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  • Otomen: Juuta and Asuka, in spades. It's carefully balanced with Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?, though.
    • Juuta is very touchy-feely with Asuka, calls him Asuka-chan, often fanboys over him and regards him as his ideal "woman." Asuka can go to great lengths to protect and help Juuta, turns to him for emotional support, and regards Juuta as the one person in front of whom he can show weakness.
    • When Asuka takes it upon himself to find out if Juuta has a girlfriend, he unconsciously follows the usual shoujo Clingy Jealous Girl routine, including stalking Juta, confronting him about having a lover, telling him "I won't allow you to flirt with other girls in my presence!" and demanding to see Juta's home (and then making a beeline for his room). The chapter ends with the two of them being Mistaken for Gay.
      • And then in volume 10 Juuta snaps back to his normal self after seeing how cute Asuka is.
    • Tounomine and Asuka also have a couple of moments.
    • Yamato's 'confession', actually not romantic, but sure looks like that. He also likes to fanboy Asuka as "the ideal man," and once even took him to a date.
    • Also, when Asuka's rumored to move to America a group of guys confess their love for him.
    • And then there's Ooji Suzaku who flirts with Kasuga and his interactions with Asuka drip with Ho Yay.
    • The whole Valentine's Day chapter is full of Ho Yay - Asuka receives chocolate from his teammates, Juta, Kitora, and even Tonomine (who gives him a huge, beautiful, handmade chocolate).