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    /wiki/All The Tropes:Not a Tropework

    This Wiki is about tropes, which are conventions and tools in storytelling. But not everything we record are tropes, nor is everything in storytelling tropes. As mentioned below, things that aren't tropes may still be notable enough to get their own pages.

    Contrast Omnipresent Tropes, Missing Supertrope, Paratext, No Trope Is Too Common.

    Not tropes and not page worthy[edit | hide | hide all]

    These items have no reason to be given their own pages here:

    Not worth their own tropes[edit | hide]

    These items do not have to be split off of already-existing tropes.

    Not tropes, but still notable[edit | hide]

    These items, while not tropes,[1] are still interesting facets of storytelling, and worth noting here:

    • Audience Reactions: Emotional and subjective reactions of audiences are on the receiving end of storytelling, and often aimed at by creators.
    • Fan-Speak: Definitions of storytelling and fan terminology.
    • Gushing About Shows You Like: Unlike Complaining, it is usually aimed at by creators and thus notable (and less troublesome), but please keep it to Sugar Wiki.
    • Trivia Trope: These are interesting little facts about stories that don't show up in the story itself.
    • Useful Notes: What you need to know about things in a story, also to debunk common media misconceptions.
    1. unless they are in-universe examples