, Doug clipping clothes-pegs to his scrotum for the crying scenes and only wibbling a little. He doesn't even regret it!
  • In a commercial special, a commercial is shown for a theatrical re-release of Song of the South. After mocking the commercial for only using the brief animated Brer Rabbit segment, the Critic mocks Disney's refusal to acknowledge the film, despite it winning an Oscar and being generally praised by international viewers.
  • Similar to the Quest for Camelot part above, in his review of Once Upon a Forest, when the toxic gas is released, he notes he hopes it'll be voiced by Tim Curry, and proceeds to sing a short parody of "Toxic Love". His voice is so convincing that up until when he says the word "ass", you'd think he took the lines straight from the original song.
    • Ripping Cornelius a new one for being a Dirty Coward and endangering four children by making them go get herbs for their sick friend.
  • If he did the manic dancing in Little Nemo without computer help, he should be applauded.
  • Singing the Enjolras part in "One Day More" at the end of the Chick's Les Misérables review. This man should be on Broadway.
  • Sending Milk Money to Hell after roughly the one-thousandth pedophilia joke.
    • Also from that review, his disgust that the movie got Vee out of prostitution so easily when it's close to impossible in real life.
  • The line in Care Bears In Wonderland that so succinctly sums his problems with princesses:

Alice: Mr. Rabbit, I was wondering, what exactly does a princess do?
Critic: Well mostly sell toys, piss off feminists, and make girls question their own sense of self-worth. *Beat* Tell me I'm wrong!

