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"You write a book, you get to the end, and then it's like—meh, I'll just pick one of the letters of the alphabet for the title."

Related to One-Letter Name, works with a One-Letter Title are exactly that: works that are titled with a single letter, of whatever script.

See also Short Titles and Letter Motif.

Examples of One-Letter Title include:

26 Latin Alphabet Examples

  • A is an album, a Jethro Tull one.
  • b is a tabloid by the Baltimore Sun.
  • C is a language, that's good with runtime.
  • D is a Bollywood film about crime.
  • E! is a network for gossip when bored.
  • F is a series of trucks made by Ford.
  • G. is a movie, one that's quite "grand".
  • H. is a hit by a "Tool"-ish rock band.
  • i was a network, now ION TV.
  • j is a label that's owned by Sony.
  • K is a record, Kula Shaker twirled.
  • L titles a film, while Changing The World.
  • M is a picture that stars Peter Lorre.
  • N is a game where a ninja gets glory.
  • O is Othello, except in high school!
  • P was Johnny Depp's band. Pretty cool.
  • Q is a flick about a flying snake.
  • R. is a CD that Kelly did make.
  • S was a short-living group of K-Pop.
  • T is a Mister that cancer can't stop.
  • U is by Pearl Jam, released in 'nine-eight.
  • V has an alien metaphor. Great.
  • W.'s a biopic of George Bush Two.
  • X is a manga that CLAMP did debut.
  • Y is a comic about the Last Man.
  • Z ends our list with a big junta ban.

More examples below, except not in verse. And because they are not, it is so much better.

More Latin Alphabet Examples

  • a: A tripped-out conversation novel by Andy Warhol.
    • A band who is known for their song Nothing.
    • A song by Knorkator which consists of the four verses "A", "A", "A", and "A".
  • Do not ever mention /b/.
  • C: A well-regarded 2010 Tom McCarthy novel.
  • D: A horror game released in 1995.
    • A French BD about vampires (guess what the D stands for).
  • G: John Berger's Booker Prize winning novel about "G", a Don Juan-like figure.
  • H: An Elizabeth Shepard found-document novel about an autistic boy's letters from summer camp.
  • I: A song by Black Sabbath. Kiss also did one, but the fans won't admit it. Neither will the band, who even forgot how to sing it.
  • i: A news-digest of The Independent.
    • Also, an album by The Magnetic Fields, where appropriately enough, all the song titles start with "I".
  • L is a South Korean movie.
  • M is a non-fiction book by journalist John Sack, detailing his time with M Company during the Vietnam War.
  • N is also a short story by Stephen King.
    • Also an album by Finnish metal band Norther.
  • O: the title of Oprah's magazine, a Cirque du Soleil show, and an anonymously penned novel about the 2008 presidential election.
    • 'O' is also the title of a 2006 Eiko Shimamiya Album
  • Q was an arts and culture radio talk show on CBC hosted by Jian Ghomeshi. q (note the capitalization) is the same show on the same network, but hosted by Shad Candy Palmater Tom Power.
  • S is the US title of a Boys Love Genre Light Novel series
  • S. is a 1988 John Updike novel
  • U: One of the songs by W.A.S.P.
  • V is also Thomas Pynchon's first novel, and despite all the other weird things in it, it is decidedly alien-free.
  • W: Georges Perec's memoir of his time as a Jewish child in Nazi-occupied France.
  • X: a science fiction space simulator series by Egosoft.
  • Y: The first album by British band The Pop Group.
  • Z: A real-time strategy game by the Bitmap Brothers.
    • There's also a Polish novel titled Z., with the dot.[1]

Non-Latin Alphabet Examples

  • π.
  •  ? is an episode in the second season of Lost.
  • 9
  • Ё (Yo) is a Russian planned hybrid electric car.
  • In-universe example: in a soviet comedy "Операция „Ы“ и другие приключения Шурика" (Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures), Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains trio call the planned operation"Y": "so that nobody would guess it".
  1. By Mieczysław Porębski