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  • The Angry Video Game Nerd
    • In his review of Super Mario Bros.. 3, during "Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. 4.0 Beta"'s battle with the possessed cartridge, it reveals its true, demonic form and the battle really begins.
    • In a later episode, the Nerd decapitates Bugs Bunny...only for him to reveal his true form...Woody Woodpecker.
  • In the flash series Madness Combat, Tricky the Clown morphs into a horrific monster of white flame for his final showdown with Hank in Madness Consternation.
  • In the Godzilla Fan Film Godzilla vs the Kaiju Killer, Stalkkus transforms into a dragonlike monster in order to fight Godzilla, who's been freed in order to kill him.
  • Subverted in Red Panda Adventures, "The Devil's Due": The villain attempts to hypnotize the Red Panda into thinking he's doing this, but it doesn't work and the Red Panda just laughs it off.
  • The final boss of Press Space To Win Adventure Action RPG shouts "Now, face my true power!" before changing color and gaining 999999999 health points.
  • Nega Tox turns into a Nega Seraphim at the end of the Nega Tox/Arnold Layne Arc in Mall Fight 3.
  • All angels and demons have this ability in Shadowhunter Peril. Greater Demons usually have command over an element or emotion, so whatever they transform into, their One-Winged Angel form will probably somehow represent that. Angels are the same. Some can't control their transformation, some can change at will, and others can only unlock their other form by unknowingly doing something specifically right. Of the angels and demons that appear in Shadowhunter Peril, only a few forms are known and have actually been seen:
    • Umbra Darkholme's true demonic form is eleven foot tall, metal-skinned abomination with massive shoulder spikes, and a skull fused around his face like a mask. His hands are claws, and whenever he transforms it is involuntary, as this tends to unleashes a Super-Powered Evil Side because he attempts to kill anything he sees, whether they be friend or foe. Since his transformation from demon to angel, it can be assumed his form has changed, but no one knows what it is.
    • Oblivion's form is more disturbing. His skin becomes black and hard as stone. His mouth becomes full of shark teeth, and he has four glowing red eyes. His cloak morphs into giant bat wings, and his entire body lights itself aflame. Even more terrifying is that he can change at will.
    • Lilith has yet to display a demonic form, but she's hinted at it a few times. When she gets seriously ticked off, her eyes turn into writhing snakes, and her blood becomes either acidic or it springs up multiple lesser demons to fight with her.
    • Nicholas also has yet to display his true angelic form, and judging from the level of power he had when he was in his relatively human form, everyone else is too scared to see what he would become.