  • Paul Dini became the second video subject to praise Doug on Twitter, as he loved the video on the eleven best Batman: The Animated Series episodes.
  • Would it be a cheat to put the Critic as an awesome moment for Doug? He's just such a funny, consistent, interesting, sympathetic-yet-total-waste-of-space asshole that you can't help but root for. Hell, we even get Character Development!
    • His discussing Harley and the Joker in the Top 11 Batman Episodes is a pretty good example of Character Development. The last time they appeared was in the uncomfortably Male Gaze-y "Top 11 Animated Hotties" where her abuse was treated for laughs and he compared himself to the Joker. In the Batman Top 11 however, he's kinder, more mature and can relate to how you might hate someone but keep still keep going back to them.
  • In the Alaska review, his surprisingly serious rant on how disgusting it is to just use a dead parent for a plot device and how he's never going to like the lead because of his mean-spirited "I wish you had died and not her" line.
  • His review of James and the Giant Peach. It was a really funny apology from Doug that still kept his backbone in place.
  • The edit in The Avengers from Father to Doctor Strangelove. It's freaking seamless.
    • And despite never having watched the original show, he still puts its theme song over the closing credits.
    • Rob and Doug have tried to get it into the heads of fans for ages, but it was nice to hear Critic saying that an adaptation should stand on its own and you shouldn't need to read or watch something else in order to get it.
  • The intro to Nostalgia-ween 2011 is an homage to the opening of The X-Files, and it is glorious.
    • He even has the X-Files theme as his end credits music!
  • Just how sickened he is by the adulterer in The Tommyknockers, calling how he left the search for a missing child to go fuck someone his Moral Event Horizon.
    • Extra bonus? This was all the character. Doug said on facebook that he loved the guy for how one-note evil he was. Nice acting, Doug.
  • In his review of the remake of "The Haunting", how even though he's all about the Catherine Zeta Jones lust and Girl-On-Girl Is Hot, he still calls out the film and the 90s in general for horrible writing/fanservice of gay people.
    • Rather than just chew out the film itself (which easily could have sufficed, given how dumb it is), he makes several point by point comparisons with the original film and how the remake got things wrong, including one line that was put in solely as a reference to the original film that makes no sense in its new context. Way to go above and beyond.
    • The breakdown, if only to show off how ridiculously childish the remake was.
    • It's also his longest review, at longer than a half hour. If that's not awesome...
  • During the Exorcist II review, you can really hear his disgust at John Boorman filming the scene of Regan almost jumping off a roof completely for real, with no way to save Linda Blair if she fell. And then he's still able to make a good joke from it.
  • His cameo in The Nostalgia Chick's review of The Worst Witch. Singing, having glorious fun and the whole song is a celebration of everyone joining in sluttiness.
  • Any person who suffered from body issues because of bullying will love his rant on how teenage girls mistreat each other in the Doug's First Movie review.
  • In his review of The Cell, his clear anger at the film using intense child abuse scenes as to show that "child abuse is bad".
    • The clear implication that telling the audience the Serial Killer has child abuse as a Freudian Excuse doesn't fly at all because your tragic past is not what makes you. Extra bonus? With the Critic's own past, he knows this full well.
      • It's both amazing and slightly pathetic when a comedy character on the internet manages to have a more compelling and entertaining Freudian Excuse than a lot of movie villains.
  • In the Superman Story Arc, even though he delivered it through Hypocritical Humor, bringing up the important point that female-on-male sexual harassment in the work place isn't taken seriously.
  • "Top 11 Reasons the Nostalgia Critic Won't Review Digimon", which is actually an alert to the first American Internet Censorship bill, and giving us the website that will send our congressmen a letter urging them not to vote for it.
  • In Felix the Cat, "Random Zone". Way too short, but an epic way of showing off his singing voice once again. However, he does get to show it off again in...
  • The Moulin Rouge review. Dear God, where to begin?
    • The singing voices of Linkara, The Nostalgia Chick, and Brental Floss are put to exceptionally good use with several amazing parody songs courtesy of Brantalfloss himself.
      • Linkara singing a cover of the opening (and closing).
      • Nostalgia Chick's solo in "Pretense." Damn, that girl can sing.
      • The "guilty pleasures" song.
      • Critic and Chick's parody of The Show Must Go On, called "The Review Must Go On".
        • New rule: whenever Critic has a breakdown, he must sing his recovery. It always works. The moment where he gets out his jacket, puts it on and straightens his tie is especially epic.
      • Brentalfloss's parody of Zidler's rap.
      • Hell, Phelous doesn't exactly have the best voice, but his talent for hamminess certainly qualifies his musical number as awesome. His angry, growling tone also flows surprisingly well with the Critic's operatic style.
    • Nostalgia Chick's rant about Christian's dickish treatment of Satine, insulting and humiliating her over what turned out to be just a misunderstanding.
    • Let's also look at this from a more meta perspective. Just the fact that Doug managed to piece together a roughly 45 minute long video, packed with scripted songs and cameos, speaks volumes about the effort that was put into it, not to mention the guts it took to tackle such a well renowned movie as Moulin Rouge.
    • How about we just say the entire "Moulin Rouge" review is just one long crowning moment of awesome, from beginning to end?
    • I think the fact that he got freaking Brental Floss speaks for itself.
    • The fact that the two reviewers he's actually in the room with for their appearances are both people who like the movie, showing he walks the walk on his statement in the "movies I hate that everyone loves" video that your opinions on movies don't say anything morally about you as a person, and all that matters is how well you can explain that opinion.
    • Doug's acting during Critic's Heroic BSOD. He could have spent it like the Bad Bad Acting he did when he shot Brental Floss, but nope, he can't resist looking and behaving like Critic's world just caved in (for about the fifth time this year).
    • In the commentary, Lindsay calling out the people who didn't even want to watch the review because they were scared of something they liked potentially getting bashed.
  • The Critic doing the entire The Grinch review IN RHYME. THE. ENTIRE. THING. He even edits the non-sequitor movie clips properly so they rhyme along with his own lyrics!
    • In the commentary, Doug (fairly humbly, as is his way) states the episode didn't take longer than usual and he's pretty good at rhyming. You must admit that's impressive.
    • His imitations of all the Grinch's postures from the cartoon.
    • Doug pulled quite the Magnificent Bastard move by making this one of the reviews he announced ahead of time, just because he knew some of his fans liked it, so now they would spend the week leading up to the review talking about it, and he could put those comments in the video.
  • Santa Christ deserves some kudos for getting through three snowstorms, two tornadoes and a tsunami alive and with no injuries.
  • The Sci-Fi Guy acting completely accepting that the Critic's about to kill him, before turning the tables on him.
  • In a nice, mature moment during the Star Trek V review, admitting without regret that "pain makes us what we are". Especially seeing as he's had more pain in his life than most.
    • His disgust that the "dangerous journey" was less "to boldly go where no man has gone before" and more "everyone else was a coward and feared anything that was different".
  • He gets in a few nice digs about Shatner's giant ego over the course of Star Trek month.
    • He's also fair to all the movies, detailing if anything works and not acting like the stereotypical fan who just dismisses the odd ones as shit.
  • The Star Trek: Insurrection video starts with a subversion of the expected joke of Linkara interrupting the Critic gloating over having escaped him. Linkara then pops up on the TV.
    • Not impressed with how Star Trek has now made the ethical battles between in right and wrong into cold facts, Critic gives us this:

