Ookiku Furikabutte/Ho Yay

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  • Ookiku Furikabutte is ripe with Ho Yay, mostly between the series lead, pitcher Ren Mihashi and his catcher Takaya Abe. Not helped much by the coach commanding Abe to take Mihashi aside, hold his hand and tell him that he likes him (to make Mihashi feel more relaxed for the upcoming game), and other moments of tension between the two.
    • Let's not forget Hanai's strange admiration and observation of the out-going Tajima, who tends to talk about his deprived sex life a little TOO much.
    • Also the Tsundere Izumi and Hamada.
    • No mention of Sakaeuguchi and Suyama after the latter's heartfelt, hand-holding encouragement during the middle of a game?
    • To add fuel to the fire, several of the boys have decided that tickling is an appropriate way to relax each other before going up to bat.
    • The Ho Yay extends to the members of the other teams: Takase of Tosei breaks down in tears after losing to Nishiura because he "wanted to be able to play more together" with the catcher, a third-year who's graduating, and ARC has Ootagawa's inexplicable devotion towards team captain and catcher Yoshida.
    • Nobody is mentioning Haruna? He's like a hoyay magnet in the series. He's got Mihashi fangirling him, Abe equally despising and admiring him and his relationship with his childhoodfriend and teammate Akimaru is far from being tension-free.