Notable Original Music

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    For album music, see Music of Note.

    As well as the Theme Tune, original music is often composed for a show or film. Some of it becomes very well-known indeed among the fans. See also Crowning Music of Awesome.

    For more soundtrack info, see Score and Music Tropes.

    Examples of Notable Original Music include:


    Live-Action TV

    Doctor Who

    Since the series' return to television in 2005, house composer Murray Gold has struck "gold" with numerous original songs and themes that have become almost as popular in fandom as the Ron Grainer/Delia Derbyshire theme music:

    • "The Doctor's Theme" - also known as "The Bad Wolf Theme".
    • "Song for Ten", "Love Don't Roam", "The Stowaway" "Song of Freedom", "Vale Dacem" and "Abigail's Song" - Original songs written specifically for the series by Murray Gold. "Love Don't Roam" has now appeared in several trailers.
    • "Doomsday" - Featured in the episode of the same name—any fan of the new series will recognize this song instantly.
    • "All the Strange, Strange Creatures"- A commonly used background song that all fans will recognize.
    • "I Am The Doctor" - fan-dubbed "Every Star, Every Planet", this fist-pumping action theme first appears in full force as the Eleventh Doctor tells the Atraxi to make tracks in "The Eleventh Hour" and has recurred in every action-packed sequence of series five. It, too, will be readily recognizable to fans.
    • "This is Gallifrey - Our Childhood, Our Home" - majestic instrumental theme created to underscore a flashback to the Doctor's lost home planet; best known now for underscoring a retrospective of the Doctor's many regenerations in the 2010 BBC Proms Concert.

    Babylon 5

    • Had original theme music for each season by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Philomonic. Seasons 3, 4, & 5 all had iconic themes.
    • It dubbed music individually for each 'episode' as well. Including the haunting "Requiem for the Line," the action of "Severed Dreams" and "Shadow Dancing," and the heart-wrenching "Sleeping in Light."


    Video Games

    • Every Halo game barring Halo Wars.
    • Final Fantasy. The battle victory theme and the title theme in particular, but most of the music between the games is easily recognized (the same composer did all of the music for the first nine games, and still contributes to this day).
      • A couple that ought to be noted are the two songs made for the Dissidia games, "The Messenger," by Your Favorite Enemies, and "God in Fire," by Kidneythieves. Both come with two versions, on being with an orchestral backing, while the other being straight-up hard rock.
    • The flute strains from the beginning of the NiGHTS Into Dreams theme.
    • Animal Crossing for the Gamecube had some very memorable music.
    • Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda themes. The latter's main series theme is quite epic, and if you call yourself a gamer, you have to have heard the classic Ground Theme at least once; it's practically the Signature Song of Nintendo, or even National Anthem of gaming itself.
    • Don't forget the Metroid series, which did some impressive things with its music despite limitations.
    • The first three Spyro the Dragon games had music by Stewart Copeland, and sounded quite unique.
    • Mass Effect's main theme.
      • The Mass Effect 3 "Leaving Earth" track is especially powerful. Yes, the Reaper roars are part of the song.
    • The two Portal games end with original songs performed by the game's computer villain, GLADOS and written by Jonathan Coulton: "Still Alive" (which has become one of the most covered original songs ever composed for a video game), and "Want You Gone".
    • Civilization IV features a catchy, somewhat haunting setting of the Lord's Prayer translated into Swahili, "Baba Yetu." The song was so memorable that it came to be featured in Lion King II, and even be published as an independent piece. Liturgical choirs cover it.
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule, is as rich and varied as Tamriel itself. It's not just Vikings burning and pillaging.

    Western Animation

    • The Venture Bros ends "The Invisible Hand of Fate" with a beautiful guitar number. Seems that was just a local player. It's sad.
    • Nathan Furst's score for the first three Direct to Video Bionicle movies elevated what would otherwise have been hour-long toy commercials into full-blown cinematic experiences. He even created a memorable Theme Tune for the franchise.
    • Inspector Gadget‍'‍s main theme has been covered and sampled many times, most notably in Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick's "The Show."