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  • The Star Wars Holiday Special Commentary
    • "I need to feel warm!"
    • When Rob mentions that the carpet looks like the Brady Bunch's living room, Doug breaks into a wookiee version of the Brady Bunch theme.
    • "Because the audience demanded it, more Harvey Korman."
    • When the Critic loses the ability to control his bowels...

Doug: The diarrhea sound, all of you should know where that's from, that's Dumb and Dumber, the greatest diarrhea sound effect in history, I think.
Rob: With the greatest performance by Jeff Daniels ever.
They both howl like Jeff Daniels

    • Their discussion of Santa Christ.

Rob: The funny thing is this beard kept falling off, so I sound like I've had a stroke, I'm going, ""[imitates Santa Christ as if he had a stroke]"", and it's because I'm trying to move my mouth in such a way that this beard doesn't fall, it sounds like Santa Christ had a stroke. *laughs* I really wanted to nail you directly between the eyes
Doug: Yeah, every time we did it, you would poke me a little harder, and you'd poke me in different areas, you'd sort of slap me a little bit too.
Rob: I like how on the forums, some people were just like "I don't like Santa Christ, he kept looking at the camera"...
Rob: I know, I did that on purpose, that was the point. He's supposed to break the fourth wall. He's like looking at the audience, saying "Come on, folks, this'll be fun!"

  • The commentary for The Garbage Pail Kids Movie review shows that it is one of the few movies that annoys Doug both in character and out of character. It manages to be this, as well as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Rob's imitation the Garbage Pail Kids.
    • "Oh no, Santa Christ! They got Santa Christ! (as Santa Christ) I'm not ugly, I just want to bring...Sega Genesises to the world, ho ho ho!" 
    • Their observation of one of the bullies' fake laugh, and the Critic's imitation.
    • At one point, Bhargav walks by, and Doug and Rob ask him to join in. His response: a just-barely-on-mic "Oh, that piece of shit?"

Doug: My fake laugh actually sounds better than her fake laugh!

  • The beginning of the commentary for The Care Bears Movie, with Doug and Rob trying to sing the theme song and Rob getting hopelessly confused by the opening countdown starting from four instead of five.
    • When discussing Judge Doom, they call him Judge Dredd four times. And after realizing the mistake, they say the big "When I killed your brother" line as Sylvester Stallone.
    • Their discussion of the Care Bears' tendency to only help upper class white kids.
    • "Hi! I'm I.T. bear!"
    • Stargate Care Bear-1.
    • "You've reached the Necronomicon. What are you wearing?"
  • Rob's cameo in the the Leprechaun commentary. Upon discovering that Doug and Brad (Cinema Snob) are in the middle of doing the commentary without him, he promptly breaks into loud fake crying and runs out of the room.

Doug: Come out of the bathroom!
Rob: NOOO!!

    • Brad wanting to see the other Leprechaun movies just to find out if they kept the shoe shining Achilles' Heel.
  • The Christmas special commentary reveals how Doug got Roger to play the scene where he's in disbelief at the fact that without the Critic everyone's life is better he told him to pretend he'd just found out his girlfriend was a man.
  • Rob points out that the Rockbiter's wife in The Neverending Story III has an "over the shoulder boulder holder," causing Doug to completely crack up and wonder how that joke didn't occur to them while writing the review.
    • The parody of Limahl's "The Neverending Story" they open the commentary with.
    • The origins of the crowbar.
  • In The Secret of NIMH 2, Doug acknowledges that he didn't see the big twist coming, but you could say the same if Mrs. Brisby had turned out to be broccoli.
    • At the beginning of the commentary. Doug and Rob have a bit of an argument and at one point, Doug tells Rob to leave...

Rob: (Beat) Do you really want me to leave?
Doug: I...n-no.
Rob: That's what I thought.

  • In the commentary for Quest For Camelot, Doug mentions Lewis getting mad at him for the review because Camelot was his favorite film. What's funny about that? He defends the forest by saying that it doesn't need explanation, it's magic.
  • During Raoul Puke calling the Critic a hack who says his opinions like they're facts, Doug comments: "That probably is what Hunter S. would think of me."
  • In The Wizard (film), Doug's at a bit of a loss about what to call Putnam's career, and settles on "professional child bringer backer guy."
  • In the OTHER animated Titanic movie commentary, Doug and Rob end by spitting at the film, saying it is a shame as it has better animation.
    • Rob's explanation for how he made it possible for the Critic to perform the skit that pokes fun at the shoe-sniffing joke.

Rob: Honey? Can I borrow your shoe?
Rob's Now-Wife: .... Why?
Rob: .... because Doug needs to sniff it?
Rob's Now-Wife: ...Explain?

    • Which leads to Doug saying he actually didn't sniff her shoe that heavily (the nose sound was recorded in post), but says that he's sure Rob's wife's foot smells wonderful. Rob agrees.
      • Followed by Rob worrying that talking about this online will get him Exiled to the Couch...without a shoe to smell.
    • The reveal that the Jagermeister bottles came from Doug winning a contest at a restaurant, which inexplicably included empty liquor bottles.
    • Singing the Benny Hill theme during a whacky bit.
    • Referencing the Saturday Night Live skit "Titey", saying that it had more dignity than both animated Titanic movies.
    • Their wondering how the villain's henchman is able to talk to sharks, leading to them suggesting that maybe the bad guy punched him in the stomach to make him cry and his tear fell on a shark.
    • Just the way Rob walks through the film's "logic" is hysterical.
  • From the Simon Sez commentary with Allison, she and Doug talk about fanfiction involving both a joke they made in the review, a Dark Fic spawning from the end of Allison's Birdemic review, a Nostalgia Critic/Santa Christ fic, and a parody fic in the style of Hans Von Hozel. It's every bit as hilarious as it sounds, and then some.
  • For |Dungeons and Dragons, Doug and Rob start off with dueling Profion impressions, then Rob soon drops it while Doug declares he's going to keep it up for the entire commentary. And that's just what he does, with Rob occasionally expressing disbelief that he's still doing it, and even though before it's halfway done he's completely run out of material and is just talking as himself with a weird voice. Then they recount the disagreement they had over whether there should be a Doctor Who reference for Tom Baker's appearance, and Rob can't believe he's having a serious discussion with that voice.
    • Rob decides to tackle Doug and force his real voice out, and Doug settles down after it.... and continues to do the voice anyway!
    • The only time Doug drops it is at the very end, when they spoof a sequel fantasy story where the character get Snails back, because he says the moment deserves his real voice!
    • Profion!Doug saying the Critic would be far hotter with the bald guy's blue lipstick on.
  • In the Moulin Rouge one, it turns out that the reference to the infamous VHS cover of The Little Mermaid wasn't in the script. Doug simply brought the video with him in case they wanted to throw in a random penis joke.
  • Tricking us into thinking his commentary for The Grinch will also be entirely in rhyme.

DVD reviews

  • From the DVD-only review of Turkish Rambo, on the star's tendency to stare into the camera: "Stop looking at me! Do I have something stuck in my teeth?"
  • The entire sequence with the flying snake in the Blues Brothers game. "Dah! Oh hey. Dah! DAMMIT!"
  • The top 10 alternate porn titles for Doomsday Machine.


  • At Matsuricon 2011, Doug told a really funny story about how he got really badly sick, with hallucinations, fever and everything. That's not the funny bit, the funniness comes from this was it was right after "The Top 11 Mind-Fucks" and he was trying to convince Rob that the carrot was going to kill everyone.