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Apparently the Beanie-Wearing Rapping Dog managed to out-rap the Media Watchdogs.

  • In the first game, there's a level in which the titular character is on a date with the girl of his dreams and suddenly feels the call of nature. Rather than using the facilities at the park he's at, he tries to hold it in for as long as possible, even while driving. Even though his grimace and beads of sweat turn his date on for some reason, he finally can't take it anymore and has to rap his way through a line of the same rap instructors he had just trained with in the previous levels to reach a gas station bathroom. If the player succeeds, Parappa sits on a toilet, says "Ahhh...this is life!" and flushes. If the player fails, there's an animation of a rocket taking off and exploding superimposed on his gut. This level features lyrics such as "I need to go just as bad as you; what I had this morning, I don't even wanna say to you!" and takes up one-sixth of an E-rated game.
    • Even better than that: if you complete the first PaRappa game you can go into the title screen menu and choose level select. This allows you to get massive amounts of bonus points for changing the rhythm of the call-and-response lines from the teacher. If you do well enough the meter reads "U rappin' COOL!" and the teacher disappears, allowing you to freestyle with several phrases used in the level. If you get creative on level four (the cooking level) you can actually make PaRappa say "See foo', all we gotta do is M.I.X. the crack, put the cake in the crack, budda-budda-crack, budda-budda-crack" and so forth.
    • If you beat the bathroom level with "U rappin' COOL!", he says this:

Pa Rappa: *Pantpantpant* Whew! That was close!