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Inversions of, and exceptions to, a One Steve Limit in Professional Wrestling include:

  • WCW had a good number of Scotts at one point (Hall, Steiner, Norton, Riggs), and then Raven's mother (Kayfabe) showed up for a storyline revealing that he too was a Scott.[1]
  • WWE tends to change wrestlers' names to avoid this trope altogether. Among the notable examples: Shane Helms became Gregory Helms (and later The Hurricane) to avoid Shane McMahon, and Steven Regal became William Regal to avoid Stone Cold Steve Austin (which is generally a good idea anyway).
    • At one point in the late 80's the WWF had Jims coming out the ying yang. Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, Jim Powers, Jim Brunzell, Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy Hart, Hillbilly Jim, Hacksaw Jim Duggan...
    • Garrison Cade competed as Lance Cade once Lance Storm retired.
  • Zig Zagged to all hell and back by Ken Kennedy. He started wrestling under his real name Ken Anderson. Then when he joined the WWE he changed his name to Ken Kennedy to avoid comparison to the fictional Anderson Wrestling Family. Then it was revealed in-story that his name is Kennedy because he's the bastard son of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Then it was revealed that he was making that up. Then he got fired and is now performing in TNA as Ken Anderson.
  • TNA has a preponderance of men named Robert currently. Rob Van Dam, Robert Roode, Robbie E, and Rob Terry. TNA is also a subsidiary of Panda Energy, owned by Robert Carter.
  • There have occasionally been wrestlers in WWE with the same first names though they are normally called by their last names by announcers. Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, as well as the similar sounding Christian. There was even a storyline started when Lilian Garcia goofed and announced Benoit as "Jericho". There was also the time when Mark Henry and Mark Jindrak were on the roster at the same time. There was also John Cena, John Bradshaw Layfield, John Laurinitis, John Morrison and Johnny Curtis.
  • One notable case is the case of two Steve Williams, so while the wrestling world was happy to have too many Steve's, the second Steve had to change his last name to Austin. And now you know the rest of the story.
  • At one point in WWE there was a Jacqueline, generally called Jackie by everyone, and Miss Jackie Gayda. As Jacqueline went by the name "Miss Jackie Moore" in TNA there is often confusion whenever reporters recap old events and forget that Miss Jackie wasn't her name in WWE. According to Ivory they avoided this problem backstage by simply calling them Black Jackie and White Jackie.

  1. his real name is Scott Levy