Critic: Hey Data, which of these is ethically sound? Abortion. Stem Cell Research. The Death Penalty.

  • Data's head explodes*

Critic: That's what I thought.

  • In Thomas And The Tank Engine, he sings once again. And for a parody entitled "Generic Song", it actually sounds quite pretty and soothing.
  • Three-in-one in the Patch Adams review, when he calls back to his Haunting review and discusses how badly written women were in the nineties:
    • Calling out how they changed from one bad stereotype (Hysterical Woman) to another (cold, bitter, and usually ball-busting), with the clear opinion that they're just as anti-feminist as each other.
    • Quickly interjecting that the media couldn't let an "unpretty" Love Interest into one of their movies.
    • Mocking how they weren't strong and competent for the reasons of strong and competent, but they were a Broken Bird inside and needed to put up their defenses.

Critic: Ohh, I don't want to think, I just want to be loved!

    • Pointing out the fact that Patch is the master of insecurity, but unlike the "fragile" woman love interest, he doesn't need to be sorted out because he's a man and makes us laugh. "And that excuses everything in this movie."
    • Literally whipping the movie for disrespecting the murdered-in-real-life male friend of Adams so much that they changed his gender, put in a child molesting storyline and made "her" fall in love with Robin Williams.
    • On a side note, the review shows how far his special effects have come since The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
    • His sickened outrage at the movie including him defending the real Patch Adams is both this and heartwarming

Critic: People, this movie is disgusting.

