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  • Colette in Germany, throwing the country's past into the face of every local she meets.
    • And later singing the Deutschlandlied (German national anthem) at the fete in Kennedy's honor. Except she doesn't perform the third stanza, which was West Germany's official anthem and retained its status for the modern reunified German state. No, Colette sings the first stanza (which was the Nazi anthem). You know, the one the extolls German superiority over everyone and everything in the world? Yeah. You can feel the party guests' discomfort as they squirm.
  • Maggie stabbing a man with a fork when he tries to rape her.

"I'm not included in the price of your ticket."

  • Laura calmly talking to gun-toting Haitians who board the plane in "Unscheduled Departures" (in their own language) and finding out they just want some food, followed by Maggie putting an increasingly belligerent passenger in his place.
  • Some parts Tearjerker, several parts awesome is the final scene of the first season finale. The whole gang gathers on Ted's balcony and watches the ball drop in Times Square ushering in 1964. Dean and Colette reconcile and Ted and Laura have a sweet moment, Ted not wanting to spoil Laura's happiness by telling her about Amanda's pregnancy. Then the Pan Am theme song fades into Aung Lang Syne and the scene closes on everyone looking just a bit sad. And thus, Pan Am's probable final episode closes.

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