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  • Wrecking Ball is Hamtaro.
  • Reaper's Blossom
  • A PR disaster happens to Blizzard Entertainment, eventually an Overwatch Hero comes out of the closet.
    • A meme that started during an esports disaster were it was shown that one of the pro-newcomers, Elly, was in fact not what she seems to be. So, in order to distract people from questioning TOO much of the scandal, the Bastet short story reveals that Jack Morrison was actually gay.
  • Overwatch vs (Game X) are usually are jokes now, unlike when the game first came out.
  • "Any other game good", Overwatch bad.
    • But in October 2019, a Hearthstone incident made some gamers rendered this into a political meme.
  • Ashe was traveling through several regions with her trusted pikachu for twenty plus years.

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