    • At at the end of the review, he not only recommends actually looking up Patch Adams, he looks him up himself and discovers that the real Patch Adams works hard with each of his patients and takes his work seriously, AND ends the review urging viewers to look up his website, and even donate if they like what they see.
    • Pointing out that the movie's version of Patch Adams would be better off forgetting about being a doctor, and just hiring himself out to hospitals to entertain the patients.
    • Demonstrating how Patch's way of "act like clown = make people feel better" wouldn't help for someone admitting that they were molested.
    • He even gets one a minute in, by explaining that he's not against new forms of medicine, he's just against them being promoted in this strawmanny, incompetent way.
    • Agreeing with Patch that the catatonic person should be treated like an actual person instead of a punchline, and looking almost catatonic with rage himself when Patch makes nazi jokes about the patient instead.
    • Celebrating the Love Interest's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Patch (where she basically calls him out for being a dickheaded Sad Clown) and saying she should have been the focus of the movie.
    • His disbelief that even in the sixties, no doctor figured out the difference between not getting too emotionally involved and being a dick who talks to patients like they're not there.
  • The cameos for the Ponyo review: Little Kuriboh, Spike Spencer, and Uncle Yo!
    • Managing to convince people that a) he likes the movie, but b) it's not above critiquing and analyzing the flaws.
    • Not letting the movie slide on the issue of bad parenting just because the general product is cute and enjoyable.
    • Doug is actually being held up by the foot and throat in one of those pictures at the end. Also, the fact that he immediately trusted a total stranger (and doesn't have any regrets about it despite having been in pain) shows again what a nice guy he is.
  • Because it apparently needed to be repeated even in-review, telling the people who complain about how he should watch the shows before he reviews the movies based on them to calm down because a) he didn't say anything bad about the actual shows if he didn't see them and b) adaptations fail if they aren't able to stand on their own.
  • In Richie Rich, his argument that because the main character is so flat, the jokes can't work because we don't know anything about him.
    • For about the millionth time in his show, bitching out the parents for not caring about their child or learning anything, and comparing the standing guard mother to a someone sending a canary into the coal-mines first.
    • He also displays more knowledge about economics than you'd expect of him.
    • His idea for a deconstruction movie about a hero who crashes and burns his company actually sounds pretty cool.
    • "Like a motherfucking boss, sir."
    • He notes that Richie gets his own when, after his parents go missing, the villain offers him a seat in the family office and he instead silently sits in the CEO's chair.
  • One Acronym: L.A.Z.I.N.E.S.S.
    • He manages to never change from his calm, David Attenborough-type voice. For a guy who's such a brat normally, that must have been quite a challenge.
    • The pet-owners throwing knives at him when he kills their animals happens to be rather satisfying.
  • On the third DVD, he rips Doomsday Machine to shreds for its mass amount of Stay in the Kitchen sexism.
  • Here's some Fridge Awesome; to give but two examples, he can order the Death Star to destroy a DVD in his backyard and helicopters fly out giant bottles of alcohol for him. Yet he still thinks he has no power over anyone.
  • While comparing the two adaptations of Red Dragon, he naturally decides that Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter is better than Brian Cox's. But rather than take the easy way out and just say that Hopkins' iconic performance is naturally the better one, he actually makes a serious effort to compare the two and justify his choice.
    • His Hopkins impersonation near the end is pretty impressive too.
  • Critic managing to get through a crossover review with Sage without too much falling apart. Even Sage was impressed, and that has to be worth something.
  • Critic doing the entire Transformers (Raiders of the Story Arc) review in a Peter Cullen impersonation. While cosplaying as Optimus Prime.
    • It may have been an Overly Long Gag, but he summed up perfectly how romantic comedies were Strictly Formula and that they manipulated the audience, like stooping to Toilet Humor to get guys in and making the female lead an Audience Surrogate so that women would root for her.
    • With this, the "Transformers 4 Auditions" accompaniment and the video about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being mutants, Doug's made his disgust with Bay's penchant towards the Male Gaze blatantly obvious.
    • Prime gives an epic speech regarding how the original cartoon may not have been perfect, but it at least tried its hardest to entertain kids, before asking the crowd that once seemed completely in love with the movies if they just want to watch some of the original show. THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC. Hell fucking yeah, indeed.
  • After a whole episode of the Critic bitching about her Old Shame, MARA FUCKING WILSON utterly destroys him by playing ridiculously embarrassing movies he did as an early teenager.
    • The fact that he got Mara Wilson to make a cameo is awesome in itself.
    • Note that this is after Wilson was quite vocally displeased about his fans constantly bringing up the fact that the Critic apparently hated her, so both of them are being incredibly good sports here.
  • A small one to their fans- in the Heavy Metal review, the Critic teasing at a potential upcoming review with Jesuokatu.
  • The Critic goes off to beat up Mr. Magoo, and the old man sadistically kicks his ass.
  • At the end of "Top 11 Simpsons Episodes", the Elephant in the Living Room brings up the LP. They argue over the credits, and you could say his motor mouthed defense sounded like a Hurricane of Excuses, but it was a relief to see him not give in to his Extreme Doormat ways for once.