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  • Neil is not a pushover and has his own awesomeness moments. He's so upbeat and trying to be friends with Norman. But when Norman was being chased by a bully and a creepy old guy messing with him, Neil doesn't hesitate to step up and try to get them to back off.
    • The kid's first reaction to one of the zombies trying to grab Norman through the moving van's roof? Grab the corpse and try to restrain it.
  • Courtney, Mitch, Alvin, and Neil standing up to the mob for threatening both Norman and the zombies.
  • For the writers:
    • Mitch: You're gonna love my boyfriend. He's a total chick-flick nut.
  • Probably a Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerker, Norman just even trying to get Agatha by telling her her story, despite that she's throwing everything at him was insanely cool, especially with the music playing.
  • Norman single-handedly fixes his own faith in humanity as well as his great-great-great-great grandaunt.