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    • And the Fandom Rejoiced: When Fox returned, the comments section was a hotbed of squee.
    • Broken Base: Mostly having to do with Collin's marriage to Leon.
      • There was also a pretty heated argument in the commentary over Danny's son calling his stepmother "Mommy." The appropriateness of Reina not correcting him seemed to be the major issue.
    • Draco in Leather Pants: Leon has this kind of thing going on. Despite the author's assertions that he's a nasty piece of work, fan consensus seems to be "sexy, dangerous family man," making him one of the most popular and squeed over characters in the comic. Later arcs reveal his nasty side, preventing Leon from becoming a Villain Sue, but even torture-murder has not lessened his popularity.
    • Evil Is Sexy: Most of the villains have an element of "sexy" to them.
      • Creed (the shady corporation) actually makes a point of hiring attractive people.
      • Subverted with Francine - she would certainly count if she wasn't covered in hair.
    • Fan-Preferred Couple: Fox Maharassa / Morris Hathaway, aka Hatharassa. Sandra herself has said emphatically that it will not happen, but she throws bones constantly to keep us all happy. She's good like that.
    • Misaimed Fandom: Read this comic and tell me Leon hasn't crossed a Moral Event Horizon from Bad Boy to Domestic Abuser. Now wander over to the comments: "Bestest relationship eeeeeeeeveeeerrrrrr." I guess some people really like their Bastard Boyfriends.
      • I'm pretty sure it's not "misaimed" - Sandra specified that everything seen there is consensual (currently a bit of a case of All in The Manual, but this might be clearer in the next strip) and the week before this comic aired promised sexy/creepy times ahead, with a large emphasis on sexy. Definitely subject to Alternative Character Interpretation though.
      • This is the following page, though, implying it's less abuse and more some kind of creepy foreplay.
        • In particular, see panel 5. Eep.
    • Moral Event Horizon: Bart crossed it for many readers when he uses a young man's love for his cancer-stricken mother as leverage to manipulate him. For some (but not all) readers, Leon has crossed it with his treatment of his husband, despite the author's assurances of consent.
    • Nightmare Fuel: As the author points out, the conversation Leon has with his daughter is just eerie. Especially because he seems to actively remind her to love him more than Collin.
    • The Woobie: "I wonder...if Fox exists solely for [us to feel bad for him."]