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    Main Series:

    • "... That would be breaking the rules."
    • Episode 29. Especially Doakes' battle against Arcanine where he ditches Magnitude for Earthquake. AND ARCANINE SURVIVES!
    • Bruce vs. Blastoise, complete with references to Batman, a flashback to how their doomed friendship began, and victory in the form of a Blast Burn straight to Blastoise's face. And then Ruby punches out Gary.
    • The Mook Horror Show that takes place nearly every single time Ruby finds Team Rocket.

    Hale's Emerald Hard Mode/Platinum Hard Mode:

    • From Hale's fan comic, the entirety of Hale vs. Steven- not just the Pokemon, but the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown between the trainers. But really, the final move of the fight needs to be mentioned.

    Fowler used--- OVERHEAT!


    Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventure:

    • From Freddy's comic, the battle against Lance. Which happens to be fully animated.
    • The fight against Koga in his Blue run deserves a mention too. Connery survives A WEEZING SELF-DESTRUCTING.
    • Connery's first appearance alone qualifies. He beats down two Mankeys James Bond style.
      • Let's be honest, pretty much everything Connery does should be here.
      • His fake-out death in Koga's gym.
    • How Freddy's Doduo uses Fly. An ancient Pokemon mystery solved.
    • Vs. Squirtle.
    • The entirety of the Elite 4/Rival battles.
    • After the run concludes, Freddy states his intent to go off and beat other Nuzlocke challenges. After being informed that it's 1998 and there aren't any other games to Nuzlocke, he's reminded to take some batteries for his Game Boy. Freddy's reply? "Where we're going, we won't need batteries.", then LITERALLY GOES BACK TO THE FUTURE IN THE FREAKING DELOREAN.
    • Marty finally begins to show just how strong he can truly be.

    Summers of Our Youth:

    landwalker's Nuzlocke:

    • The entire battle with Kyogre's and Archie's fused form, culminating with "Well, how about that... I killed a god."
      • Also, ZIGZAGOON ARMY.
    • Every Elite Four battle (and naturally the one against Steven) has a team member taking center stage.
      • Against Sidney: Rikishi/Ninio tag team. The flames lighting the room go out at exactly the time the battle ends too.
      • Against Phoebe: "Brobat is just about to notice... that you ripped his suit." Meanwhile, Lunatic takes out his foes without even waiting for an introduction.
      • Against Glacia: The whole damn thing, especially figuring out Glacia's tricky strategy with ease.
      • Against Drake: Gary the Gyarados. Just... yeah. On his own, and makes it such a short fight it doesn't even take the whole page.
      • Against Steven: Hoo boy, where do we start? Every single member (with the sad but logical exception of Brobat) does something awesome. High points are Rikishi taking a Hyper Beam for Ninio of his own accord even though it kills him, Ninio's epic Fire Blast, and just... the final blow.

    "Now! With all your might! End it! For everyone we've lost! For the team! For Rikishi! LAUNCH THE FINAL BLOW! AND PROVE ONCE MORE THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF THE NAME I HAVE GIVEN YOU! AVENGER! LEAF BLADE!"


    A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge:

    • "This one's for the beaten down, the ones who lost their rock and roll..."
    • Stopped short by Koga's invisible walls? Why, just have a Nidoqueen use Brick Break and destroy the whole thing!
      • ...followed up by: "Hey, two words: COMPOUND EYES." Actually, Lulu is one of those Pokemon who just deserves a general entry and should have it left at that. As of this writing, the Butterfree in question has managed to survive to the beginning of Victory Road (and possibly further!) in a NUZLOCKE CHALLENGE. She got this far without fainting. That's one badass bug.
      • And now she's gone and completely owned Bruno's Fighting-types. Seriously, holy crap.
    • Vinny the Magneton immediately catapults himself straight into BRO-TIER.


    • After starting to be a bit overshadowed due to deaths and awesome new characters, Spuds the Venusaur goes full-on badass against Lorelei.
      • Let's clarify that: Spuds, a Grass-type which is weak to Ice attacks, went up against the ELITE FOUR MEMBER THAT SPECIFICALLY USES ICE POKEMON and still ended up KICKING ASS.
    • The Agatha battle, ALL OF IT
    • At long last, the final battle with Gary. Locke only uses Nadine and Pongo for this match, and wins though tragically, Nadine is lost to Gary's Charizard despite type advantage. Vengeance for James and Rick is had, and not a single iota of sympathy for Gary was given.
    • The final battle against Mewtwo. Locke catches Mewtwo with the Master Ball before Pongo can land the final blow. Mewtwo yells at Locke for not having the strength to finish him. So, this is the part where the hero shows her goodness and decency by sparing Mewtwo's li- oh wait, no, she takes the Master Ball and SMASHES IT AGAINST THE FREAKING WALL.
    • During the Heart Gold Run, Petty's egg hatches into a Togepi that has a Shiny Leaf. First thing it does? Metronome against an Onix and lands JUDGEMENT!

    Nonparael's Nuzlocke runs:

    • The Elite Four battles in Pearl are basically an exercise in how to completely pwn the game. Note that, amongst Ara's team members, he had a Kricketune and a Cherrim. Lethal Joke Characters indeed.
      • Prior to Chopin the Kricketune, Ara had Clutterbug the Wormadam.

    Only weakness? Fire. Rarest type in Sinnoh? Fire.

    • The E4 battles in Black are pretty rad as well. They basically can be summarized as "Soleil beats the shit out of everything (with occasional help from Flynn and Madotsuki)." They're completely defeated in one page.
    • Fear gets a great one in the battle against Ghetsis when he protects Peep.

    "You call that fire? I'll show you fire!" (roasts Eelektross)

      • And then Peep shows that he's no slouch either by beating Ghetsis' Seismitoad. Nineveh would be proud.
    • N gets a good one in Dragonspiral Tower, when he announces that he knows damn well what Ghetsis is up to, and he's planning to escape with Zekrom instead of taking over Unova, in order to derail his plot and force his hand. The Glitch has other ideas.

    Kynim's Nuzlocke runs:


    "Niko, eh? Hola.~ Say... want to hear a touching story? Once upon a time... you got beat. And I lived happily after. The. End."


    Saber's Nuzlocke run:


    Wild Zangoose used Crush Claw! Weavile fainted!

      • Take note that, according to Saber, the word "fainted" is synonymous with "died" in this run. CANDACE KILLED A WEAVILE WITH HER BARE HANDS.
    • More... subdued than other moments in this run, but Giovanni calling out Silver for the foolishness of his revenge quest.
    • The super-powerful, super-crazy Dragonites under the shrine in the Dragon's Den awaken and attack. Frostbite the Jynx ONESHOTS THEM ALL WITH A SINGLE AVALANCHE.

    Whose Locke Is It Anyway?:

    • Randy catching a Metang with a single regular Pokeball. Metang has a catch rate of 3.