Orphaned Series/Web Original

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Examples of Orphaned Series in Web Original works include:

  • The first incarnation and reboot Darwin's Soldiers on Furtopia were never finished and will probably remain that way.
  • In general, this is very common fate for online roleplays.
  • Similar to the web comics examples, this is an incredibly common result for blogs. Due to lack of time or interest in maintaining regular blog posts, the internet is littered with thousands upon thousands of blogs that are orphaned permanently. Bloggers also often bring their blog Back from the Dead after long periods of orphandom, but frequently this results only in "I've been meaning to get back to this..." and "I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long..." posts showing up at increasing intervals.
  • Played straight with Strong Sad's blog, which is otherwise a parody of LiveJournal. And then lampshaded when Strong Sad mentioned it in the Strong Bad Email "email thunder". Sadly, it seems that this has happened to Homestarrunner.com as well.
  • Xiao Xiao ended with a demo of a beat-em-up game back in 2002. There have been no signs of that demo or the series ever continuing since then. In fact, the author's whereabouts are unknown as well.
  • Sapphire Spindle Paw is either this or Stillborn Serial. Mystic (TheSpiritWolf) created a prologue video and then a first episode, then posted about their intentions to make a third video before disappearing site. Searching "Sapphire Spindle Paw", with quotes, gives around four or five results, and there is no sign of an episode 2.
  • Rock Tumbler's Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto IV was discontinued due to his drug use. His former partners have started it up again and finished it.
  • Spoony's Let's Play of Deadly Premonition is looking like it won't ever be continued (at least not any time soon), having only Part 1 up on the site. This doesn't stop fans on the forums starting a new thread every few weeks or so asking when he's going to finish it...
  • Atlas of Medieval America was a very intriguing concept that never got more than a couple months of updates. Alternate History buffs have tried to carry on.
  • Super Mario Bros Z, due to how time consuming it took to the animate the fights. What was meant to be a twenty-six episodes ended at eight after the creator Mark Haynes called it quits. He has since made an attempt to reboot the series, which has been progressing slowly - but progressing nonetheless.
  • The SCP Foundation story "Metafiction" (one of the most popular tales on the site) ends with to be continued on a very interesting cliffhanger. The discussion page is filled with requests, pleads and threats to the author to just finish the damn thing already.

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